Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Kickstarter! It needs your money!

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    Funding Goal Reached! But it is in desperate need of stretch goals!
    Game will be FREE once finished, and always FREE! But this kickstarter was/IS for a full time developer on the project, its been reached BUT the stretch goals are desperately needed to make it even more bangin' bro!!


    What is Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead?

    An open-source, open-world sandbox roguelike set in a terrible future, where the dead don't stay dead, there's a new and terrible threat around every corner, and you might just end up becoming a monster yourself.

    You are a survivor of the end of the world. You'll have to use every ounce of strength, courage, ingenuity and resolve if you want a chance to survive in the new world born from the ashes of the old. The dead rise, and the mere sight of you enrages them... and as time passes, they seem to be changing, growing ever more aggressive and ever more deadly. You'll have to avoid or defeat them to scavenge materials from town. Perhaps you'll reinforce a safe house as a base of operations and go on a mission to cleanse the city - or perhaps you'll steal a truck, load the back with supplies, and head out into the countryside - the cities simply aren't safe. Unfortunately, the zombies aren't the only threat this world has to offer.

    Strangely animate plant creatures, which you've decided to call triffids based on their similarities to a classic literary monster, roam the countryside, and a pervasive white fungus seems to cover swathes of the land, threatening you with a cloud of spores and a variety of infected creatures. Giant ants venture forth from their colonies, pits winding down into the ground, and strange rumbles echo from deep beneath the earth until the dirt moves along the road, something enormous moving alongside it and keeping pace with your truck, attracted by the noise but remaining just below the surface.

    You can't run forever, but you can prepare to fight back. Tear your truck down, and rebuild it as a death machine geared to re-killing the undead, and anything else that gets in its way. Stock up on ammo, and tweak your guns for maximum performance. Some traps surround the safe-house you've built yourself, and you hunt the nearby woods for food, but you don't plan on staying here forever. When you're ready, it's time to strike out and explore the research labs you suspect had something to do with the disaster. You can't save the world, it's too late for that - but maybe you can try to understand what actually happened.

    Soon, a whole new world is open to you - advanced science has rewards, and potential pitfalls. You feel your body changing from the substances you encounter, and as you explore the world looking for answers, sustaining injuries and spending some days running on nothing but the fumes of a poorly thought out drug binge, you eventually give in to the allure of the military cybernetics cache you came across. Before long, it's hard to even say if you're human any more. But you can't stop now. Even this is only a taste of the potential, and danger, this new world has to offer.

    Welcome to the Cataclysm. There are dark days ahead.

    And Old Version Called Cataclysm, with some fanmade tileset (what to expect once fully developed, but waay better)

    Spread it to your friends!! It's gonna be Free to Play, Download, DRM Free, just like dwarf fortress, and gonna be as epic as any fallout game, for real! You can download the current version here:

    Forgive me if this has been posted before. I must spread the word to all of the net...must reach stretch goal:

    $16,450: +1 Month, 2 Weeks! Z-level improvements, Inventory Rewrite, Extreme Biomes, and Physical Merchandise Unlocked!

    6 months total. A good bit of time here will be dedicated to refining and replacing existing systems. An inventory overhaul, including the addition of containers, is a priority, and various improvements to the z-level system, should they be needed, will be done at this time. But perhaps the most exciting addition will be the introduction of extreme biomes. Strange portals dot the land, and some types of enemies may change the very nature of their territory, and these mini-biomes will be the result - patches of shifting sand a town wide surrounding a portal exuding a constant dry heat, with volatile weather along the borders. The fungus coating everything in it's territory, altering the landscape and weather. A ruined lab billows forth constant clouds of caustic acid, making the weather in the nearby area less than pleasant. All of these, and more, are the sort of behavior we're hoping to achieve. And even then, this is but the foundation for what may come later...

    Finally, if we unlock all three of the above stretch goals, we'll open a small store offering a few items of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead merchandise. While this was originally going to be added as a physical tier, at the rate we're going it will a tight call if we make it at all, and to give everyone an opportunity to benefit, we've decided instead to make the merch available outside the kickstarter, but to have a portion of each sale go towards funding our developer and reaching additional stretch goals!

    More Stretch Goals are ready to be announced when if we get close!