Eliminating Horrigan & Co. in Vault 13 and San Francisco

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I've come up with this method of actually being able to finish off Gruthar, Horrigan and rest the of the enclave soldiers, during the video sequence viewed in Vault 13. Despite being very simple to preform, I actually doubt that this has been illustrated anywhere before. I've yet to notice that at least. Since I tend to ramble, I'd rather get going presenting it.

    Short story: Okay, I'll spill out the key requirements here.

    Explosives (dynamite or plastic explosives)
    A load of jet
    NPCs able to use good weapons and inhale more than two doses of Jet (which would exclude Cassidy, Myron and robo-brain).

    With that being said I believe you're hinted enough to figure how to accomplish this by yourself, but just in case I'll deliver the long story as well...

    The thing is basically before you trigger the video sequence, you should increase the AP amount of your NPCs. Well, which drug succeeds best in doing that? You'll have to use two jets at time on any NPC present, then save, load and repeat. Just to stand on the save side I did this until all six of them had 99 APs each (which is the maximum). This might get somewhat tedious, but well, is needed in order for getting this to work (unless you like to edit their protos). Now you might ask yourself were you would find the high amount of the Jet required for this? There are some infinite sources available for doing so, Joey in the Den and the New Reno addicts come to mind. Although, this was of no concern to me you might want to take Jet's low duration of effectiveness in consideration.

    Should Goris be present you might want push him close to the doorway leading from the hallway to the control room. Sorry, can't really recall what this portion was called. It's the floor leading to the (former?) main computer terminals, Vault 13 mainframe and the deathclaw "hatching" area. He'll serve as a path blocker for the rest of your NPCs once you move your PC to the mainframe. Though technically not being part of your party at that point, Goris might still join the fighting later on. I note that you could also try remove your followers from your party to have them stand their ground, though when I did this they refused to fulfill their crucial fighting part later on. Be also sure to alter their combat adjustments. I'd Marcus focusing solely on Frank while the rest handled the soldiers.

    Now place out explosives on the hexes where your victims will appear. During my performance six explosives were able to detonate which netted my NPCs three turns of combat.

    When you're done placing, get going to the mainframe to start the sequence and place Goris between the doorway. For keeping your companions closer to your targets, you might want to make your trip in combat mode.

    The rest is pretty obvious. Once the detonations start your NPCs will attack, shall I say, your new-found enemies. I had equipped my followers with good enough weapons, to eliminate Frank & Co. during the first try. You should consider at least for this, to use Marcus for taking out Horrigan.

    Phew, glad I'm finally finished with describing this. Now in order to possibly get this working in San Francisco, your NPCs obviously need to be present during that sequence as well. Which is the part I don't clearly remember. Shouldn't they, well, then this thread might serve as a discovery for something new to try out during your next play. Should they on the other hand, the method should be preformed almost identical as before with one difference, which is instead of placing explosives on the ground, you'll have to place them on your NPCs, due to the map switch. Get the picture? Sure you do (might want to patch your game first though, in order for your friends to become more reasonable). I'd try this out myself if my graphic card wasn't broken and acquiring a new one wont happen any time soon. If doable then congrats for killing the Big Bad Boss four times during your play...yay :clap:.
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    Feb 15, 2007
    I don't understand. You're trying to insert NPCs into a cutscene?!?

    This doesn't make any sense to me.

  3. Frank Horrigan@BIS

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Yes, it doesn't but due to some sloppy work they'll appear in the sequence anyway. However, I rather doubt now that this would work in the San Francisco's BOS bunker, since the sequence there takes place on a different map. For your followers to appear there, they would need to be teleported together with the "invisible" you to that location. I guess you could enter combat mode by detonating an explosive on yourself (and of course with the blast hitting any critters near you) or by taking advantage of the Laddie bug, but without being able to conflict any damage it wouldn't be too useful.

    EDIT: I got Fallout 2 running today while starting it up in window mode, so I could check if it would also work in San Francisco. Turns out it did. The NPCs appeared in that sequence as well. I loaded my main character with set plastic explosives, triggered the video and soon after the fighting begun. Although somewhat annoying, when the first explosion goes off, you'll be most likely attacked by one of your followers during the first turn of combat. However, ones combat ends and though your PC is invisible, he/she is still able to fulfill all the usual functions (besides attacking that is). Thus, I would suggest before the next blast goes off you should place your character in a way it only causes damage to your enemies. Also, when the killing is over you might have some time left to collect a few items. There's a turbo plasma rifle on Matt's body and the containers in the south-western room are filled with the same loot as in the actual BOS bunker. So there's your second pair of Brotherhood armour which you'd always been looking for :P.
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    Re: Eliminating Horrigan & Co. in Vault 13 and possible

    Heh, I like abusing glitches and bugs in game.
    I like to know what happens afterwards. Do the corpes remain on the map or the disapear as the video sequence is over?
  5. Frank Horrigan@BIS

    Frank Horrigan@BIS Still Mildly Glowing

    Apr 3, 2003
    In Vault 13 they'll be gone. I'd checked if they remained with the mapper in San Fran, but after the sequence you wont be able to return to that part of the map ever again. None of them carry items, except for Matt and possibly Gruthar (his...claw). It's kind of funny though watching the dialog float on when everyone is dead (like with the Daeva of Pain scenario in Lionheart).
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    Re: Eliminating Horrigan & Co. in Vault 13 and possible

    Worked for me :) The npcs appeared when i told them all to stay there.

    this was a while ago though :P