Fallout 2 Saves Corrupting at Navarro(solved)

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    So I have been trying to fight my way through Navarro and have been doing pretty well. I had Marcus, Vic, Cassidy, and the Deathclaw from the lower level. I went up one of the elevators and my team cleared the building and guards that responded. Marcus died but I thought it was a necessary sacrifice. I have been saving a lot during combat and have kinda been cheesing the system with Cassidy. He blocks the main doorway and I stimpak him from behind. The problem is that every time I save after this moment, the save becomes corrupted. I get the "Error loading game! Unable to load game." message.

    Is there something I'm doing that bugs the save? Is there something wrong with Navarro? Any insight or possible fixes would be appreciated.

    Just to clarify, old saves work fine. It's just new saves all appear corrupt. I don't want to keep doing the encounter over and over again just for my save after it to become corrupt all over.

    I have not modded the game. I am playing the version that comes with the Fallout Anthology for Steam which includes the High Resolution Patch 4.1.8.
    Readme: "This Bethesda Softworks release of Fallout 2 contains the original Interplay 1.02 version of the game. This release has been pre-patched with sfall version 3.2 and the Fallout 2 high resolution patch version 4.1.8."
    Let me know if there is any more info/specs I should post.
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    Saving in combat when one of your companions has died is not a good idea as it corrupts that save game.
    Wait until after the fight to save.

    However, there may be two things you can try, and if none of them work you'll just have to restart from an earlier save.

    First you can try to load your save when you have just started the game, or load a save you know is working and then load your crashing save (I have no idea why but sometimes that works.)

    Secondly, you could try to download the Fallout 2 Savegame Editor and clear the combat info with it (you will find the "Clear combat info" button under the "Misc" tab).

    No guarantees though.
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    Sep 29, 2016
    Many thanks for the info. Didn't know that would corrupt saves. I will try your suggestions when I am back at my computer.

    Edit: With your information I was able to fix the problem. I went down an elevator in order to get out of the combat instance and save. The save I made there did not corrupt. Thanks again, @Darek . :smile:

    RIP Marcus and Xarn.
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