Fallout 2 crashes in new reno

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  1. mekhane_dios_roto

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    Apr 20, 2021
    since I entered the west zone in new reno the game crashes every time I try to get out of there and I get the error message "The instruction at x referenced memory at y the memory could not be read from".

    I have thought about trying to modify the save so that it teleports me to any other place on the map, but I don't know how to do it...
  2. Lyle.pt

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    "since I entered the west zone in new reno the game crashes every time I try to get out of there"

    do you happen to a have a previous save at Reno? and have you explored that zone before?
    load the save you are having problems with: go to New Reno Arms > Eldridge's basement > overwrite save (don't change save slot) .
    create a backup of your SAVEGAME folder.
    copy the file NEWR3.SAV from your older save, and replace the file with same name, in your current save folder.
    load the game and try to leave Reno.
  3. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Chances are You're not playing the original cd version nor the dvd version.
    all latter ones (GoG, Steam etc.) come with some form of a mod called sfall. Unfortuneatly some sfall releases were bit buggy and things like this could happen.

    Your best bet is to go towards red exit grid area and exit towards the worldmap. and enter a different sector of the town you are in, and overwrite your save. Sometimes it helps. Now all streets of New Reno, besides building higher floors or basements, have red exit grits You just need to look for them. Virgin Street, 2nd Street, Commercial Row, and Train Station, and Chop Shop all have one.

    Not to confuse:
    green exit grid transfers to another town map, red exit grid exits towards worldmap.
    with the bug i think you currently have, i think only green exit grids wouln't work.