close combat and stealth with noisy weapons?

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  1. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    A quick question, I've been wondering about.

    When one wishes to perform a stealth-kill with a melee weapon, do powered weapons that have an obviously noisy sort of nature, like fr.ex the ripper, or cattle-prod either ever alert close by enemies, or make it more likely to be detected when sneaking? haven't found out on nukapaedia, its just a question of whether the game designers followed the logical conclusion, or as is so frequent in videogames they coded the response in an illogical manner with regards to a comparable real-world situation (E.g taking someone out from behind with a ripper, vs sneaking up on somebody IRL (no, it isn't on my to-do list :P) with a chainsaw whilst there is a witness out of line of sight but within hearing range...)

    When in stealth mode, do enemies respond to the auditory cue from such a powered melee weapon?)
  2. Goyito366

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    Nov 20, 2017
    I think they will not detect it while they have high stealth and silent death. I think they would not even notice it to avoid accidents. It's best to wait quietly until they separate and always walk from one place to another whenever they put it on random waypoint since otherwise it will stay in that place forever (read the editor's description) even though I think it probably would not be noticed although that depends on some factors such as lighting, stealth level, if the objective is in a wall, among other things, also depends on the enemy that is facing for example a supermutante can detect from afar, a deadly claw is much more attentive, the necrophages have a high perception and some have greater capacity of vision and others less so this may vary. Keep this in mind a tip ... Never try to attack a supermutante melee if the mutant is armed with a m249 and eliminate it in a single burst

    Never try to attack a supermutante melee if the mutant is armed with a m249
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    Jan 9, 2018
    This was the remnants of some beastllord trash, a bunch of them armed with those poisoned spears, but a couple of them made the mistake of trying to pop off shots from a long disance, big mistake, since the guys with the spears were vastly outclassed, weapon-wise, cattle prod, aimed strike to the eyes, little swine got ghosted before ever seeing their enemy, whilst the sniper-types with the .45s, farsight and my main character are both excellent snipers by now, and we just put a couple of rounds from a hunting rifle, headshot, time to go loot.

    Not pretty or easy, since that baton with its overload setting has a tendency to result in a human slush puppy, critical hit to the eyes or head pretty much guarantees the target is going to end up a pile of slops to sort through after, mixed in with their fellow beastlords. Looting that is like trying to put together a human jigsaw puzzle following a nasty woodchipper accident.