Buy Baldur's Gate? Planescape: Torment?

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    I've played through Fallout 2, and i loved the game and the story. The best thing about Fallout was that it was more of a realistic rpg, with guns ,normal humans and it was set in our world. It didnt have any magic, trolls, goblins, etc....

    But now i'm bored again and want to know if Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment are worth buying. I know that they are based in fantasy worlds with magic and all that stuff that fallout didnt have (and which made me like the game).

    Are these games appealing to fallout fans. Do their stories and gameplay equal that of fallout. Basically, is it worth buying them for an enjoyable gaming experience????? without being a huge fan of most rpgs (cept fallout)
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    YES YES YES FOR GODS SAKE YES. ESPECIALLY BALDURS GATE. Seriously tho Baldurs Gate is the best game i have ever played. Hands down. And Although i cant give you much info on Torment(Having just bought it yesterday)it currently strikes me as a perfect meld of Baldurs Gate and Fallout 2.
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    Apr 24, 2003
    I hated Baldur's Gate

    It became too much hack and slash for me and I never even finished it. It's just like Diablo but in a nicer coat. I haven't played Planescape myself, however I've heard from several people that it has the same depth as fallout. If you're only going to buy one game make it planescape.
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    RE: I hated Baldur's Gate

    I've heard similar things about Planescape. Specifically, it's been compared to Fallout in that it has an apocalyptic atmosphere to it, just applying to a fantasy world rather than a technological one. I don't believe there's any elves, dwarves, or other standard fantasy elements in the game.

    I'd get it, but there's too many other games I want to play right now (Ultima 9, Thief 2). By the time I'm able to play it, Arcanum might be out, which I also want. And then, hopefully, Fallout 3 will be out. I may never get to play it...
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    Apr 24, 2003
    Eew Ultima IX

    I think you bought a bad fish there :-)
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    RE: Eew Ultima IX

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jan-15-00 AT 07:01PM (GMT)[p]We'll see. You may be right. I've played all the other Ultimas, though, so I had to get this one. Now I just need a computer capable of running it... :-)
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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: Eew Ultima IX

    For the record, along this same discussion I thought I heard someone praise Diablo 1 1/2....I mean Baldur's Gate....

    Seriously, on Baldur's Gate and the ass-on, don't buy either of them.

    Planescape: Torment is VERY good, and an enjoyable game. The character depth of not only the controllable characters is impressive, but the depth of the characters all around Sigil is impressive too.

    As for Ultima 9....sorry Rich, but I have to flame it...

    This game is a worse load of garbage than 8 (aka, Super Avatar Brothers). Linear, has a worse feel, etc. They should have stuck with something around like how Ultima 7 1&2 were.

    "...not going to be a Tomb Raider clone...."

    For the record, I am the first Ultima Dragon that has outright flamed Richard Garriot because of this quote. My respone quote was:

    "So it's not going to be a Tomb Raider clone? Right. So now we have Virtue Raider. Thanks for disappointing us yet again Richard. We had hoped you could have learned from your last mistake. But apparently we were wrong. I am rather thankful that this one is the last, considering the sharp downhill progression of the Ultima series, starting with number 8."

    (And "Virtue Raider" is now the mocked name of UIX....)
  8. I finished the game so i know it's limit...

    Torment worth your time couse even it used infinite engine or Baldur's Gate clone (whatever people said), there are several element That make torment good...well, at least i played the whole week non-stop until it's finish. That several element are:
    a/ story: Torment is akind of adventure-RPG, that's make Torment fun and enjoyable. The story is so deep and unique. And you will quick level up, not like BG.
    b/ gameplay: it's much much better then BG. for example: you can run, you doesn't need to gather the whole party just to change map (like fallout), better AI, better quest reminder/jurnal...mmm, there are several flaw but Interplay has release beta patch for it.
    c/ movie: torment offer you with planty movie and good one not like BG.
    d/ great and unique weapons and spell (i meant it)

    But there are other stufd that is flaw/not so good:
    a/ There are several flaw such: slow down in some area, or bugs in several mini quest...but with beta patch that interplay released, i think it's fixed.
    b/ as i said before, this game is unique...don't imagine it's same with any other RPG especially BG. for example: you can change your class IN the game betwean mage-warrior-thieves, There isn't any ARMOR for you...there are several, but it's for your NPC...there isn't any missile weapon, but there are one NPC who can used crossbow-Nodrom...
    c/ Torment isn't "pure" RPG becouse the story is very very strong, which made torment to become like adventure RPG. (i don't know is this a good element or bad element, some people didn't like it...but i do!)

    Nb: I finished the game last week so i know it's limit. If i have to compere it with BG, i like torment better becouse of better gameplay. And about comparison betwean fallout and torment, don't think about it...Torment and Fallout is far far different...for example: fallout is "pure" RPG meanwhile Torment is kind adventure RPG, and about post apocaliptic-MEN, there isn't any nuclear weapon in torment-how it's become post apocaliptic? (but you can found nuclear waste drum in alley of lingering-fallout easter egg?)

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    Looks like Torment is the way to go

    From all the responses, Torment seems to be worthy of all the praise its been getting. I'm definitely gonna buy it.

    I think Diablo was way overated and got boring and repetitive really fast. Another similar game was Darkstone, which had great graphics but all u did was walk around dungeons, kill the same monsters, and have little storyline.

    Because of all the reviews and the size of the whole game (4 CDs?), Baldur's Gate sounded like an awesome game. But it seems to fall into this overated category and i've read alot of disappointed and negative posts about it.

    Also, i cant wait for Thief 2, Warcraft iii, and Messiah (has it come out yet?). The concept of being able to take over any character in the game sounds amazing.
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    Apr 24, 2003
    RE: Looks like Torment is the way to go

    >Also, i cant wait for Thief
    >2, Warcraft iii, and Messiah
    >(has it come out yet?).
    >The concept of being able
    >to take over any character
    >in the game sounds amazing.

    I think those are all great games you're waiting for. I really hope Warcraft III will live up to it's expectations cause mixing roleplay and RTS has never been done before (Except in Magic and Mayhem maybe, but it doesn't run very deep in the roleplay department). And I'm also very curious about Messiah, especially because Fear Factory is doing the soundtrack. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I won't be able to run any of those games on my comp, but with a bit of luck I'll have a job and a new comp...
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    A game called rival Realms...

    IT mixed rst and rpg pretty good. Your men gained exp and gained levels [ incresing hp and attack}. It had three races each was diffent. It may not of been the rst or rpg around but it was fun. Lets hope fallout is the best game ever.