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    does this perk work? I took it and my rank didn't go up (was a senior initiate.. it should have gone to squire, but it is still the same.)

    Can anyone confirm that it works? Cus I know swift learner is broken.
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    Checked right now and it works. Don't forget to hit "done" on the character sheet after choosing the perk, else it is like you hit "cancel" when choosing your perk!
    When you re-open the character sheet your rankwill shown gone up.
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    The major use of Brown Noser is to keep damage from low CHA (1-2) to minimum. You need to take a Brownoser perk early on. Low CHA rise in rank very slowly so it mean you get new recruits when you are high level, which make raising them difficultly. Brownoser help in that regard, as that is the whole reason of its existence.

    Example, You probabbly get all the early recruits before/after Rock Falls or Macomb with CHA8 player (for divine favour), which range from level 6-8 with no excessive encouter farming. The early recruit will range from level 3-5 when meeting them in Recruit Master screen for the 1st time after gaining large XP. That is acceptable delays and loss in spreading skill points.
    But a low CHA (1-2) will maybe get them after Preoria or Quincy, with level range from 8-12. Meaning the recruits will autolevel to 5-8, and the suboptimal skill spread will become large enough to be noticeable.
    But a Brownoser might help such Loser.
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