Crazy Bomber - Requirements?

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    Dec 13, 2018
    Fallout Tactics manual states that the requirements of Crazy Bomber perk is...

    - Level 9
    - Intelligence 6
    - Traps 60%
    - Must not be the Deathclaws or Dogs

    This perk is essential to me, as I am playing the game with Tough Guy mode enabled which does not allow me to save the game outside of bunker. I can't afford any failures of disarming traps and blow them up while doing so.

    Well I just matched the requirements for one of my squad member 'Torn'.
    She has 4 Intelligence, so I had give her one dose of Mentats to match the requirements, but look at this.


    I can't find Crazy Bomber perk.

    You can't see it from the screenshot, but she has over 100% Traps skills. I matched all the requirements for Crazy Bomber, but for some reason I can't pick one.

    Don't bother saying it's because I used Mentats to increase Intelligence. Using chems to match the perk requirements is still a solid trick in Tactics, and I have used one of those to get another perk. This should works.

    Only thing I can think of it is that requirement for this perk is actually different. Fallout series are well known for false-claiming the effects of Perks and such, so it's no surprising that they've made a mistake in manual. Question is, what is the real requirements for this perk? I fear that the answer will never become a thing.

    It's no doubt that Fallout Tactics seriously lack of its game information from players, unlike any other Fallout games. There just aren't much info about Tactics in the internet, and so is this case. It's really sad.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    Unfortunately I will have to bother saying it's because you used Mentats to increase Intelligence.

    I just tested and with any temporary effect increasing Intelligence to 6, perks that require 6 will not appear to be picked:

    If I have the same character with Intelligence 6 without using chems, all of the perks that require INT 6 appear on the list to pick:

    Notice how other perks that require INT 6 are in that list but missing from the one in the first image (Brown Noser and Comprehension).
  3. JohnnyCasey

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    Dec 13, 2018
    Wow. That's just wow.

    Back when I was trying to get 'Leader' Perk (6 CH), I was able to get it with 5 CH character and Mentats.
    So, for Charisma it - works, but not for Intelligence? What is wrong with this game?

    Hopefully Fallout Tactics Redux I'm installing would fix this...
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