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    I named her "Motoko" in honor of Major Motoko Kusanagi (turn on subtitles by "CC" button there, if you're going to watch this one).

    This took me couple days to figure out, but finally i am quite sure about every last detail. So i share it here - 1st the build itself; 2nd reasoning for each bit of it, including certain important Restoration Project specifics; and 3rd, certain considerations about how different aspects of the build and game interact, explaining why chosen values and selections are optimal.

    Please do point out any mistakes or oversights - if you spot any. Hope is, there are none.

    1. The build

    Traits: Gifted + Fast Shot

    5 8 4 6 9 8 7

    tagged skills: Melee Weapons, Lockpick, Speech

    cosmetics: name - Motoko; gender - female; age - 26; style - default.

    Sidenote. Interestingly, as much as i know Motojo Kusanagi's personality from the manga and the original 1995's anime - she's indeed one very gifted person; she's definitely fast shot; she's indeed moderately strong (for a cyborg, that is); actually very perceptive; about moderately durable (with Batou being such a stonewall in contrast); has some "femme" charm but not exceptional amount of it; is exceptionally intelligent; highly agile; and quite very lucky. In other words, this build is quite a good Fallout-universe replica of the personality! Even "default" style (Restoration Project character creation option) has her hair being quite similar to the original in both color and shape, as you can see through the link above. Talk about coincedences, eh. %)

    2. Reasons

    The build is "generalist", because it can do anything in the game, and do it well, if the player knows what he's doing. The build is "perfectionist", because it allows to (practically - not numerically!) perfect every aspect of the game, if played by a perfectionist. In particular:

    2.1. Gifted trait: another name for "Generalist" idea. Simply required.

    2.2. "Fast Shot" trait allows, in almost all combat situations, to have both highest tactical flexibility and highest DPS possible, by allowing up to 6 shots a turn from any weapon which has base AP cost = 4. Furthermore, this build can enjoy 100% critical hits chance for each of those shots, landed with 100% chance for each crit to ignore enemy armor, too (see 3.1 below for details about it).

    2.3. Strength 5: allows perfect 10 later in the game (surgery +1, advanced power armor +4). More importantly, it's not 4 (which is a staple for so many similar builds), because a) it allows to have greater temporary Strength penalties for boosting skills for less points (see 3.2 below), and b) it allows +25% increase to starting carrying capacity and this extra Strength point is not quite "needed" anywhere else.

    2.4. Perception 8: allows perfect 10 later in the game (surgery +1, perk +1). While doable with as low as 6 starting perception, i deem it important to allow potential for maximum obtainable Sequence and Range, both of which are important bits for gun fights. Also useful in some quests, iirc.

    2.5. Endurance 4: i find this optimal value for several reasons: 1st, certain useful perks require 6, and being initial 4 means you're single buffout away from any such perk; 2nd, Lifegiver perk increases your HP gained per level by 4 (doubling it), which is the equivalent of getting +8 Endurance for getting more HP per level, that is - yet Lifegiver itself requires Endurance = 4; 3rd, you'd die way too easily to certain "withdrawal" drug effects with any less endurance; 4th, going with lower endurance early-game makes the character a bit way too fragile for many players; 5th, New Reno's movie industry Endurance check (8 points needed) is still doable by double Buffout dose - it wouldn't be doable i think with Endurance = 2, since withdrawal from double buffout would set you to 0 in this stat, which should kill you; so minimum of 3 is needed for this one, but then 3 is odd and thus does the same for your HP per level as having 2 - thus undesirable too;

    2.6. Charisma 6: no, this is not only to be able to have up to 5 followers in the game in the same time (+1 surgery, +1 shades, and having Magnetic Personality perk or using Mentats). Note that Restoration Project adds few new recruitable ones in the EPA, and Restoration Project fixes companions so that they can improve to Stage 6 instead of being capped to Stage 5, making them more powerful end-game.

    But Cha 6 at the start is also for those hidden sex stats - Charisma is the main SPECIAL stat for it, and you can obtain _every_ sex-related dialog and reputation in the game if you take "Kama Sutra" early, which this build can get right after getting level 3 (single dose of Buffout to raise Endurance to get this perk will be needed). Then this is also for certain quests in the game (sometimes you'll need to gulp single Mentats on top of Shades and Surgery to get 9 Charisma) - for example, you get extra Guns and Bullets from Metzger in the Den early in the game if you're female and have 6 Charisma, from a bookshelf in his room after having sex (this also halves Vic's release cost from 1000 to 500). Then this is also helpful for early-game barter (i think). Last but not least, Restoration Project restored functionality of certain Charisma-based perks, and you can eventually get all of them if that's your fancy - even the one requiring 10 Charisma, - when you start at 6.

    2.7. Intelligence 9: perfect 10 after surgery. Also, it's good to counter -5 per level from Gifted; good for some few quests / speech checks (Vault City comes to mind); and also good for Intelligence-based skills (First Aid, Doctor, Science, Repair, Outdoorsman) if using lower-stat method described in 3.2 of this post (also works wonders with corresponding books; and double doze of Mentats offers 3 days of -4 Intelligence for withdrawal period, which coupled with Mentats addiction already drops Int by -7, and the addiction to Psycho makes this -9, and if you need -8, then substitude Mentats addiction by 600+ Rem of radiaction, which should still not kill you (1000 Rem will)).

    2.8. Agility = 8. Perfect permanent 10 is doable in Restoration Project by taking two of the following: +1 item in EPA; +1 from certain date (only possible if the girl agreed to the date before the end of the main story, however the date itself can only happen after the end of the main storyline); +1 from perk. Both 1st and 2nd things are only available in Restoration Project. Obviously, starting with 10 would allow 1 extra AP from the start, but Fast Shot makes it not that much important, and even the starting Spear is 4 AP weapon, means it's good enough for 2 hits a turn if you'd want. Also, taking 10 from the start means you'll never be able to get +1 permanent from neither EPA nor the perk, wasting good bit of "generalist" nature of this build, as points would be taken from some other stat.

    2.9. Luck = 7. Perfect 10 is doable with +2 from Zeta Scan and +1 from perk. The latter can quite conviniently be taken at level 21, right before taking Sniper at level 24 (Sniper + Luck 10 makes every shot critical, simple as that). Now, Restoration Project mentions "fixing" Pariah Dog encounter in terms of making character's Luck back to what it was before meeting the dog, but i don't know what exactly the fix is and if it always work. Rumor is, some folks managed to walk away after killing this dog with more luck than they had before getting involved with this unfortunate dog. In case it still happens in Restoration Project in some games, - the Luck is 7: if by the time you're level 23 you've managed to pull this "dog trick" and your Luck increased - you'd obviously wouldn't need to spend a perk for it. But if your Luck is 8 from the start, then you wouldn't even have a chance at it, as the Scan would already put you to 10 anyhow.

    2.10. Tagged Melee Weapons. This is because every other combat skill has reasons not to be tagged from the start. Namely: Small Guns can be raised to ~130% using books and books only and then spending some 10...15 skill points during the last Guns'n'Bullets reading "session" (see 3.2 for details); Energy Weapons and Big Gins are both hardly available early-game, and by the time you get those and their ammo aplenty, most likely you're already quite good with Small Guns from reading books; Unarmed gets increased in several locations without spending a single skill point - IF it remains low enough, that is, so raising it early in the game kills those opportunities; and Throwing is just not good enough to use as a main combat skill.

    2.11. Tagged Lockpick. This is because the skill is useful both early in and throughout the whole game; also because there are certain locks which are hard enough even with any sort of lockpicks; but mainly, because there is not quite something else more useful to pick:
    - Sneak? Sure good for certain things, but all those things can be done late enough in game you'd have more than enough skill points to raise Sneak to some 150 if you'd want;
    - Doctor? Sure has certain some few times when high enough, but again, totally doable to raise it enough without having it tagged, and early in the game, i feel one benefits from Lockpick more;
    - Traps - just silly;
    - Steal - well "may be" if you're into stealing, but personally, i just don't steal in the game at all (because it's one skill i consider way too OP and broken, and i'm sure it kills much of the game's enjoyment if practiced at high skill value left and right);
    - Barter - i'm sure it can wait to be raised non-tagged because it only allows to buy cheaper, while you sell for same value regardless, and early-game and even mid-game, that's good enough;
    - Gambling - even if it'd be significant, which it's hardly, the Restoration Project has certain restored perk which iirc allows to rob slot machines clean;
    - And all the "book" skills - shouldn't be tagged, given how many books there are in the game to raise them (which is even more as Restoration Project adds some more in restored locations).

    2.12. Tagged Speech. This is like oh so important for all the great quests this build can take and do non-violently because of 9 Int (and at times, high enough Charisma, too, as it affects people's starting reactions to the player character) - but wouldn't be able to do if Speech is not high enough.

    3. Considerations

    3.1. DPS of ranged attacks in a typical combat situation: Aimed shots vs Fast Shots. This assumes multiple targets present and standard set of end-game ranged perks and stats, namely strictly required Luck 10 plus Sniper and Better Criticals perks; and possibly Living Anatomy and both ranks of Bonus Ranged Damage perks on top of that, which is +9 damage "optional" increase per each shot.

    My conclusion is, in vast majority of fights, Fast Shots will allow much higher total damage done per turn, due to the combination of the following facts interacting with each other:

    - both approaches will allow to have each hit being critical which ignores enemy armor, but Aimed criticals (assuming hitting eyes and comparably weak parts) will deal, on average, nearly triple damage, while Fast Shot criticals will deal, on average, nearly double damage - per shot. However, assuming using something like Gauss Pistol end-game weapon, we talk two Fast Shot hits for each signle Aimed hit. Therefore, spending 4 AP will allow dealing "triple weapon damage" with Aimed shot, yet "quadruple weapon damage" with two Fast Shot shots. No-brainer, isn't it;

    - more shots per turn allows to exterminate more weak targets than possible with less (but more damaging) shots per turn;

    - Fast Shot way allows to reduce portions of your damage which are wasted to "overkill";

    - Fast Shot does not suffer big accuracy penalties which are applied whenever aiming at "hard to hit" parts during Aimed shots, such as eyes, sensors, heads. Depending on distance to the targets, this may trouble Aimed shots even at very high skill values;

    - Fast Shot is a pure benefit to burst weapons, and those are highest single-target DPS weaponry in the game (and by far);

    - One of most massive benefits of Fast Shot, when using above mentioned Luck 10 and perks, is the fact that each shot has 20% chance to be instant death - to any target. This is why end-game pistol-class weapons (with base AP cost = 4) shine so much in this setup: 5 to 6 shots a turn each having 20% chance to instantly kill the target no matter what - distance, health amount, damage resistances - is something very nasty. Wanna kill end-game boss in 1 turn using BB gun? Chances are, this build can do it;

    - Yet another thing is predictability. Mid-game, with aimed shots, you're taking chances very often: will the shot hit is often much more a gamble than any Fast Shot (which has no penalty to hit chance, since it's a torso shot), and then you also gamble about how damaging your "eye crits" will be - their damage tend to vary much more than damage of torso shots. So, with Fast Shots and some experience, you will know if you're able to drop an enemy or not much more often in compare to any Aimed shot build - and such knowledge is very helpful tactically;

    - Fast Shot tactical disadvantage is that it can't cripple specific body parts. However, this is not needed if your target is dead, and in case you _really_ need to cripple some body part of a target - you can still do it using melee weapons;

    - Fast Shot economical disadvantage is higher ammo spend if using the same weapon. It can be countered somewhat by using rifle-class weaponry instead of pistol-class weapons, as rifles have higher base damage per shot (though of course pistols typically allow 1.5 times more shots per turn than rifles when being Fast Shot, which is very valuable). In any case, single-fire weapons will still be times less ammo burners than any good burst weapons, so it's one minor disadvantage in me book;

    - And as pointed out by Burn, you can do aimed shots much earlier in the game to great effect: Sniper is level 24 perk, so ~half of the game, it's not possible to have 100% Fast Shot crits. However, even without crits, Fast Shot plus a decent burst weapon (including SMGs) will be very formidable, so i don't deem this a major drawback of Fast Shot neither.

    So from all the above, the choice is already very clear - Fast Shot wins. But there is one more thing - one certain weapon, only availabe in Restoration Project, and only after completing main story of the game (specifically - after leaving San Francisco for the 1st time after completing the story). I won't spoil everything, but just be sure to have Energy Weapons above 101% by the end of the main story to get this one. It has 3 AP base cost, which should make it 1 AP per shot with Fast Shot and Bonus Rate of Fire perk. Means, up to 12 critical ignored-armor shots per turn. The gun does 30-40 damage per shot, has 40 small energy cells in its clip, and its range is 24. Dig? ;)

    3.2. Lowering SPECIAL stats temporarily to get higher skills.

    Ok, the basics are simple: you do something which lowers your SPECIAL stat(s) temporarily; this lowers related skills; then you spend skill points into those "lowered for now" skills; then you pass time, SPECIAL values return to normal, skills become correspondedly higher. Thing is, if some skill was lowered to "cheaper range", you spent less skill points to raise it.

    Example: your Small Guns are 125%, so you'd spend 3 skill points per each increase normally - but then you get irradiated for -5 agility, so Small Guns drop by 5x4 = 20%, to 105%; then you spend 40 skill points to raise it to 125% _while_ your agility is lowered by 5 points, so it gets to 125%; then you pass time, agility gets back to normal, thus Small Guns "get back" 20%, and so now you're at 145% Small Guns. You'd spend 60 skill points if you'd be doing it "normally", so you just saved yourself 20 skill points outta 60. This works with every skill as soon as you go over 100%.

    Things which lower SPECIAL stats - are various drug effects (including certain addictions which are easy to get rid of, in practice), and radiation. The latter is great for the method, and you can combine both drugs and radiation (i believe) to achieve optimal results. However, having less than 4 Endurance will kill you way too often and too much when you'd be trying to lower your SPECIAL stats by significant amounts. This is one more reason this build maintains 4 Endurance.

    3.3. Melee Weapons - is not just for Arroyo times. Quite some early-game locations and encounters allow you to do well enough if you're good with Melee Weapons, and there are also some NPCs who improve the skill very early in the game.

    Furthermore, the skill remains useful through the game, even end-game after getting your hands on super-sledge, as it allows to knock-back for several tiles whatever "melee attack" creature gets too close to your liking - and then resume shooting it using your favorite pistol / SMG (Fast Shot build prefers those usually), if it's not dead yet.

    Another thing yet is one certain melee weapon obtainable in New Reno - so possibly early-game, and easily mid-game, - which does 12-30 base damage with 3 AP base cost, and produces big-time knockback effect (which is great for crowd control and avoiding taking damage, with appropriate positioning and mobility). This weapon can easily save the player many hundreds bullets when dealing with the early-game and mid-game animals, melee-armed humans and such. But only if one can hit reliably, which means good enough Melee Weapons skill is needed.

    This is how tagging Melee Weapons skill (which otherwise would most likely remain too low to use in practice) can help with this build Fast Shot's tendency to consume more ammo than any Aimed shot capable build would. This may be most important mid-game, when Small Guns are already developed good enough to use it often (primarily via books), but Barter is still low and money reserves are not that high yet, so buying ammo in large amounts is not yet readily available. See, it's all related.

    3.4. Perks to get during levelling up. This is the best part of this build: you can go any kind of character with this build, and you'd still end up doing whatever role you decided to do practically perfectly. Namely:
    - grow up most capable sniper out of this starting build, taking appropriate perks (as named in 3.1 above);
    - but you can also end up being perfect Unarmed fighter, if you go for that kind of perks "instead" (few of those perks will require gulping a Buffout to meet the stat requirements, but it's easily doable by the time you'll need to get those);
    - concentrate on Charisma-based perks instead, playing "non-combat" character and relying on your party members to take out bad guys when need be;
    - tag Big Guns after getting it to ~150 non-tagged, which will make it 300 instantly, and coupled with 9 or 10 Perception and Fast Shot, become as deadly and precise as good old T-850.

    Etc. Or, you can do it all if you get busy getting enough levels to get all those perks, too. And you can do it all perfectly, without being hindered by certain "wrong" choice of Special stat and/or trait at the start.

    P.S. Or, of course, you can pick up that funny book from that funny chapel in New Reno after completing main quest line, but hey, isn't it cheap. You know. :D
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    Looks too "perfect 10 endgame" focused to me. In particular, there's no difference between 9 and 10 Int by the time you get the surgery, unless you rush to San Fran. Similarly, getting "always critical" requires Sniper perk, which is available at level 24. Whereas you can start throwing targeted shots at level 1.

    Abusing drug withdrawal for books is no different from using "funny book" to me. I don't think it can kill you, though.

    And a combat cyborg definitely outperforms a human in all physical activities. I'd say Motoko's strength/agility is like 12-14 in SPECIAL terms.

    Also, you can't get 6 followers even with Magnetic Personality, it's a hard cap of 5.
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    I hoped you could get 6 companions in RP, given the perk's description ("more than 5 is a crowd"), but you sound sure, so i'll just fix the part now. Thanks!

    True about cyborg physical attributes, but in F2 we can't set 'em that high, iirc.

    Can't agree about books though. Drug abuse is different, because you get something extra for giving something extra: extra skill points for extra drugs spent, and, of course, books have to be found and are 1-time use. While with the funny book, you get something for giving nothing. And then there is also RP reason, too: certain substances and drug-induced conditions are known to help learning big-time in real world too, you know. While the funny book can't be anyhow explained in real-world analogy at all.

    And no, it's not "perfect 10 endgame" focused. Those permanent 10s are possibilities, which could be taken if so desired, but in no way unavoidable. Like, nobody forces you to spend a perk for +1 Stat, you know. This build allows to _do_ anything possible to do in the game, afaict - if the player takes needed steps to be able to do it. In some few places, 10s in a stat are a requirement to do certain things. I remember mentions of such stat checks for Charisma, Intelligence, Luck in particular. Granted, those are very few occasions, and 10s could be reached temporarily from way lower values than this build starts with using more drugs, but i think this build is an optimal convinience in this sense.

    The nearly-ultimate guide mentions few dialogs where IN 10 checks exist, so that's very minor but still difference between 9 and 10. Another thing is +2 skill points a level, and however late you get the surgery, you'd still be having some more level ups i recon, so that's some few extra skill points - "free" ones, sort of, so that's another minor difference between 9 and 10. Dunno about you, but spending skill points is always a good part to me. It's an RPG, you know. Don't we all love the process? :) And the 3rd difference, happening whenever you're doing this 9 to 10 surgery, is corresponding increase in all skills which are calculated from INT. Between 6 of those, all of them quite useful in their ways, that's noticeable bonus right off the bat.

    And no, you can't start doing aiming shots starting at level 1, 'cause you have no gun to do it, and more importantly your small guns skill is so low that practically any aimed shot is ridiculously low chance to hit. But yes, you have a point here. I'll add it to the 1st post, but it still doesn't change the final conclusion in me book.

    4. Playthough notes

    Here, i'll write down some things i discovered on my own while playing the game (with Restoration Project 2.3.3 installed). Those will be things absent from the wiki and most well known guides, which i deem important.

    4.1. Pro-tip for 1st fight of Lara's gang quest in the Den: there is a burning barrel near the corner of the building. When the fight starts, go right to this barrel and stand next to it, so that the barrel is between you and entrance to the building. This way, enemies won't attack you - they'll attack Lara's gang instead right after they run around the corner. Once combat mode starts, you'll be able to hit enemies who are "busy" attacking Lara's gang without getting hurt - and in the same time you won't be too far from the fight once combat mode starts, thus not wasting any many APs to get close enough. Works well with both melee and ranged character.

    4.2. New Reno has at least 3 Guns and Bullets books: in addition to the two mentioned in the wiki, there is one more on the 1st floor of Desperado casino. The guard nearby does not allow to loot the bookshelf with it, however if you got followers, then having one to stand between the guard and the bookshelf makes you able to loot the book without making the guard (and everyone else) hostile. Hehe. ;)

    4.3. The dog near book shelves in the back of weapon shop in New Reno must be killed (or damaged much) to get Guns and Bullets from the shelf. I found that planting Dynamite nearby works, but is tricky: dogs often agro. No idea how they "know", but they do. Bit it's still doable without getting all 3 dogs to attack, it just gotta be done real quick, and "i" key to open inventory is the key to make it happen quick enough. Pun intended. :D Waiting outside in Sneak mode till it detonated removed the dog for good, and did not make shop's owner hostile.

    4.4. The guard near monitor on the 2nd floor of the Shark Club does not allow to loot nearby bookshelf for another Guns and Bullets, and he's directly adjucent to the hex one needs to stand at to loot the thing - so no "obscure view with a follower" trick is possible. But it's still doable to loot the thing without making whole family go hostile if to "assasinate" the guy. Thing is, early in the game, when the book is of importance, there is no good supply of super stims to do it that way, taking instant kill without anything else seeing still turns whole building hostile, and certain quest-related methods are 1-time use, so one may want to "preserve them". Still, there is a way.

    The guy can be assasinated using explosives without anyone else going hostile. That's how i happened to do it: 1st, planted two armed Dynamites to his inventory, then ran downstairs, waited several minutes (went out to take a smoke IRL), then came back to 2nd floor in Sneak mode and remained near the stairs - shortly after, both dynamites exploded (despite being set for 2 mins, so time does not pass on 2nd floor while you're on 1st, i recon). That did not make anyone hostile, and the guy SURVIVED those two blasts, but was badly hurt. So then i came to him and tried to plant armed Plastic explosive into his inventory, but due to low skill, the thing detonated right away after i activated it in my inventory. Unfortunately (for him), i was two tiles away from the guy when it happened, and the explosion blew him into small pieces. Fortunately (for me) - i survived (if barely). And that did it alright - noone became hostile, and i happily looted the book.

    So i guess the same would work for any kind of assasination - whenever you want to kill anyone without their friends going hostile, just let some explosives explode in your own inventory while standing next to the victim, 2 tiles away should work. Obviously having enough HP to survive blasts yourself, of course (obviously can heal between blasts, too). Yeah, i guess "accidents happen", eh. Could be hillarious to assasinate whole Salvatore family this way except the Salvatore himself, then take the talk with him about him poisoning poor Richard, and then laugh when he sounds the alarm. "What, nobody's coming, old man? Yeah, accidents happen!" :D

    4.5. One of lockers in the "far row" in the New Reno gym / box club - has First Aid bag and 2x Buffouts. It's locked, and boxer nearby will not allow you to loot it - unless you stand on some tile which blocks his view to the locker. Conviniently, another locker may be used to block his line of sight to the one, and any tile directly adjucent to the locker can be used to loot it, so it's easy deal. All other lockers can be looted same way, and some of them got significant (early-game) loot as well.

    4.6. Most OP perk in the game: they say it's Sniper, but i say it's Empathy. Which this build can get at level 6 (and i sure did). Allows to see what pleases and what pisses people. And quite often it's NOT what i'd expect it be. Including when talking with some of most important NPCs in the game, like bosses of New Reno families, 1st citizen of the Vault City, etc.

    Example: Eldridge, the owner of "New Reno Arms" shop, who's quite excellent weapon shop right in the middle of the game's entire map - without the perk, every time you come to sell and/or buy from him, you'd normally simply say good byes after you're done bartering - but with the perk it's visible that he's pissed if you do it. Over time, doing it several times, should make him pissed enough to stop doing business with you - and without perk it'd be "all out of the blue". With the perk, though, you can prevent it, by asking about upgrades and saying good byes right next - in which case he won't be pissed by your manners. Why he's that way? No idea, but it's clearly so to anyone who's not color-blind. :D

    4.7. In Vault City's Courtyard there is a well, right in front of there doctor's "office" (the one which has initially half-broken auto-doc). This well gives large doses of radiation every time you use it - something like 30 to 40 rems per use. Valerie even mentions how her mother died to radiation poisoning drinking non-purified water during her 1st conversation with Vic, by the way! So it's totally doable to get say 600+ rem in no time using it. And in one of nearby buildings there is geiger counter for grabs, which you need to see how many rems you got at any given time. Just don't forget to turn it off after each usage, the thing's battery is not eternal.

    Why do it? Because if you get addicted to Mentats and wait until addiction kicks in, then drink from this well for 600+ rem, then this build (before surgeries) will drop to ST 1 and AG 1, but won't die yet. Which means you can read Guns and Bullets so much more efficiently during this condition, and you can raise all the combat skills above 100 for lower skill cost. See 3.2 in the 1st post for more details about it. Thing is, both Radiation poisoning and Mentats addiction last a whole week, and each book takes 2 hours to read, so it's good to have ample time for it.

    If this build takes "Comprehension" perk, then some 12 or 13 Guns and Bullets is enough to get its Small Guns skill (on "Tough" difficulty) from initial 27% to over 108% using the above method without spending a single skill point; or to 129% using ~20 skill points to raise it "after reading books" when it's 1 point per 1%; or to 154% using ~70 skill points. With the skill not tugged, that is. The latter being end-game value of small guns skills as far as Fast Shot build can be considered, me thinks. Not too shabby!

    And without "Comprehension", either get ~6 more books, or invest something like 15 more skill points into it to get same results, so the perk is not at all essential to the method (but of course, the perk works for all skills there are books for, so it might be a good choice for level 3 if the player is any sort of a "book worm" :D ).

    As for curing the condition - addiction to Mentats wears off on its own, and using 8 rad-aways removes exactly 600 rem. Running around with anything lower than 150 rem - does not ever result in any stats reductions, so even 7 rad-aways is enough to get back to "healthy" from 600 rem total. Possible addiction to rad-aways wears off after a week on its own, too, and during that week it's just -20% radiation resistance, so not even need to wait it out.

    Note, though, that while radiation poisoning wears off on its own after a week in terms of stats' reductions, - rem count remains, and repeated cases of further periods of lowered stats will occur on their own if you try to run around having more than 150 rem on you. No idea if it's the same without Restoration Project, since near-ultimate guide says "no effects" after initial week of lowered stats, but in RP, there sure are repeated onsets of lowered stats, so rad-aways are a must for this method at least in RP.

    4.8. Restoration Project mentions it restored alcohol addiction. Wiki mentions AG -1 and CH -1 for it, with 20% chance of addiction for any two drinks taken close together. I tested that drinking over 50 pairs of booze (so over 100 booze in total), each pair 6 hours after the previous - and not a single addition happened. YMMV... :D

    4.9. Guns and Bullets in Vault City - in the Corrections center, - is listed in the wiki with the following comment: "Inside a locked desk next to Stark. Become Captain of the Guard to get this book without violence". Well, incomplete, incomplete! Can also be looted doing the "line of sight blocked by a companion" trick. It works even despite the "blocking" guy is not exactly on the straight line between the table and him. No idea if it matters which companion blocks the view; i used Sulik, and may be Sulik's back is so wide it blocks that much of a view? :) Anyhow, here's the screenshot with exact placement with which i managed to do this.

    Note that he's visibly in Leather armor, as are Vic and Cassidy outside, too - that's one of Restoration Project's neat features, armors are shown on companions.

    Other tables and both lockers in the building can all be looted using same trick, also.

    4.10. Oh, forgot one. In Arroyo, this build can do one smart thing about that tugged Melee Weapons skill: by doing all "local" Arroyo quests except talking to Jordan, plus complete clear of the Temple at the start, plus going out for couple days and returning to clear Geckos once again in the Arroyo's side area, - you can get level 3 right there. This allows this build to raise Melee Weapons (spending 36 skill points from two level ups) from 46% to 110%, iirc. Then talk to Jordan, this makes it 120%. Then talk to Sullivan in Klamath, that makes it 130%. Result: at level 3, you're already hurting things like Geckos rather well. Those numbers are for "tough" difficulty and would be even higher in easier ones.

    And with 9 AP, it's possible to keep running away from golden geckos (say in Toxic Caves, where you can engage them 1 by 1) every other turn, and attack from 2 tiles away every yet other turn with the (sharpened) spear, thus not allowing them to hit you at all. If they manage to remain consious after you land the aimed hit(s) to the head during 1st turn of combat, that is (a knife can do two such hits for this build, if you manage to "aggro" the lizard so that it comes close enough when combat mode starts). And whenever those initial head hits knock them out - which is quite often with 130% Melee Weapons skill - then just keep reentering combat mode manually to quickly finish them off before they regain consiousness, of course.

    4.11. The Guns and Bullets in Ghost Farm is indeed on one of skinless Slags, as mentioned by wiki, however it's super-easy to miss it. It's not on one of slags on the surface - all those have nothing; it's on one of slags underground, and those only appeared once in my game - when i returned to their leader from Modoc with news that Modoc people agreed to make contact. Only then slags appeared underground, and only till i left the map. When i visited next time, they were not around, again! May be it's RP thing or something, but even going to any other map for a moment - removes those slags. So, don't waste the opportunity - oh and one of other slags underground has Dean's Electronics, too.

    4.12. There is one more Guns and Bullets not listed in the wiki: NCR entrance area, slavers' building, in the bookshelf right behind Vortis the slaver. Freely lootable.

    4.13. One of neat little restored bits of RP is that once you access Gecko plant's computer for the 1st time - Enclave patrol would actually come and find you a bit later on in the game. There are both peaceful and hostile ways out of the encounter. Obviously if it's early or mid-game, it'd be difficult to impossible to take the latter. But one may want to take the latter for loot and/or just to kick some Enclave's butt. So that's why one may want to postpone fixing Gecko's reactor to (much) later in the game, since one (usually) needs to interact with that computer to fix the reactor.

    Problem is, without fixing that reactor, 1st bitchizen Lynette does not allow one to enter Vault City's vault. Ok, there are certain ways, but those are kinda cheap. Much better solution this build allows to do - is to take the Citizenship test. Just go to NCR, take +2 Luck from hubologist scan (doing one of Vault City's quests to visit NCR in the process, too), then get back and take the test, just be sure to pop one single Jet or Mentats (either will work) right before starting the test.

    This allows to enter the vault bug-free, reliably and always. Also allows to skip those humiliating checks for chems and booze at Vault City entrance. Also allows to get rid of any radiation if doing rad-based book reading (as per 3.2 above), because good Doc in the 1st level of the vault removes any amount of radiation quick and free, whenever you'd need to. And obviously it also allows to get Vault 15 location and important items from Vault City's vault, and then keep on going with the main plot. And then, much later, after San-Francisco, one can get back to Gecko, talk with that Enclave pal through the computer at the plant, and kick some major ass once their goons arrive.

    4.14. One's mighty fine feature of Restoration Project is that player can use scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll through the inventory. I recently discovered an expansion of it, though: during trade times and when accessing car's trunk, the "other" inventory can also be scrolled by the mouse wheel - while holding down Ctrl key. Very convinient.

    4.15. Dinged level 20 today, playing this build. Ended up going this perk progression: Comprehension (3) > Empathy (6) > Better Criticals (9) > Lifegiver (12) > Bonus Rate of Fire (15) > Strong Back (18, using Buffout); planning Gain Luck (21) and Sniper (24) further on. Here's why this seems better than any other to me (YMMV, obviously):

    - the level 3 perk is up to taste, of course, personally i enjoy faster learning from books more than info about enemies' health;

    - Empathy is amazingly great. Using it does not mean you always avoid sayings which upset people and always take ones which please them; not at all! It just means you know better what kind of consequences you could expect saying this or that, and this is great for any kind of character you may happen to play, however "saint" or "badass". Invaluable help in certain quests, like managing to settle bar brawl in Redding peacefully (which even near-ultimate guide fails to mention as a possibility, but with this perk, it's piece of cake!);

    - Better Criticals is pretty much mandatory perk for combat, making you able to score instant kills 20% of the time you crit and removing any chance to score crits which do not ignore armor;

    - Lifegiver doubles number of HP this build gets per level (from 4 to 8), and it's best to take it right at its level requirement (12) to maximuze gains from it. Having larger health pool means being much more able to shrug off that nasty crit and still keep going, and more convinience during levelling up through random encounters - healed by a doctor to "full" and then roaming around for longer without pressing need to go see a Doctor (or spend stims);

    - Bonus Rate of Fire is just a must have;

    - Strong Back / Pack Rat. Now this looks strange eh? Most people would take "Action Girl" or somesuch here at level 18. But at this point, with Bonus Rate of Fire already taken, this build is already doing excellent in combat, but most importantly it will yet do many times better after getting Sniper at level 24. Not just "twice" better, but many times better, yep - because while _listed_ damage increase per shot is indeed just nearly doubling it, actual damage inflicted grows much more than double, since all the extra damage is not mitigated by targets' "DT" (which consumed part of the non-crit amount of damage to be penetrated). So, this is why i don't go for more "combat" perks yet, instead starting to consider what other perks could be most useful for me. And naturally, i take one which much helps with one of biggest irritations player has at this level: namely one's inventory being too small for all the great amounts of loot one is getting at this level. Played two levels already after taking this perk, and i enjoy it very much. Definitely was one right choice.

    4.16. The old "Tag!" skill trick still works in RP exactly the way it did pre-RP. Namely, 1st you boost some non-tagged skill to ~160%, then you take this perk (which i'll probably do some time level 30 or so) and so the skill jumps to ~300% or a bit more, depending on which skill it is. It will never display more than 300% or 299%, but real value will still be used by the game when one starts to reduce skill's value (before closing character screen after taking the perk, of course). But this must be done properly to have gain skill points without over-investing for no actual return (bonus). The below is the procedure i think is probably most efficient for this:

    - 1st, it's best to use one of skills which have high stat multiplier for initial value, and based on "easily droppable" stat, too. Personally, in Restoration Project, i prefer Science for this, because it can be raised to well over 110% by books alone (see 3.2 in the 1st post), has 4xIN for its stat's bonus, and is one of few skills which ends up having certain end-game supreme uses when remaining increased to over 160%;

    - 2nd, one should NEVER spend more than 2 skill points per each % when raising non-tagged skill for later Tag! perk. Because spending 3 already nets 0 benefit, and spending 4 ends up wasting skill points. So for Science skill, and assuming IN=9 during pre-tag increasing but then taking +1 IN permanent surgery before taking Tag! perk, and loweing one's IN from 9 to 1 for spending skill points to boost the skill, we get the following target value of the skill: 126% + 32% + 4% = 162%. I.e., you spend skill points to raise it to 126% (which is when you can't raise it for 2 skill points per each 1% anymore) while your IN = 1 (temporarily, of course); then rest as needed to get IN restored to 9, which gets you to your new permanent Science value of 158%; then take +1 IN from surgery, that's 162%;

    - 3rd, take the Tag! perk. For Science, it probably will be a bit less than 300% once tagged, if playing on Tough. Curiously, while knowing some more points could be yet "made" by playing with switching difficulties back and forth at certain moments through this, - i find that this sort is already across the line between being inventive and cheating the system, so i never use any "switch difficulties around" tricks, but YMMV i guess. Anyhow, let's say it ended up 300% for simplicity. Then you just reduce the skill to ~160% (without leacing character screen after taking Tag! perk), which gives you lots of skill points you didn't quite "earn" during level ups. I'll further assume reducing it back to exactly 162% after Tag! for simplicity, but obviously you can keep it higher than that after taking Tag! perk - if you're sure about it.

    How many skill points? Let's see. Assuming doing things "perfectly", this is what will happen.

    - books: science = 91% + 32% = 123% (assuming IN = 9 at the time) by books, so 0 skill points spent yet;

    - investment: 10 skill points to increase from 91% to 101%, then 50 more skill points to increase from 101% to 126% (both while having IN = 1 of course) = science 158% @ IN 9;

    - surgery: science = 162%, 0 skill points spent. Total skill points investment: 60 points;

    - Tag! taken, reducing from 300% to 162% will give: 49 x 6 + 13 x 5 + 7 x 4 = 387 skill points. Means, we just got 387 - 60 = 327 skill points bonus by the price of 1 perk. Which gotta be the absolutely best "Skill" perk there is, i recon. ;)

    This is worth some ~18 level-ups for this build, in terms of skill points gained. And such a big bonus only for investing 60 (or slightly more if you're lazy with books) skill points.

    I say, quite worth a perk, as those ~320 extra skill points can be spent to boost 3 extra skills (which you'd normally never increase) to 101% or so (like, Sneak, Steal, Traps, you know? ;) ). And/or to increase some end-game combat skill to well over 150% (saving up "last deducted from Science" ~99 points in character screen and doing "to 150% or so" increase after lowering the skill's stat for cheaper gains, of course).

    Obviously you would still be able to increase tagged skill with twice less skill points after you Tag! it, so if it's your fancy to have ultra-high end-game combat skill - say, something like well over 200% Big Guns, - then going whole thing to Big Guns skill instead of to Science would be preferable.

    One last note about Tag! perk: i'm really curious what happens if one invests helluva lot of points to some combat skill to get it to say some 298% or so non-tagged, then Tag! it, and not deduct a point outta it after using Tag!. See, the game won't display any higher than 300% in character screen, but we _know_ the real value - which in this case would be some ~580% or so, - is used by the game as far as character screen is considered. But, WHAT IF the game also uses that ~580% "true" value of the skill to calculate in-combat solutions? Would it result in some bugs? Or may be some incredibly efficient shots? May be even insta-kills outta each shot / volley? Who knows! I bet we all are way too lazy to earn and invest so many skill points just to find out. It'd need ~1000 skill points to be invested, so for this build (after +1 IN surgery), that'd be like earning 50 level ups to just test this out. Nuts! %) So probably, this will remain a mystery. Forever. :D
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  4. burn

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    Apr 22, 2012
    So... being intellectually unable to speak in words, and simultaneously vomiting from radiation sickness somehow helps to learn big-time. Well, whatever floats your boat.
    Mod to remove companion limit is in my signature.
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  5. Risewild

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    Modder Orderite

    Jun 14, 2014
    Just a quick note:
    In English language, saying that more than a specific number (in this case 5) is a crowd, means that having (at least) one more than that number is having one too much.
    So by saying having more than 5 is a crowd, it means that having six is too many (so not allowed).
  6. Fins

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    Dec 31, 2017
    Risewild - thank you, i didn't know. Or forgot. English's not my native.

    Burn - let me remind you we got high enough amounts of radiation making people nigh immortal (ghouls) in Fallout universe. So you see, in real life, radiation kills, but in Fallout world, it does the opposite - prevents death from natural causes. Also, i don't get how you figure "unable to speak in words" part. IN suffers less than any other stat from radiation in Fallout 2, iirc. This build just can't get to "idiotic" IN 3 or less outta radiation alone. Far from. As for the mod - thanks but no thanks. I prefer not to install more than 1 mod, normally, to any game, that single mod usually being some big "pack" put together and tested by many people before i start to play it. Which in this case is "Restoration Project" mod. This allows to avoid having all sorts of extra crashes, glitches, bugs and inconsistencies in the game. Not saying nobody should use it, just saying that i and quite few other players - never will, for this reason alone already. Sorry.

    edit: однако прикольно болтаем. %)
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  7. burn

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    Apr 22, 2012
    Your point being?
    You specifically provide a process to drop int to 1.
    Suit yourself with native RP crashes, glitches, bugs and inconsistencies.
  8. Fins

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    Dec 31, 2017
    My point being that in the game where vomitting from radiation sickness much/long enough ends up making you nearly-immortal ghoul, your saying "vomiting from radiation sickness somehow helps to learn big-time" might well be truth.

    Ah, now i get it, and yes, what you said above now makes sense to me. But note how it's drugs involved, not just radiation alone, which was the cause of my confusion. And yes, with drugs included, may be you're able to learn better in Fallout. May be it involves a sort of autism-genius connection. In a game of Fallout sort, i wouldn't be much surprised about anything. ;)

    As for "native RP crashes" and such, - you say they exist, but other people played all the way through the RP and didn't encounter any. Including me (so far), except single crash which possibly is my own fault (i knew i shouldn't save after spending any APs, but did it once). And there is specific advice to NOT apply any other patches or mods over RP, by the way. YMMV, i guess.
  9. burn

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    Apr 22, 2012
    This line of reasoning is simply... not a line. It's dots, here and there.
    Some people jumped from Brooklyn bridge and lived. And "specific advice" by someone from the internets?
  10. adipe

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    you Tag! after you spent almost all your points in a skill so that after you take the perk you do not immediately exit character screen;
    you retract skill points from the 300+ skill (like using either the "left" cursor key or the "-" minus key or clicking the mouse)...
    until it gets to 299 or 300 or even less than that in order to have all (retracted/harvested) but 99 (maximum remaining skill points kept for later use) in other skills and only then you exit character screen. because you can't store more than 99 skill points for spending them later (as when you level up you lose skill points if unspent and stacked too high from neglect).

    this Tag! strategy/trick (depending on how you choose to consider it, some people would consider it a cheat just because they did not know of it when they played the game back then and therefore it's always the other guy who cheats...) was no longer possible in fallout tactics as there you could store unlimited skill points and perks points for yourself and any recruited squad member that would be kept unrecruited after being first taken in and leveled up after each mission in order to get all the perks - including Tag! - after they reach high levels.

    the most famous skill to Tag! is unarmed so that it reaches almost 300 after you use all the punching bags and you train everywhere you can (can't remember where training is capped and cannot raise further), that is after spending skill points first.

    i think the best way to have the most competent combat character is not necessarily with the classic rocket high unarmed and hth evade combination but:
    1. a combination of fast_shot_big_guns+unarmed which would work very well for rushing the game but a bit more risky
    2. a SNIPER build with aimed shots that would have (for level 21) energy weapons at 300 and small guns at 200+. (like having 236 small guns AND 99 skill points left to spend wherever else). it can be done by first ensuring 120+ sneak, using only books to raise small guns to 91+36 (temporarily lowering agility by 8 from 9 by being addicted to mentats, waiting 1 week before you take 2+1 buffouts), then pouring all skill points in energy weapons (while temporarily lowering agility for the maximum effect). you can harvest very expensive loot and large xp in ANY encounters around San Fran with a scoped hunting rifle and possibly a Red Ryder LE (for fewer unexpensive short range hits), you get the BB gun and ammo available in NCR sometimes. all those encounters are safe and very productive if grinding by yourself with 120+ sneak.

    the sniper SPECIAL: 2 9 10 2 7 9 8; Gifted, Good Natured.
    you need to raise sneak just a bit over 120 (121 works best but you need it before the +1 Agility thing as you would delay it until you get to EPA);
    you need to spend ALL other skill points in energy weapons and take Awareness, Bonus Move, Bonus Move, Better Criticals, Bonus Rate of Fire, Action Boy, Tag! (lv 21), Sniper (24).

    you do not need to get into fights before you get power armor... except for areas such as around the Den or Klamath if it's safe and the loot is good (Sulik can be deadly with an SMG but he also can be dead quickly if engaging enemies with burst fire - risky even if you would use psycho on him and then follow him to pump him stimpacks if necessary). avoid all fights (awareness means safety so you can play iron man style) until you have collected the minimum books required to reach 100-110 small guns and you have also reached 120+ sneak (34 skill points to reach 100 and ~11 more skill points to reach 122 if using 2+1 buffouts).

    having 11 action points +4 movement points means you can use 2 doses of Jet for occasions where you need to finish enemies as you cannot sneak in and out of combat repeatedly in all the game but there are places where you need to do 3 hits with weapons that inflict serious damage. using the cookie is for the final boss where you would have 16 action points and be able to cripple him with 4 aimed shots by the gauss pistol before dealing 3 aimed shots with high damage plasma rifle or whatever else you think would work best.

    it's better to be able to do just one or two aimed shot and then move back a considerable distance when multiple sniping enemies than being a sitting duck and having 12 action points and just one rank in bonus move (while abstaining from drugs). if the situation does not afford you space to move back then you have to plan using jets and then the antidote which can be bought after you provide the doctor in Vault City one Jet.

    bonus move could be thought to be even more useful for surviving in the part of the game where you travel along the map to reach the San Fran area - not having power armor yet for yourself and whatever mule you might be choosing (Cassidy is very useful as he benefits to your bartering - most importantly for the ~50% lower price for the power armor you need before going to Navarro- but he has quite a few action points as well, 8) and you need to get out by reaching the car before your mule would die. there are situations when you cannot sneak out of combat because of your mule (not being able to sneak out in your first turn). mules (cassidy/sulik) should have no guns if travelling south so they would not engage enemies (before exiting combat using sneak) who have attacked you.

    in the San Fran area you can get rich after you get power armor, use all the guns and bullet (6-8 books being a minimum) after you either get addicted to mentats and later use 2+1 buffouts or just the 2+1 buffouts before using all those books from the inventory so the stats keep at that lower level until you have used all the books. you can later roam around and return to buy more books as Jenna and the other merchant in San Fran restocks them. so eventually you could reach small guns at 123 with no skill points spent there but only books.

    all you need to do from there on is hunt down hubologists and whatever else gangs you can find around there. just sneak in and out of combat as it's possible to kill dozens of gang members by picking one at a time and use walls as cover before you sneak out and maybe move to another position from which to start shooting them. a scoped hunting rifle can kill them in 1-3 hits (very rarely in 1 hit) and you have 85+ chances to hit from a good distance so you would let them hit you only if you want to use first aid for sake of the experience points - which would be a bit boring i think.

    after level 15 you are able to kill one gang very often in the first (sneak) turn - 2 shots - so then the others run away. you take cover and wait for the second turn to end combat. just roam near San Fran having no other NPC around but the car to carry the loot.

    no need for a sniper to carry more than 2-3 guns and be left for ~100 lb spare. 120 (175-45 because of armor weighing 45) lb carrying capacity is more than enough. so that is why 2 strength is enough.

    explaining starting stats...

    strength at 2 (6 with power armor - navarro) because you have little use to carry larger quantities of loot - just for the sake of less movement and interactions with the mule/car. the other following stats are more useful to be raised.

    perception at 9 instead of 8 is useful to have better chances to hit with low small guns skill, maximum possible sequence relative to your enemies and also better placement (further distance from which to sneak out in the first turn) in random encounters. so, better safe than sorry. perception would be 10 with the module and no gain perk.

    endurance at 10 primarily for the benefit of reducing the chances to be knocked down or knocked out in the first turn from the first ranged hit/hits. playing on hard means the enemies will use targeted shots to the legs and then the head as they behave as if having sharpshooter of sorts or higher skills on hard difficulty. then there's also the need to travel towards San Fran and then Navarro as fast as possible (it's quite safe to get to San Fran at lv 9 but you would choose not to risk a trip to Navarro at lv <12) while also being able to take a critical hit or two that does not kill you before you sneak out. lifegiver is of no use if you are vulnerable to being knocked down and then knocked out. very rarely you would spend 4 action points to fully heal and be left with up to 10/11 hexes to pull back is possible (5+2+2+1 other action points - 2 ranks pf bonus move and just one action boy/girl) if sneaking out of combat. after you take on EPA and the mentioned perk progression (up to lv 15-18) then you would have 11 hexes to pull back after a full heal - like to protect from burst fire where you have no space to sneak out of.

    charisma at 2 because you do not need more than one mule early game and if you cannot sneak out of combat and gain distance then you don't really need more than Sulik (Super Sledge and/or SMG/.223), Vic (YK32 pistol) and Cassidy (Ryder LE for two unexpensive shots at lower levels and possibly Gauss Rifle if he gets to have 10 action points and the fights are hard). maybe Marcus instead of Vic/Sulik. if you get to level 15 you can get all companions to level them up with you roaming around in areas where gangs would not kill any of them (hubologist's grenades hurt the most as it's possible to have 2 of them throw more than 1 grenades each at the same target, then there's also criticals from burst fire). you only need to have a squad if you rush the game and want to get into fights where you cannot snipe the enemies from safety and then sneaking out of combat to pick them for different positions.

    intelligence at 7 because... you can get energy weapons at 300 and small guns at 236-269 at level 21. it all depends on you patience to delay the Tag! until level 21 and you get Cat Jules to give you +10 to energy and small guns skills only then. +5 from Mason, +10 from Cat's Paw magazines, all delayed for level 21. at level 15 you would have untagged energy weapons at 133 and at level 18 it would be 152 while still untagged.

    agility at 9 so that it gets to 10 in EPA (you get there sooner or later) after you get to the stables and then myron gets you EPA on the map.

    luck at 8 so that it gets to 10 from the zeta scan. you benefit from high luck not only for criticals but other things in combat as well (luck roll when being shot at) and there's also non-combat benefit of high luck.

    the game engine allows you to lower stats in order to maximize skills when using books and skill points. if you consider it a cheat then there's also the opinion of considering a cheat to harvest loot and xp grinding random encounters and the 120+ sneak skill to be a cheat as well. the whole RP thing would be considered to be a cheat as well because of +10 thing from Cat Jules and +1 Agility in EPA.

    playing on hard mode would mean the enemies are cheating before you even have the option to benefit from the so called cheating some people consider raising skills to higher than 91 using books etc.

    the whole Fallout 2 game would be considered cheating because you do not instead bow down to Fallout 3, 4 etc.
    i've seen people pressing the "A" key quickly when entering the toxic cave room where the bot attacks you with a rocket. would that be considered a cheat as well? then the thing of having turn based would be a cheat as well.

    by the way, the only thing i would consider to be certainly a cheat regarding the "A" key being kept pressed... when you would have 8+ perception and you could take off in multiple first turns by having combat ended automatically after spending all action points getting away from enemies who would not have time to notice you (bug).

    that^^ would certainly be a cheesier cheat in abusing the game mechanics (not letting the enemies initiate a first turn against you because you do not leave enough real game time but switch to turn based), along with switching game difficulty back and forth in order to have temporarily altered skill levels in order to abuse the game mechanics. you might as well take the character editor for that matter.
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