Country Roads: Song and lyrics. and version

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  1. Lone Cat

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    Apr 8, 2012
    OK This thread is related to the upcoming Fallout 76 but the main idea is NOT! the game itself, it's the song featured in Bethesda presentations on E3 2016. it's John Denver's signature song that gives the genre its name.

    Country Road.

    This is the song i've been grown up to. this version..

    But this is what featured in E3 announcement (actually there were two)

    Is this also original version or Beth's F76 OST? (ignoring in-universe speeches ) and it has 'alernate lyrics' quoting what writers (whom?) did saw along the way. this lyrics is not what i've known before.

    Did John Denver and The Fat City (the duo who Denver came across in a nightclub) also write this alternate lyrics and the 'in concert descriptions' introducing this part quoting that he saw the commune of hippies ? or is this a parody given by Todd Howard of Bethesda?
    If this alternate lyrics did exists. when or which concert did he reveal this part?
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    Apr 24, 2018
    Mudcat knows everything about music.
  3. Lone Cat

    Lone Cat It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 8, 2012
    And the trailer vid i've shown above is the mix of Betty made and one of John Denver's gig where alternate lyrics are added. correct??