Fallout 3. Is it really so bad?

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    Let me just state then I loved Balder's gate game. So that would have been fine with me. I loved Red Alert 2, didn't care for Warcraft III much.

    I suppose what I meant by Diablo 2 is more a non-turned based combat system with monsters free-roaming like the ants and such or enemies in locations.

    I did love the intelligent AI of Fallout 2 though. So yes in that regard Diablo 2 sucked huge ones compared to Fallout 2 when it came to that or story line.

    I'm speaking about the combat system used in Diablo 2. No it wasn't the best, probably one of the AD&D games like Balder's gate was better but then I didn't like certain aspects of isometric combat like when I would use a bow-arrow or a web spell never seemed to work how I wanted it to. So I stuck with Javelins and spells and stuff like that.
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    Jan 19, 2007
    Fallout 3 its not a bad game but its not a great yet...

    Hello im not sure why i see so much negative comments on Fallout 3 well true is it looks like mix of Fallout + Oblivion but true is i like it more than Van Bruen demo why becouse 3d isometric view is stupid thing to do...

    1.Graphics i can't complain stedy 60 fps on my PC with everything on max plus oblivion engine really works well...im using only FPS view...

    2.Music ok heres well medium i would rip Fallout 2 music and put it in F3 and were cool it can be done easily so no complains here...

    3.Spirit well in earlier fallouts you had more colorfull humor in fallout 3 its dark humor and thats a good thing plus fps view gives me fell im really there and that build up atmosphere...

    4.World well its great actually i dont see point why people complain they say its less populated well that would make sense why? becouse it was capital so it got fev more nukes...other than that i dont see reason to complain i dont use fast travel so its kinda big for me so i cant complain...and im sure mods will add extra terrian and places to visit just like morrowind...

    5.RPG well yes and no im not sure completely but i think yes sure some perks are stupid and some special skills too but its not bad level 20 cap well prodobly expansion will fix it or modders...but its simple and i like it basicly im doing same thing like in fallout 1&2 so its basicly the same...true is i finished fallout 1 at level hm something arround 10 and fallout 2 15-18 yes bozar + power armor and your god...

    6.Real Time vs Vats...well i dont use vats i think its for console players with crapy gamepads that cant afford mouse & keyboard...about realtime combat well AI is not that stupid 2 raiders and they dont run at me they flank me from 2 sides...4 stupid dogs killed me becouse i dident notice them in time while in earlier game i could run away even from 10 dogs(agi 10) so combat im happy but it needs little tweaks...

    7.NPC well i dont use them while in Fallout 2 i used max number of NPCs i think they need to fix them asap...big minus here...

    8.Supply so ammo,meds and other junk you find in world well i think if they would lower it by 25-50% it would be ok...still its harder than fallout 2 in short time i had lots of ammo for bozar and people dont whine about that...while here try to burst all the time you run out of ammo in no time so f3 is more realistic here i even runned out of stimpacks while in f2 i just slept 8 hours and i was healed...

    9.Day & Night well in Fallout 2 it dident made any difreance except hit chance mostly while in F3 i prefere to sleep over to morning plus you can be atacked by something so fallout 3 is better here...

    10.Pipboy 3000 well i like it dont see any reason to complain here it very well designed...

    11.Interface & controls well i got used to it in 5 minutes its easy & simple at least for me playing on PC...

    12.Overrall desigen well wasteland is great destroyed towns,abandoned houses,vaults and many more are well made...whole world looks great with objects in them i cant complain here i know everyone like something else but reall...about character desigen well its ok plus random people got random colothes and looks so its on good level...

    13.Fear well fev times i jumped while in fallout 1&2 it was imposible...i would like it more creapy like system shock 2 but i think thats imposible no game had reach level of fear like ss2...

    14.Dialogs...well they arent great but they arent bad plus voice acting is nice so its on plus side...

    15.Story well i dident finish game yet but its boring yes...fallout 2 had better story in my opinion than first one...if it would have story on level of Deus Ex it would be great...

    16.Things to do well basicly same thing like in earlier fallouts but more combat plus abilabity to make custom weapons...still im not bored so its not bad...

    17.Good & Evil well no idea when i finish game as good i will play as evil but still good & evil dident make too much difreance in earlier fallouts...still i think karma thing is stupid i kill someone on wasteland and no ones around and everybody knows...

    18.Sex,Drugs well it made me laught when some people complain about it but common drugs are in game...about sex well google for it insted of buying game for it...

    Ok i think fallout 3 would deserver 4/5 it got flaws and bugs but nothing that cant be fixed and knowing how easy mods are done for oblivion it will take short time to correct most thing...

    About my expirience with earlier fallouts well i finished Fallout 1 2,5 times no mods ever used...while Fallout 2 i finished 2 time + 2 times with Resurection Project and Megamod and i liked modded versions of game better so same thing will be with F3 then it will deserve 5/5...

    I think bethesda made a good job and people are always complaining face it its hard to make sequel to great game but fallout 3 is not a failure in my eyes...
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    Sep 15, 2004
    No, you!

    Yeah, no complains the music sucks because I can change it. :roll:

    Certainly Brahmins with party hats are very dark.

    etc. etc. blah blah... lots of already discussed to death crap. kthxbye
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    Re: Fallout 3 its not a bad game but its not a great yet...

    Is "..." the only punctuation mark you know? It surely makes your post damn hard to read.
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    Re: Fallout 3 its not a bad game but its not a great yet...

    so the dogs are stupid because you didn't notice them and they run faster than you? if an enemy manages to sneak up on me and kill me before I can react I'm just happy that the game can throw something like that on me. that's what you need Perception for I guess.

    and I feel sorry for the people who think V.A.T.S. is there only for console players as a cool effect thing or something to help out when realtime combat is too hard. that is NOT the point of V.A.T.S. - it's there to be used alongside realtime combat and from my personal experiences the game as a whole is balanced for use of both. sure, V.A.T.S. may seem a bit unbalanced at times, but I'm playing a character with 9 agility and the Action Boy perk and while I can finish most enemies off with only one or two shots in V.A.T.S. there are some enemies who still take more damage. and in situations where there are lots of enemies I can never take them all out with V.A.T.S. so I save it for special occasions when I need to shoot that missile launcher out of someone's hand or blow the head off of a charging brute with a sledge hammer.
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    Jan 19, 2007
    blah blah retarded guy etc etc no point in discussion k thx bye...

    Seriously you think VATS would exist if Fallout would be only on PC?:)

    About Perception well i got it at 1 point for fev reason i always had it at 1-2 in earlier Fallouts and secound i like suprises plus using my own eyes is more realistic...

    Yes i only know :) i was in hurry 5 minutes to write it...any way bye see you later...
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    Nov 6, 2008
    I don't mind turn based, and didn't mind Fallout 1 or Fallout 2, but I think that turn based can be rather silly. I mean, let's say that a man with a gun that knows you're there (and is about to engage you) is walking up to a door. You walk out of the doorway and up to him with your sledgehammer. You are able to walk up to someone who just stands there, even though he has a firearm and knows you're there, get all the way up to him because of your arbitrary speed score, whack him in the head with a slow sledge hammer, and THEN he gets the chance to shoot you...

    Yeah, that becomes a little silly.

    Playable, but silly.

    Even GURPS and many other pen and paper games have ways to get past that, through Wait maneuvers and the like. Although GURPS would be an example of how turn-based combat doesn't *have* to be silly.
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    Dec 5, 2003
    I think Jagged Alliance 2 had the best approach on turnbased combat. Each move could be interrupted by the enemy if he could see your merc and had action points left. That keeps the tactical component but is also more believable. If you pop up your head in front of a window you're likely to be shot immediately.
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    Nov 6, 2008
    Come to think of it, X-Com and a world war II game I remember playing "back in the day" (turn-based strategy) worked very similarly.
  10. aenemic

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    Jun 4, 2008
    JA2 isn't the only game with such combat, Silent Storm and the X-Com games had it as well. and I think it worked better in both those games. Silent Storm has the best TB combat I've ever seen (well, besides for Temple of Elemental Evil).
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    Oct 18, 2004
    Fallout Tactics is another game that does it that way, I think.
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    Nov 6, 2008
    1) Why would you want to make a mod to disable fast travel since you simply don't use fast travel and run yourself. You don't have to use fast travel. So a mod wanting to disable it makes no sense. Its like an air conditioner. If you don't want to use it in your car or house you simply don't turn it on.

    2) I will be playing Fallout 3 next week and I thought about the issue of music.

    Can we place our own tracks in the list of music? I personally have songs I'd listen to. For example I doubt on the wasteland they have any house or ambient music, or electronica and, well, its the future why wouldn't someone have found a stash of them and started playing them? Regardless of the ingame reason why not, I'd like to use the music of my choice.

    That is a mod I would want. I'd want to be able to open up a Music folder in the Fallout 3 software saved on my computer and place songs in there so they show up or are played via the dial on my pipboy radio or other sources of music.
  13. Willybean

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    Nov 6, 2008
    5.RPG well yes and no im not sure completely but i think yes sure some perks are stupid and some special skills too but its not bad level 20 cap well prodobly expansion will fix it or modders...but its simple and i like it basicly im doing same thing like in fallout 1&2 so its basicly the same...true is i finished fallout 1 at level hm something arround 10 and fallout 2 15-18 yes bozar + power armor and your god...

    ------------Your exactly right. Whining that level 20 is the max is sorta babish and short sighted. Once you get to 20 you probably have little need to go beyond it.

    I played Oblivion and once I was 25 I didn't see a huge need to go beyond it but of course I did need further development, and by level 32 I was coolio. I stopped leveling at level 38. I really have no need to go beyond it and the cap in Oblivion is like 45 to 52 depending on how fast you get to 100 in all your main seven skills.

    In other words, before I'd take a limit of 20 as a bad thing in Fallout 3 first I'd want to play and reach that level and see what point in the game I am, and see if it really is a problem.

    Also the game finishing when you complete the main quest. Well I finished the main quest in Oblivion and before I did I finished all the quests (except for a few random city-based quests) thus I completed the Dark Brotherhood, All guild quests, etc. and thus had finished most of the game but not literally everything but I found myself largely done with the game by level 38. Technically I didn't finish the add on Shining Isles though I did have it, simply didn't interest me to do it.

    So more than likely (My Point) I'll play Fallout 3 completing all I want to do in the game and finish the main quest shortly thereafter. Sure seeing a cut scene of whatever ending, like say finding a GECK and seeing the plant life return green again might be cool but seriously I'd run around a bit and decide that's it I'm done and either start over or quit the game and uninstall. Its not a game like Everquest or WoW that simply never ends, yes its called ever quest because the quest never ends, literally! You can find your roomate 72 years old still sitting in his or her room half-naked with a lot of trash and chicken wing and queso stain bowls strung around the room and the quest will still be needing to be quested. (Small amount of ever-crack humor there).
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    Don't double post.
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    Nov 6, 2008
    I didn't they where about different topics but ok ill put all in one post next time no matter how long
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    Nov 8, 2008
    Went out and bought "Fallout 3" thinking that it couldn't possibly be as bad as I thought it would be. I was right, it was much, much worse.
    Don't get me wrong. As a game it's okay, nothing special really, just tes with a spritz of Fallout goodness. But, well, Fallout it is not.
    I'll think twice before even looking at what they do to the next installment(s) in the series.

    For shame Bethesda, for shame.
  17. Pliskin

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    Nov 7, 2008
    You know, it's not the 2D isometric vs. 3D FPS that's the issue. That's a more an evolution in market tastes than a gameplay choice, and was bound to change. (Though, yes, there are still several 3D isometric tactical games out there --- Jagged Alliance 3 is coming along nicely).

    The issue is that the story doesn't come close to the original.

    FO1 was a darkly ironic take on a retro-future-that-never-was. Dialogue trees branched like a mutated rainforest, and NPC's actually had something to say I was interested in hearing. So far (and I'm pretty far along), I haven't seen that in FO3. Writing is ploddingly adequate, at best --- and the bland delivery of the voice-acting isn't helping --- and for the most part, painfully boring.

    FO1 had player choices that actually led to consequences you couldn't take back. Some of the NPC's only let you speak to them once, and then never again --- so you better make the right choice. FO3 has never let me screw-up a dialogue interaction with an NPC --- even when I tried to: Just talk to them again, and everything's fine, mate! Oh, you were a total wanker? No worries! Hell, in FO1 one of the funniest things you could do was create a character with an low Intelligence, and then watch how NPC's interacted with you! Better Intellegence / Speech led to more dialogue options. In FO3, it's all the same --- the dialogue tree is all right there. Wouldn't want to make anybody think that choice = consequence, would we? Nah. They might not like our game, and go back to playing GTA...

    But what is really glaring, is how the Perk / Skill system has been gutted. FO1 pretty much made you specialize. There was no way to be a jack-of-all-trades and get away with it. You couldn't max out all yr stats, and Perks were only available every 3 levels. Not to mention, certain Perks (OK, mostly Traits) came with negatives associated with them. (Fer instance, Night Person: In FO1, the bonus you got at night, was actually a negative modifier during the day). FO3 just gives you a Perk every level because everybody likes free stuff right? So the more the better --- and since nobody likes being told There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, all Perks are now consequence free, positive aspected only. Yee-hah! Every level-up is like X-mas! Again, don't want to disappoint anybody so they keep on playing our game.

    Fallout 1 made you work for it --- and if you wanted to try different play-styles, you had to create different characters. From Gun-Monkey to Diplomat, they were viable, but you had to be either/or. Fallout 3 just feels like it's all layed out on a big silver platter, no effort involved. (But then, that's kinda what they did for Oblivion, where you could join every Guild, and complete every quest, without having a single ability related to what you were accomplishing). Nothing like writing RPG's for the ADHD generation, I suppose...

    But hey, I actually like Fallout 3! I'm actually enjoying it for what it is: Another FPS/RPG hybrid, just like Oblivion. I just wish Bethesda had called it something else...

    Oh, and spent some of the cash blown on graffix on just one decent writer.
  18. [ION]Dictator

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    Nov 9, 2008
    As a Fallout sequel I have to give it a solid 2,5.
    But even as a stand-alone game it sucks. The FPS gameplay is so anoying, I'm constantly running out off ammo. I have to get within a few feet from the target so I can VATS them in the head.

    I find VATS the only working part in the game (as a stand-alone game) but the fact an enemy can spot you from a mile away makes it prety useless.