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Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by the4thlaw, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. the4thlaw

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    Jul 13, 2007
    I love Fallout 1 and 2, never touched Tactis or BoS.

    And like most of you I was very anti-F3, but over time I stopped being an elitest tosser and decided to wait it out and judge for myself.

    My wife brought me F3 yesterday and I played it for about an hour, as I work 15 hour days and really wanted to go to bed.

    My F3 experience so far is confined to the vault, haven't left yet, but i'm about to.

    My first thought when I played it is "how much did Liam Neeson get to voice act in this?" because he was absolutely shithouse.. his voice lacked any emotion and everything was so rigid.

    I didn't really like the shoe horning of gameplay aspects.. I hate any game that has a "walking" tutorial for starters.. I think video games have been around enough for people to know that moving the control stick moves your character. I really missed the old Fallout style of "make your character, then start game". It was easy and simple...

    They make instruction books for a reason, if you're too dumb to not figure out what "shoot" and "jump" is, then you're a cock.

    The other voice acting roles were okay, and the characters are alright, but a little 2 dimensional.. Butch is a moron jock asshole, and that's it, even after punching him in the face for 2 minutes he still was cocky, it made no sense.

    I'm still optimistic about the game, but as far as tutorial sections go it was long and boring, but it's no Oblivion Sewers!

    I guess they used the tutorial section to show life in the vault and set up the story, but there isn't really that much to set up.. they could have easily gone with a short skippable intro movie.
  2. Jakor

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    Sep 24, 2008
    Ok, so you played the roleplaying versions of fallout. Didn't play tactics that was the "action version" of the game. BoS wasn't for pc, so it doesn't count imho. You have since turned into a console playing ADD gamer that *has* to blow something up every couple minutes. The intro story you would rather have not participated in and would rather sit through a 30 min movie of your birth/childhood and building of your attachment to your dad, then you would like to look at a stats screen full of every option for your character than have the choices broken down into steps.

    The instruction book had what was needed for controls ect (but come on... that's why they have a controls menu too you could argue.) but this "tutorial" nicely balanced character creation, and the introduction of the storyline; while not requiring a "look up look down, walk here walk there" like halo did.

    As you know many bullies are bullies because they are scared of something, Butch was no exception. This is brought out so that you can make a choice as to what kind of character you are, are you a compassionate character or one that doesn't forgive easily. If you think that games can only be directed twards hardcore gamers, then the gaming business would collapse from not having anyone out there pick up a game for the first time.

    The tutorial was not long and boring. Second time through you should be able to knock it out in no time as you will not be fishing for the storyline. Hell if we were going to skip any of the details and make a movie out of the storyline, why would the game even need to exist?

    on tactics especially:
    I honestly think that saying that the fallout realm can only exists in an isometric turn-based combat role-play game is way to narrow. Sure there are things that won't fit perfectly in the storyline, but to say that tactics is not a good game based on the fact that there was more action that storyline is nonsense. You can like it more, you can like it less, but it's a different type of game and cannot be compared directly to the old games. I loved the slow turnbased tactical warefare provided by tactics, but I normally like playing strategy games. From a roleplayers (fallout 1+2 players) perspective the game was lacking in storyline.
  3. the4thlaw

    the4thlaw It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 13, 2007
    Well apart from being the king of assumption you make some valid points.

    no, I'd prefer a small intro like Fallout1, "hey your dad's gone missing etc etc", much like "hey we're out of water chips omg".

    wrong again, I won't even bother saying why

    I don't think that, assumption number 3! I'm well aware of how the games industry works. I work for a gaming company, I won't bother saying which company I work for because it's irrelevant. I know that the aim of any commercial business is to make the most money by spending the least money, and appealing to the broadest demographic is the safe bet when you want to sell units. Also, did you even read my comment about butch? I don't think you did. My problem was with his lack of character depth, he had no arc at all up to that point. And now that I've played the entire intro I hate his character even more, because of his "change of heart" when you save his mother, it's so black and white.

    Now that I'm out of the vault I stand by my "long and boring" remark, any game with a "press forward to walk" loses points in my opinion.

    And the best thing about my opinion is that it is my own, and no-one elses.

    Good day to you. Be sure to reply and cry more.
  4. Bowyerte

    Bowyerte First time out of the vault

    Oct 29, 2008
    I agree the introduction sequence is quite awful. My first few minutes in the vault felt forced on me, and it was no fun at all. Thankfully, it gets better once you get out.

    Same thing as in Oblivion : make sure you save your game right before the exit to wasteland if you ever plan to start again ! You can magically change everything about your character at this point, and the various choices you may have made in the vault carry little to no consequences to the rest of the game.