F3 Enclave : Were they really bad guys?

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  1. Photeus

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    Oct 25, 2008
    As far as it is morally concerned, the Enclave do not seem that bad overall.

    Eden had good reason to believe the wiping out Mutants was a good idea. Lets talk about which mutants were good to have around:

    A) Ghouls

    B) Regular non-Vault peoples.

    Both of these are debatable 'good' as well. Of the Ghouls, easily half were feral of some sort, and thus very dangerous to regular folk, and were not immune to corruption (example: Roy at Tenpenny). There was also the wide belief (which was never denied or confirmed in-game) that regular Ghouls can go feral. Ghouls are almost the ones I want to wipe out the very least, but their presence in Capital Wasteland isn't exactly beneficial.

    As for the regular folk, just from experience in the game, most of them are Raiders, Outcasts, or BoS. All of which the Enclave doesn't care about. Also the technological advancements made the wasteland peoples seem to be poor in comparison with Enclave technology in the least (water treatment plant being the exception, but it is built from old-war technology primarily).

    Yes, it is bad to wipe out the good with the bad, for sure. And it absolutely is 'ends justifies the means' genocide. However, lets also consider how much more is done if all mutants are wiped out:

    Mutant Animals: Only Brahmin (and certain ants) are non-aggressive in general. Wiping out everything else (Yao Guai, Deathclaws, Molerats, Ants, Radscorpians, and those bee things) seems like it's overall acceptable losses.

    Super Mutants: There is only one 'good' super mutant in the game. And Fawkes won't go inside the room for me, so I could care less about him. Generally speaking, Genocide of these creatures seems -perfectly- acceptable to everyone, and is generally agreed to be beneficial for the wasteland.

    Children of Little Lamplight: That would be the Enclave's good deed for the day.

    Additionally, consider who would be the possible leader?

    Eden: If in control would re-establish a government (to protect the people) and democracy. Being a computer I can believe that he would hand over government (as that is his role) as soon as an actual president was voted in.

    Autumn: Lets say Eden gets overtaken by Autumn and thus Enclave control is assumed. Autumn wanted the water treatment and disagreed with the genocide placed forth by Eden. If Autumn takes over, then no harm is done, except for the Enclave taking control of the area, and establishing a government. The trade off is that with Autumn in control, the Enclave would probably remain as a shadow-government, controlling everything from behind.

    So, given what we know from Fallout 3; the Enclave are wrongly made out to be the bad guys. They are only 'bad' because they shoot you on sight, which is hardly a qualifier of how they are bad to all.

    (I know this justifies, in a way, the goal of the Enclave in Fallout 2)
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    May 18, 2006
    I thought a mutant for Encalve was everyone who was born on the wasteland (outside the Vaults and Enclave's oil rig), just like in Fallout 2 was...
  3. gregor_y

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    Jan 19, 2007
    Any one else thinks Eden is reincarnation of Richardson from F2?

    And Autumn damn they wasted him he was one of most resonable people in this damn game...

    Ghouls well they go nuts sooner or later ferals must come from somewhere...
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    May 18, 2006
    In FO3 Beth turned Harold into a tree, and in FO4 they will turn all ghouls into feral ghouls and in FO5 super mutants will be turned into annoying little girls, you can harvest but you can't kill apparently, and everyone will be happy!

  5. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Autumn is a actually a reasonable guy. Instead of the whole "Let's kill everyone because we think they are mutants" plan, what he planned was to take the Water and control the wastelands. Let us say he manages to do that. So what? A military organization controlling Washington and area would be much better than being a shit-hole full of raiders and Super Mutants. But noooo, for some reason, you can team up with Eden in his crazy genocidal plan, but you can't team up with Autumn in his actually reasonable plan. Noooo, you have to kill him.
  6. gregor_y

    gregor_y Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Jan 19, 2007
    Thats Bioshock...and girls are creepy...any one wondered why female monster are always more scary than male? girl are evil...

    Any way i think enclave under Atumns command would do better job than brotherhood...funny thing is i never like bos i only liked their armors and weapons...
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    Public Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    May 18, 2006
    Yes it is from Bioshock...and the lead/senior artist in Bethesda said he was looking into this game for some time (before its release). That is probably why we have some steam-punk looking stuff in Fallout 3.

    Then who knows, what else they will put in the next sequels :P

    And I think the fear to females' horror characters exists because usually in the movies, women are portraited as the victims. In reality too. So the society made this image of women to be weak, so when you see a little girl or a psycho woman, it looks different in your eyes. That's why you might be afraid of it.
  8. gregor_y

    gregor_y Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Jan 19, 2007
    Women in movies stupid blondes that get raped and killed thats why i dont watch movies waste of time...

    Well since were already on Bioshock male oponents arent scary but female ones creepy...same thing with System Shock 2 male were scary but female midwife made me almost shit my self...

    But i think its becouse were used to scary big monsters but when we see something new its scary...
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    May 18, 2006
    That was my point.