Escape from Necropolis (Fallout in Dungeons)

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  1. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004
    This project is very experimental, its going to be Fallout on very unusual for it engine: Dungeon Master. I have with it some experience and known that is enough flexible to combine more or less both games.

    Survival: DM have big advantage in this part. There is unlimited ways to complicate life. For example you must break table to get wood and use to make fire. Kill rat to get dirty raw meat, then wash it, grill on fire and even use cutlery to eat it (am already made rpg with such complexity but in medieval world)

    Adventure: DM have drawback here, but dialogs and quests will be possible, just look simple as in FoT Awaken mod.

    Zombies: Most of monsters will be something between mutant and zombie, they will be called "infected" and each hit from them can cause infection (which will work as DM poison)

    Skills: Each character will be master in three skills (similar to Fallout tags) he cant learn too much beyond that and its drawback, but advantage is that there could be around hundread skills to chose. Instead of create character, here is creating team. Champions will have profession and skills connected to it (for example engineer, nurse, trader, outdoorsman etc)

    Alternate to magic: It will be completly removed, instead of this will be hacking. Combinations of symbols is code which may open particular door or run terminal. (if you wonder how it work: each "spell" create different invisible dissappearing obiect on floor which toggle trigger)

    Guns: I known how make them in DM so there may be lot of modern weapons and ammo, but beside this also primitive weapons.

    Puzzles: Both engines are on the same level, it only depend on creator how much he use triggers. It will be not just zombie slayer but require think to make progress.

    View and moving: To me old school rpgs with 90 degree rotate and step movement are still enjoable, its different playing experience from Fo1-3 and it could be advantage.

    Walls: DM seem to have drawback as game designed only to underground labirynths but i found method to make high walls and outside landscapes, so its not drawback anymore (can look like Perihelion, Hired Guns etc)

    Story: Game will begin in Vault12 under Necropolis where you take team and go outside (trough cave, severs and street) Town will be big and look like kind of labirynth of street ruins, barricades etc. Most part of game will take place in that town (explore just one building can take few hours) Ofcourse it may be enlarged later to other towns shelters and other places.

    Resources: Impossible to grab everything from Fallouts, for example vault wallset i made myself. But few things as FoT portraits, menus, scenery, items, music etc will bring atmosphere to feel familiar.

    Demo: It will take month to relase demo and around three months fo complete. Here is few early screens.

    Other screens are here:
  2. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Don't you think it would be easier and cooler in the Fallout 2 engine? :p
  3. drawnacrol

    drawnacrol It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 5, 2010
    Haha this looks pretty cool
  4. Asmodan

    Asmodan First time out of the vault

    Sep 2, 2009
    This looks like "Eye of the Beholder", my first RPG. ;) I'm pretty much interested.
  5. Dorian Grave

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    Jan 1, 2007
    Looking nice Lich, as always :ok: I have never actually played these kind of RPGs (expect the Lands of Lore demo to death. Most beautiful game ever created IMHO) but I will give this definitely a try!
  6. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004

    Finished most difficulty part of that game, city ruins wallset. Already have almost complete interface, vault with npcs, cave, severs, town, some buildings (labolatory, metal shacks) Soon basic demo should be possible, still need to complete monsters, items, scenery etc. Before begin project it was just wild idea but now am pretty sure that it is possible make Fallout style game on DM. New screens:

  7. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Lich you are the mad genius of the Fallout world. :clap:
  8. Rain man

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    Apr 20, 2010
    Yeah, the art of broken walls is very impressive, but personally I can't imagine how it looks in action... :( Could you create and upload some small video to present the actual gameplay ?
  9. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004
    From side view it may look bit odd because its flat, but few more details and should be ok, maybe will modify it or add rocks scenery. More or less it is working rubble labirynth.

    Already possible scenario may look like this: begining in vault, out trough caves and severs. Then ruined town with concrete buildings and metal shacks to explore, finally hospital or labolatory as boss area, and wasteland outside town ending (later with more graphics add, better scenarios can be created)
  10. Izual

    Izual Pipe rifle & chopsticks

    Sep 18, 2009
    It certainly looks odd, but it certainly looks cool too :) o/
  11. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004
    thanx, and here how it look inside big buildings

  12. You've already got one thing going for you. It looks like a better first person fallout than 3. :lol:
  13. chewie

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    Dec 3, 2005
    Wow - this already looks awesome Lich! And the idea itself - i like it, too.

    Count me in for the demo - and keep up the good work :)
  14. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Carbon Dated and Proud

    Sep 14, 2009
    I can't wait to see the critters.
  15. AlexFeature

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    Oct 28, 2008
    This is a very cool idea.

    I think the atmosphere will be great and the whole exploration aspect of it will be quite rewarding. I hope you have the patience to do all those destroyed malls, hospitals factories and such mate.

    The best of luck to you.
  16. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004
    So far have several npc in vault, i will figure out later how make monsters. Probably some will be from Fo3 but also have few other concepts.

  17. Dr Prozac

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    Aug 1, 2011
    Interesting idea :) Certainly original.
  18. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004
    Current progress is around 20%

    Here is first demo (new link later)
  19. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Carbon Dated and Proud

    Sep 14, 2009
    The link was dead -

    How will do weapons? Take the weapons from F3+ and render them in 3d?
  20. Lich

    Lich Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 23, 2004
    Link is ok, maybe you right click and save as? Its on zshare, click link, find "download" icon and wait 20 seconds

    Guns will work the same way as magic wands with spells, which can be recharged using ammo clip items.

    Graphic i will take from amiga Perihelion and modify to have more. There was only few sci-fi dungeon games in history, Perihelion is most close to what am create now, these graphic will fit perfect.