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    I have several questions:
    #1 How does Brown Noser work? It is like you started as Senior Initiate instead of Initiate, and will be always 1 rank above what you would be otherwise, or rank is like exp, and picking Brown Noser is better just when you are a rank below the recruit requires? Or it is like Swift Learner, best taken early?
    #2 The description of Brown Noser suggests it has more than 1 rank. That's just a mistake?
    Answer: Yes, that's a mistake. Only 1 rank it has.
    #3 Charisma effects anything aside perks and derived skills? Rank? Recruite pool?
    ANSWER: seems this be true.
    #4 What'd Divine Favour do if I would have Charisma my highest stat, and 10 of it from the getgo?
    ANSWER: yes, it goes above the racial maximum. Also if there are multiple primary stats at the same level it gives the bonus prioritizing from top to bottom (so it first tries to give the incrise to Strength). There goes my 14 PE charisma-ghoul.
    #5 Someone has a chart who is available from the recruit pool when with what stat? I mean the difference between 1 charisma protagonist vs max charisma protagonist vs max charisma protagonist with brown noser?
    Actually for this one it'd be enough to know what rank you'd've at each mission with a max. charisma protagonist (the wikia has bunker- and rank-availability info, and I can just look up my own saves on the 2 charisma protagonist). Here is a link to the CHA 2 recruit pool. The wikia is flawed, I went directly to the Yeoman to check for availability. Still need CHA 10 + Brown Noser info. Actually best would be if CHA 9 vs CHA 10 could be compared (that's CHA 10 and 11 with Divine Favour), because a ghoul sounds better than human.
    #6 If more than one character has the Leader perk, will all give bonuses, or just one? And does it give the bonuses to the character who has the perk too?
    ANSWER: not influencing the leader. More than one leader only makes both leaders gain the bonus, but otherwise only one aura takes effect.


    Forget it. Charisma is a DUMPSTAT.
    As many feature in F:T this got too cancelled like halfway. The main purpose of CHAwould be to effect:
    - speech: not in the game
    - barter: as you can "gamble" everything for free from Bunker Gamma, there's absolutely no point for this
    - recruit pool.

    The problem with the recruits, that starting with Quincy story takes precendent, and independently from rank, charisma, or whatever factor you could come up with, you'll get access to the same recruits. Literally.
    Even worse, CHA above 6 has absolutely zero effect on the availability of the recruits. Zilch. The above link contains along my CHA 2 char, and some test-run with high CHA chars through Brahmin Wood along all the info I could collect from let's play videos. This thing is pissing me off.
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    High Charisma character:

    Point 1: get higher rank early on to get access to multitude of recruits at EARLY level. You need them to train your way, to reserve for the middle (2 big guns) and late game (2 energy). The middle to late recruits are generally unuseful in that regard.
    So the complaint of High CHA has no use late game is... idiotic.

    Point 2: High CHA mean Divine Favour. Which mean 8 is max. Why would you get 9 or 10? Divine Favour equal a Gain perk plus Perk rate to 2 (for human). Note that in this case that character need to have 8 Strength or 8 Per to get full use out of DF. Because raising Cha to 9 is idiotic, and Endurance 9 is suboptimal.

    Point 3: High CHA also mean Leader

    SIDE NOTE: also, that mean to keep damage from low CHA (1-2) to minimum you need to take a Brownoser perk early on. low CHA rise in rank very slowly so it mean you get new recruits when you are high level, which make raising them difficultly. Brownoser help in that regard, as that is the whole reason of its existence.
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    Jul 15, 2017
    "Why would you get 9 or 10?" - because you can. Because the maximum stat is 10, not 8.

    "High CHA mean Divine Favour." - why would anyone want Divine Favour? That's 2 skillpoint for the sake of 1. Sounds dumb.

    "High CHA also mean Leader" - 5 CHA isn't exactly "high". Only moderate. there are 5 more statpoint you can spend there.

    "Low CHA rise in rank very slowly" - my point is it isn't, and rank has no point after a point. like you can be Senior Squire right after Brahmin Wood. But only Senior Initiate will have effect.
    Than no matter how high your rank is, you won't gain anything from it after Freeport.
    Everyone will get the same pool after Rock Falls, with the exception of 3 extra person if you have CHA 6+. That means CHA 7-10 has no reason to exist (aside the very dumb divine Favour).
    More so with Brown Noser. I'd pick a high-CHA character for the sake of better recruiits. I'd pick Brown Noser because a) it has already high CHA-requirement: 5. So you CAN'T pick Brown Noser with CHA 1-2, not even with 4. b) I'd pick Brown Noser to hasten my access to recruits even further. But seems it's not possible.


    Further data:
    I made some more testing. Picked Brown Noser still within Brahmin Wood, and compared what happens if I only pick it back in the base. You end up the same rank, meaning Brown Noser probably just gives +1 to the rank you'd have otherwise, not just some rank-exp.
    Also there's the fact that if you start a CHA10 character you start as Senior Initiate. So CHA10 is uggested to be something cool.
    But if you start with CHA 9, and add Gain Charisma (used the editor to add a choice of perk for the starter) you immediately get that rank too. This suggests CHA is some kinda multiplier, and the rank is a constant thing, all character which at the moment has the same progress (quests accomplished, amount of lost characters, CHA, Brown Noser) will have the same rank.
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    Divine Favour = GAIN (STR/PER/END) perk + perk rate to 2 (for human)

    It is sufficient to pay the price of Charisma8. As it made late game perk come more often, making them more exciting.

    Instead of perk level 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 you got 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27. This rate of perk gain can be quite satisfying after the lengthy xp gains.

    Of course, if you are the type who think after 24's slayer and sniper there's nothing else worth gaining, then I have nothing else to say to you.

    About Brown Noser: As I am playing Redux mod, I cant check original game. I slightly remember that original v1.27 allow drug boost/depressed to gain perk but I cant swear to it. I think in one game I try the CHA5 to gain DF but the frequent use exhausted my stock of Mentats. I think that CHA2 had barely enough Mentats to get a Brown Noser. Again, I cant swear to it, as it's been years ago.

    If any are playing original v1.27 and can report their test on this matter it would be appreciated.
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    Jul 15, 2017
    Except you don't even gain lvl 24 until Calculator Phase#3 in a normal game, where any perk is just irrelevant, so in a normal game you get 12, 15, 18, 21, aka. 4 perk after DF-level, in contrast to 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, from which one is DF, aka. you only gain an extra statpoint for the price of 7- statpoint.

    You only gain lvl 27 under though guy mode conditions, and only in the final room, so in reality it is
    12, 15, 18, 21, 24 (5 perk) vs 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 (7 perk from which one is DF, aka. you get 1 single perk and a statpoint which'll likely be Charisma which seems redundant). And there is the drawback that you gain your real perks later

    Sniper does not work. You never pick it, because it does not work.

    And no, 1.27 does not allow drug-abuse. Not sure about the 1.00, but that bug/feature was mostly for F1-2, not F:T.


    Turns out rank is effected by Wasteland-reputation too (I ent and destroyed all bunnies, so I know).

    Also, that temporary Charisma boosts the rank as can be seen here.That means for max charisma you enough to startwith 12 - 3 (mentats) - 1 (Divine Favour) - 1 (Gain Charisma) if you're into it. Question is, if there's a purpose for extreme charisma.


    Darn, one of my still-hopes was, that I get more ghouls after Quincy. I do not. Not even with 12 CHAwhichgives the rank Knight Commander here, neither with my 10 natural CHA which DO GIVE Senior Knight anyway, so Martin/Harold/Dillon should be available. But they're not.
    Riddick is Bunker Gamma only, and who needs the Brother's Grimm at that point, especially as it turned out they're Bunker Epsilon only.
    Actually, given total highstats, you can get the General renk recruits in the final bunker earlier than the rest. That's it.

    So given that in special encounters there are 2 mentats, and another in Brahmin Wood whichyou mightor might not use, likely the only consideration you should make iswether you want Kevin, Mandy, Rage, Rebecca or Ice in your part right after Brahmin Wood or not.


    Ok, I was a bit unfair. Here are the purpose of CHA-scores:

    1-2: basic charisma gets you some early recruits a bit later. If you don't mind that (the game offers enough recruits to loose 3 in every mission, theoretically including Brahmin Wood!), or can't help it being a robot, go for it.
    3-4: gets you all the early recruits right after Brahmin Wood if you consume the mentats in the game. With 3 CH you'll need what you find in Brahmin Wood, so likely not for Insane Difficulty.
    Or you can get Keith, Stoma and Stumpy after Rock Falls instead of Macomb + Preoria.
    Might be able to do both recruiting, I'm not familiar how many Mentats you can find in Freeport and Rock Falls (will update this).
    This is the point you still can get Loner.
    6: you can get Leader
    8: you can get Divine Favour. This is only suggested to those wou'll level up to clvl 30 or so by mindlessly, infinitely roaming the wasteland for no purpose, just because they can. The perk suxxor otherwise.
    10: you can try to steal whatever you like w/o consequence with Bluff Master. IF that per works. And you seriously have an issue if you do this.
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    My Charisma 8 character get advanced one rank over the supposedly baseline.

    For example, if the newly appeared recruit is rank 10 (late game), my MC would be rank 11. if they are 5, mine would be 6.

    So a high Char maybe overkill in that aspect. Although the argument of faster perks at higher level is very sound and should, still, be more persuasive.
    12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27: 6 perks but the initial investment into CHA spent elsewhere
    12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27: 8 perks with one is equivalent to a Gain perk, with some strong initial investment into CHA

    So, it's more like a strategic decision: Do you want to spend points into CHA so that late game you can gain more highlevel better perks? Or do you want to spend points now into a good build, effective immediately? On the other hand, if you got a recruit that can get DF, go for him/her.

    Charisma 10 is frankly ruining yourselves.

    EDIT: the context I am talking about is Redux mod. In which Sniper work and burst bug is fixed, and easier to get to high level yo~ because enemies has been redesigned to get higher level.
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    Low Charisma (2) has shitty advancement.

    Context: Redux mod 1.3, then Equilibrium 2.0 (which is a mod on Redux)

    The first two missions I have finished perfectly but still at rank 1 Initiate. The Pool is 6 rank 1 initiates, aside from Stitch and Farsight, a total of 8.

    I have only one Mentat, and Charisma 3 is not enough to advance.

    My guess is that a Charisma 5 will have enough to be at rank 2 at this moment, and with a Brown Noser will be at rank 3, in time or slightly later than a Charisma 8.

    Note that Charisma 6 will enable Leader at level 4.
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    And in Redux you get something for your higher charisma?
    Btw, I made and linked chart of 1.27 effect charisma. For the first 1-2-4 mission it has some effect. Then nothing, then on how soon you can get the generals. Check the link in the original post for the chart.
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    "You need permission

    Want in? Ask for access, ...."

    If you dont set it for public none can view it.
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