Fallout 1: 2222 edition - A design Document that will go nowhere

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    Blame Slaughter, Commander Capslock and Williem the Demp for this topic for their banter in the FO1/2 port tread as they rekindled a very, very old fantasy of mine;

    Somewhen around late 99 or early 00, I had created a decent chunk of a rough design draft while discussing games on a local board. The "my fantasy best" RPG/Tactics game if you will. Looking back on it, with 22+ years of advancements in tech and software... It pains me to say that there is but a "2" additional game system/element that I would add to my original formula (apart from the incremental advancements in UI, Mechanics and so on)

    My original "fantastic game" design was quite simple: Take the Fallout formula and marry it to the tactical combat of Jagged Alliance 2, with rebalancing/restructuring the SPECIAL side to a bit better functionality.

    The additional 22 years worth of games only added 2 main mechanics to this base formula and they are from the same, single game: SilentStorm;
    -"Panzerklein" mechanicss to represent Armour, Power Armour and Vehicles much better in the game and,
    -the addition of +/- 4 stories of verticality to the maps along with vertical movement mechanics.

    And, yeah, that's basically it really.

    Sure, I would love to add an investment system and social dynamics within settlemens, actual intra-settlement economy / power balance mechanics (or something that gives the impression to the player), an HQ & HQ construction system, Player Research & Production / Crafting mechanics and so on but all of these are basically garnish on the side. All you need is a simple, straightforward game system with both good and intelligent writing, smart tool choices, believable world and a compact, decent, "simple" story to create a solid foundation that can be expanded upon.

    So, what do you think? Am I stupid for wishing a FO/JA2 hybrid instead of the modern XCOM:EU clones?
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    Dear Mr chronic lear
    Far from stupid mon brave. I have thought of the same 'hybrid' game. I've played JA2, Silent Storm and SS sentinels.

    I have also played many , many adventure games so something like ' Thief 2 the metal age could also go into the pot !

    Imagine a scenario say a military base needed to be infiltrated so hiring a top sneak thief from a pool ( town/village )
    would be a start. The sneak thief cannot do this in broad daylight so an electronics, engineer type would help.

    3rd member of team (player) + a medic or mule carrier.
    Medic lays low. Engineer blows lights, breeches door or lockpicked. sneak scouts ahead player acts as cover.
    Team advances.

    But if things come on top (sussed) then rubber band team to withdraw.

    As long as team members don't shout " I'm on it " all at once then it's ok :P
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