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    The Restoration Project guide does not have any information on what the Stupid One can do in the areas added by the RP. I'm currently playing through the game with a stupid character, and will post any RP-related discoveries here, as well as stuff that isn't mentioned in Per Jorner's Fallout 2 guide. Hopefully we can add the RP-related ones to the RP guide eventually. Contributions are welcome.

    Spoilers below!

    Per Jorner's guide mentions that you need Mentats in order to get the Toxic Caves on your map, but with the RP installed you can simply get the quest to rescue "Smilie" by talking to Ardin. The Toxic Caves section plays out as normal. Once you've brought Smiley back you can get the Gecko Skinning perk, but no further reward.
    You can trap Keeng Ra'at with Dynamite, but you probably don't want to do that because killing him gives more xp and loot. Unless... you're playing a Stupid diplomatic game. Good luck with that.

    The Den:
    You can get the location of the Slaver Camp by talking to the slaves after you've killed "Mezgur".
    You can sleep with the prostitute in The Hole, which to my knowledge is the only character in the game besides the Bishops who will sleep with the Stupid One. Thus you'll need to really go to town on her if you want enough sexual experience for becoming a Porn Star (you can only sleep with either Bishop once) without getting Kama Sutra Master or Sex Appeal. Her fee is ridiculous, but you can steal or barter the money back.

    Slaver Camp:
    Everyone will be hostile, since you killed Metzger to get here.
    You can talk to Kurisu and follow her to the Umbra Tribe, whether you have Sulik or not. The dialogue is a stupidified version of the normal one, so you even get to choose whether to sneak out the slaves or "fight bad men now".

    Umbra Tribe:
    You can fix the well and get xp for it, but only if you do not talk to Marli first. If you do, you can still fix it, but you won't be able to finish the quest since you can't tell him you did it... even though he stood right next to you the whole time. And people call YOU an idjit? At least he won't take your SMG.
    You can become Krom's very special little helper, which gives you the quest to find knives and spears for the tribe. This quest is not available to intelligent characters! It gives you 300xp and some karma.
    You can't help the Shaman, but you can scare him for laughs. This means you can't get the quest to rescue the hunting party, either.
    You can gather firewood for the fishing lady.

    The free books here are helpful for a stupid character - Science lets you use the computer in Vault 15, Outdoorsman lets you follow the Deathclaws in NCR to find Vault 13, and Repair is needed for the car.
    You can become Elaine's very special little helper and bring her machine part down to the monk in the basement.
    You can drool at Jack the Healer until he melts. You sick bastard.
    You can beat up the creatures in the dungeon, and you get quest experience from killing the Deathclaw.
    The Abbot normally won't talk to you, but if you kill the Deathclaw you can go tell him that you "killie scarie monster in cave". If you also have the lost book from the monk's corpse you can then give it to him, for which you get 200xp and his assurance that you are very special indeed.
    You can give a lighter to the monk next to the fire pit in the basement, for which you get absolutely no reward or xp. So you might as well not.
    You CAN fix the waterpump, if you've got the Motor from the EPA! Just use a Tool on the pump while carrying the Motor, and with a sufficiently high Repair skill (about 60% will do) you'll fix the pump and gain xp for it. You can't notify the head monk, but his reward sucks anyway.

    You can blow up the reactor by manually shutting off the valve. Your karma will take a hit, but it gives a nice blob of xp... and you are killing Skeeter for the Fuel Cell Controller anyway, right?

    New Reno:
    If you're going to take Mentats at all during your playthrough, do it here so you can get Golgotha and the EPA on your map. Pop a red pill, get the location of Golgotha and the Stables, then go to the latter and pick up Myron, and immediately drop him off so he spills the beans on the EPA's location.
    You can sneak around during the desert transaction, but you can't stow away on the vertibird. All you can do is grunt at the door. If you take Mentats at least 23 hours and 20 minutes before watching the transaction and then stow away, the pills will wear off during the flight and all you can say when you arrive is "Err...". This will turn everyone hostile.
    You can untrap and picklock Bishop's safe (or, more in tune with the stupid philosophy, blow it up) and get the location of the Raiders base from his map. If you don't want to kill everyone in the casino you can get upstairs by sleeping with either Bishop woman, and then Sneak or combat-run past the man himself on your way out. Might as well choose Mrs. Bishop, since she also gives you the combo to her safe.

    You can't get this on your map without Mentats (actually, Golgotha is what you need Mentats for, so you can rob Sam Pritchard's grave), and there's not much to do besides calling Skynet a "stupid computer". Disabling robots using Repair will earn you thousands of XP, so if you've tagged Repair you can have a field day here.

    You can't get this on your map without Mentats, but once you're there you can pick up a Motor from a locker in the garage, to fix the waterpump in the Abbey.

    Broken Hills:
    Francis won't talk to you at all unless you're Liked in Broken Hills, and a stupid character can normally only become Accepted. Here's a fix for the issue, which lowers Francis' unreasonable popularity requirement (who is he, Cordelia Chase?):

    You can install the Fuel Cell Regulator yourself after you've got the car! You need an insanely high Repair skill for this, I managed to do it at 117% after several tries. A strictly stupid no-Mentats character will probably want to tag Repair for just this purpose (and it also nets a neat pile of experience from various generators and the computer in NCR that Jack blows up, plus it lets you bypass forcefields, etc.)

    You will only get the reward for fixing the well in the Umbra tribe if you don't talk to Marli before doing it.
    When putting the rope on the well, the Stupid One will say an unstupid remark.
    The preacher in the Abbey refers to you by your name if you talk to him twice, even though you've never told him.
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    I have to admire your determination in doing this. I tried to play a stupid character once years ago, but it only lasted very briefly before it really annoyed me and I had to change it back.
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    Oh I love playing as The Stupid One. The dialogue is absolutely hysterical. And some encounters actually end up better for a stupid character, namely the trappers around Klamath. They each donate a gecko pelt to you! Only thing that sucks is not getting the car, but... eh.

    My character's name is Grong, a gentle giant. Just don't push his berserk button.

    Tag skills: Melee, Unarmed, Throwing

    Traits: Gifted, Good Natured

    ST 10
    PE 6
    EN 10
    CH 2
    IN 3
    AG 10
    LU 6

    Shameless plug:
    I'm using F2WR, so Throwing and Melee are actually useful.

    I managed to kill "Medger" in the Den by a combination of explosives and critical eye punches. Sulik's SMG helped too. At one point a guard missed me and hit Vic, who went berserk, picked up the gun from a guard that I had exploded with dynamite, and then shot Metzger with it. Cool. I left Sulik in the Umbra tribe and went back to get Vic, who now has a deadly .44 Magnum. I'm wondering if I can get the Abbey or the EPA on the map at all, but by God it's worth a try!
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    That is true about the dialog. That was the main motivation for me to try it.
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    So, after Grong closed the shiny red valve in the pretty glowing room in the huge house in the town full of zombies, and the zombies became very angry when the huge house began to melt, and Vic tragically met his end at the hands of the ravenous horde of zombies, Grong again wandered into the Wasteland. He took a wrong turn at Vault City, and continued further north, up to a strange, church-like building. There he found many smart people wearing robes. More to follow.
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    I'm curious to read how this goes, especially in the new RP locations. I know we often neglected stupid dialogue while working on the RP, because it just wasn't something we'd think about. Then we'd remember it and toss it in as an afterthought. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if there were instances in the new locations that lacked dumb dialogue.
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    I don't think I can get the Vault Village on my map without Mentats (actually, several of them), but I could try to go there after they've worn off and see what happens. Or, if the New Reno vertibird flight advances time I could pop a Mentat before I jump in and then say stupid things to the guards when I arrive!
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    Updated the front post with some info about Navarro and the Abbey. Still have to do some research on the remaining locations, but so far it seems that the RP holds together quite nicely with a stupid character, i.e. no glaring oversights.