Dead people shooting? Arrgh! ZOMBIEESSS!

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Can anyone explain this weird event?

    After getting busted stealing in a bunker, since they are one of the main sources of healing by way of stimpaks, superstims etc., of course everybody was pissed, so, just for fun, decided to go on a rampage before reloading and see how many BoS staff I could butcher with my 4-man team before going down.

    It started in the medical officer's surgery. And I'd killed him. He was very, very, very dead, having had his head blown off by a hollowpoint .44 magnum round after surviving one in the torso, Took his head right off his shoulders, so there was no way the bugger was playing possum. Not unless he was playing possum which wandered out into the middle of the road and had been hit by a speeding pickup truck then left as a greasy streak of blood, intestinal smearings and gore-saturated fur mixed with possum organ paste. Dead. Very, very very dead indeed.

    And when it came to slugging it out with a couple of armored guardsmen with their M60 machineguns, took one out, severely wounding the other one with a rocket launcher, only to have the message feed read out 'farsight hit for 1 HP by medical officer'. And repeatedly, whilst butchering the injured soldiers in their beds with rippers and micro-sledges, the medical officer, the same one as had been made very, very dead by a gut shot and finally having his head REMOVED by another .44 magnum hollowpoint from a desert eagle scored a crippling hit when there were no other hostiles in line of sight.

    What gives?

    And just in case the same sort of thing might happen during a regular combat, one that isn't just done for some amusement value in going on a murder spree before reloading, during combat that matters, what is one meant to do when a corpse starts shooting at you? after all, it isn't as if you can kill someone who is already dead is it?

    Aside from running TF away, if it happens again whilst there are still other enemies to be fought and looted, what to do? go over and drop a landmine or some plastique on them and remote trigger their transition from corpse to human marmalade with the shreddy bits in it? which would seem like a waste of HEs. grenade maybe?

    And what causes this anyway? because last time I checked the general way the world works, people who have just had their head exploded by a .44 hollowpoint desert eagle round don't generally shoot back repeatedly at whoever just exploded their skull and scattered their brains around the room as a finely dispersed aerosol.