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    After you install fuel cell controller in Den at smitty and pay him 2000$ u get the car

    As i i know there are 3 upgrade
    1: install fuel cell regulator at smitty which found at Klamath, makes the consumption half than usual
    2: in NCR, there are a junkie who installs "Cynthia The Blower" and that makes car go faster
    3: when ur car stolen at New Reno, you buy it back from T-Ray, he improves it somehow

    My question is which exactly that newreno upgrade gives? I know it makes trunk capacity larger, but i also heard it gives better engine performance, dont know if the second one is true
    and i heard that if you dont let your car stolen until u finish the game (dont park in new reno main street) u get some gravitiy plate upgrade to your extended trunk, which makes the consumption also zero
    im not a pack rat type so i dont really need trunk upgrade by itself, so if it wont improve the "engine performance", i would skip this mission until i finished the story, to get the gravity thing.
    so anyone knows that Ray speeds my car a bit or not? (if i do it before finishing game)
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    "You get 750 xp for resolving the situation in any of the first five ways; if you drove off you have to return to get the xp. If you left T-Ray alive you can pay him $500 ($300 with decent Barter) for a general car upgrade: increased trunk space (which is a blessing) and better engine performance. It's important that you get this upgrade right away, because once you drive the car off the map and return you'll lose all dialogue choices due to a scripting glitch (the "drive away" strategy is not really recommended for this reason). You can, of course, blow everyone away after the deal is complete, for the combat xp and the stuff in their lockers. "

    Per's guide:

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    I think the issue was fixed in both Killap's Fallout 2 patch and the FO2 Restoration Project, too, but don't quote me on that.
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