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    Dec 8, 2022
    Hi everyone

    I'm new here - I made this account for this specific question. I've been playing Fallout 1 and 2 since they came out, and have finished both stories multiple times. I also played 3 and 4, including New Vegas, but was kind of disappointed with the online version.

    Anyway. I probably will be having some free time, and even though I still have to finish Wasteland 2; I'm looking to revitalize the original two games.

    I know there's a lot of modding going on here, and I think this might be the best option. I'm looking for the easiest (technical) way to have a new experience within the gameplay and world of the two originals. I am, however, not very adept at changing files and stuff. I can follow instructions and install stuff, but changing everything myself is not something I see myself doing. There's also so much information here, that I feel myself getting lost.

    So my question - put simply - would be: is there a step by step guide with files to reimagine either (or even better: both) original Fallouts to have as much of a new experience as possible?

  2. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    I agree with logic of the question. If a person tries to mod a game with various random mods they often clash. The modders themselves often say " Ah you need Sfall (x) and need to set config line 246 to 3, instead of 0"

    All this to a non coder is gobbledeegook.

    So they need to get their heads together and group the total mods into versions that are foolproof.

    So if one specific mod has lots of new content and works well they should point out what smaller mods may make things mess up.

    I was going to use Et tu if I went back onto the original games.
    A fully new OG kind of experience would be to download Fallout Nevada, Resurrection (1.5) or Olympus.
    I have played all 3.