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    Mar 15, 2012

    The third major update for the Encased early access is now available. You can read all about it here.

    New stuff:

    New objects and art
    • Building types: research modules, town buildings, underground structures;
    • Biome elements;
    • Weapons of different degrees of deadliness: particle accelerator "Supernova", dart gun "Wasp", acid gun "Viper", disc thrower "Slingshot";
    • Non-lethal weapons: sprays with pepper and sleeping gas, taser;
    • Models of inventory items: food, items, books;
    • Models of tools: teleporter, cloaking devices;
    • Equipment of the Phalanx and the Church factions;
    • Models of truck vehicles;
    • Redesign of weapons to match manufacturer styles;
    • NPC portraits for the Phalanx and the Church factions;
    Updated and renewed locations

    • Concord station;
    • Parking lots of Magellan and Nashville;
    • Renewed Sonora bunker;
    • Radioactive cemetery;
    • Crossroads location;
    • Location with weapon dealer shop;
    • Enter into Kaleidoscope project bunker;
    • Kaleidoscope project bunker and ventilation on the technical floor of Magellan;
    • Technical floor of Magellan;
    • Some smaller locations were completely remade;
    • Sewers;
    • All toilets on all location :);
    Technical changes

    • Status effects active within a certain radius from the object or character have been improved;
    • Reworked companion behavior;
    • Reworked combat system;
    • Reworked addictions to alcohol and various other substances;
    • Reworked death status;
    • Difficulty levels;
    • Profile system;
    • Added new character parameters: Learning ability, Skill Points, Inspiration and Authority. "Learning ability" shows how much experience a character gains from certain actions; "Skill Points" shows how many corresponding points the character will gain as his level increases; "Inspiration" increases party evasion rate from enemy attacks; "Authority" increases the chance of critical hit for your party;
    New animations and effects

    • Visual effects for new combat abilities and the weapon itself;
    • Visual effects for non-combat abilities;
    • Ability sounds;
    • Combat animations: jumps, knockdown, push forward and back;
    • Turrets animation;
    Story and plot

    • New random encounters;
    • Random encounters during sleep;
    • New side-quests;
    • Companion reactions to in-game events;
    • NPC reactions to player companions;
    • Added an option to skip a part of tutorial;
    • Added the path for the Orange Wing in the "Detective" quest;
    • Puzzle in the Nashville cave;
    • Special prologue playthrough for the mentally powerless character (with the Indicator of Brains equal to no more than 2 points);
    Combat, equipment and weapons

    • A lot of new abilities for each weapon class;
    • Dozens of new perks, reworked old perks;
    • New types of weapons and equipment of different quality with new icons and models have been added to the game;
    • Reworked properties and parameters of weapons and equipment;
    • New equipment: portable teleporter;
    • New items: training books, strengthening and health restoration items for robotic partners;
    • New equipment for Wings;
    • Fleshed out recipes and the possibility of gradual improvement of weapons, with improved quality and transition between tiers;
    • New relics;
    • New enemies with new abilities;
    Gameplay mechanics

    • A redesigned progression of skills such as Hacking, Stealing, Barter;
    • "Leadership" skills are now combined with "Communication" skills;
    • "Gambling" skills are now combined with "Criminal" skills;
    • Some psionic abilities now increase fatigue after use;
    • Added "Teleportation" ability;
    • Some weapons now have a "cone" damage zone (flamethrower, chemical sprayer, etc.).;
    • Added spread of shotgun pellets (multi-target attack);
    • Added stealth mode;
    • You can now play through the game without killing anybody.
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  2. Hulk'O'Saurus

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    Jul 10, 2018
    The environments look really good, though.
  3. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Stealth skills are good. Reminds me that I need to play Shadow Tactics.
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  4. Hulk'O'Saurus

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    Jul 10, 2018
    Ok, I actually bought this thing. Will be some time before I properly delve into it.

    I was pleasantly surprised that you can die literally during the first minute of the game by forcing open a certain hatch. I didn't like the UI presentation at first, but the abundance of skills looks promising. I hope it's not just for show.
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  5. Hulk'O'Saurus

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    Jul 10, 2018
    OK, so a slight update.

    This game in its entirety so far comes together as only the bones of a good game. Possibly... unless they screw it up somehow, which I am sure they can do.

    The game's stupidly easy, even on its current highest difficulty. They will need to spend a lot of time tweaking things(not only combat-related) to provide challenge for those who enjoy it... if they seek to provide any in the first place. This game being inspired by Fallout means that it inherits some of the negatives when it comes to combat encounters and this isn't the first time this has happened with such a game. The whole project also has some strange marketing thing going around it and it's a bit too up front. I am sure we all know that there's a necessity for material wealth in order to do something as complex as a good RPG, but somehow Encased pushes it a bit too much.

    There is a multitude of bugs - one even allowed me to multiply damage exponentially, leading to me to not being able to accumulate small increments of power on one of my builds. Russian and English oftentimes intermix. I can read Russian, alright, but I am sure most here can't :). The famous bolt throwing is back and it's completely useless as you can clearly see the anomalies. Russian guys really are proud with Roadside Picnic.

    All in all, this thing is YEARS away from being complete and finished product... I really do hope they don't stray and continue to iron it out steadily. They will need tons of patience.
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Encased leaves early access on September 7!
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