Fallout 2 frame rate problems!

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    Dec 19, 2013
    Hello everyone i just registered in hope to get some help! I play Fallout 2 (steam version) with restoration project (latest version) and i get about 999 fps and sometimes even 9999 in menus!
    It taxes my computer and is overkill. So my question is how can i cap it ? I tried RadeonPro forced vsync it worked i got 60 fps but allong with horrible mouse lag!
    I really want to enjoy this game but the fact it heats up my pc (more so then any other game) worries me.

    Anyone that can help? Thanks in advance!
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    Jul 5, 2016
    Old thread, but this may be useful to someone:

    So, I can't force vsync (I tried everything). Running it uncapped results in high fps, but I'm willing to ignore that part of it (I use aftermarket cooling, so gpu heat isn't a concern) but for the fact that movement on the world map is tied to fps, so I shot across the map instantly.

    So, like everyone else, I experimented with sfall's map movement fix, but found that (depending on the settings) it resulted in either a) unacceptable mouse lag on the world map, or b) too few encounters.

    So, then I tried radeonpro's fps limiter, and that works best (at 60 fps with sfall's map fix disabled). However, it's not perfect because it does introduce some mouse lag during the game (which is weird). But it's bearable and the best solution I've found so far. I've tried other fps limiters (dxtory, rivatuner) and they all result in the same general slight mouse lag.

    I even tried underclocking my card to achieve ~60 fps on the world map, but that resulted in worse general performance than just using a frame limit to achieve the same fps.

    So, the choice (for me at least) is between:
    a) unlocked fps with sfall worldmapfix: unacceptable mouse lag in world map with fair encounter freqeuency, with 0 mouselag everywhere else
    b) capped fps @60 without sfall worldmapfix: acceptable mouse lag everywhere (it's really not that bad... feels like there's a 5 frame lag, but it's not purely just mouselag -- all popup menus take slightly longer to fully draw, too) with fair encounter frequency

    It's not an easy choice, but I'm leaning towards b.

    Note: I simply must play in dx9 mode because I need the hires patch with zoom (which forced dx9 mode). I can't even force myself to play fallout 2 without the zoom (and 2x scaling) -- it's unbearable, otherwise.
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