Fallout 3 Perk Overhaul

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    Mar 5, 2019
    I've started to learn how to mod Fallout 3 because I wanted to overhaul this very flawed game, but after realizing that this might be a task that demands too much time and dedication out of me, i've decided that at least I could overhaul some of the most boring/useless perks of the game (mainly those that only provide the player with more points in certain skills) and provide more meaningful gameplay choices in the game like in New Vegas.

    I would appreciate any suggestions of new effects for the perks listed below (or even the ones not listed below if you think there are others that would benefit from an overhaul):

    -Daddy's Boy/Girl
    -Gun Nut
    -Little Leaguer
    -Child at Heart
    -Size Matters
    -Impartial Mediation
    -Deep Sleep (maybe more XP for the well rested bonus)
    -Devil's Highway
    -Escalator to Heaven
    -Karmic Rebalance
    -No Weaknesses (you get this perk too late in the game, most character have all of their attributes above 5)