Fallout 4 Introductory Sequence Rewritten

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    Hey guys, I wrote a bit about how I would of liked the Fo4 intro to go, and I'm going to post it.

    You start a new game.

    The intro monologue plays, but at the end of it, the camera fades out of the video and onto an angled view of Nate with a old film kind of effect (Nate is obscured though) standing at a podium with a slideshow being projected onto a screen to the side of him. He is in a fairly large room, some sort of multipurpose hall, with windows on the sides, and several rows of white and a few black people in suits and dresses sitting in chairs listening to what he is saying. Above Nate is a banner that says (for exposition: 2077 Eastern Commonwealth Veterans Association Monthly Dinner or something). He finishes the speech with the “The year is 2077 and we stand on the brink of nuclear war” or whatever he says to applause and then the scene changes onto Nate and Nora in the bathroom with a similar effect and a title in the corner of the screen says “the next morning” or something like that. You create your character, with all the banter and stuff, and then you walk around your house. Interacting with different objects gives you backstory and exposition, in the form of Nate or Nora reminiscing. For example, interacting with Nate’s military uniform in his closet makes Nate give a short monologue about his time in the army and the horrors of war and Nora doing that would make her talk about how she was afraid for her husband when he was fighting. Other interactions could be the Codsworth box, Shaun, the TV (about the state of the world), the newspaper, etc. These would be elaborations on the opening monologue, for players who want to know more information. Interacting with the coffee causes a cutscene with no interaction. Nora or Nate exits the bathroom, and you both to eat breakfast. You have a short conversation, and agree to go to the park with Shaun. The player character gets Shaun, and the other spouse gets the stroller, which you put Shaun in and you guys leave. Codsworth wishes y’all a good time. You walk out of the house, go a short distance, and the scene skips forward to you at the park. You are playing with Shaun and having a great time. The scene then jumps ahead a few days with Nora in her law office receiving a call about how her family is eligible to enter into the local vault, vault 111. The scene then shifts again, to the pc checking their mail, and finding a letter about registering for the vault. You walk back inside and then you tell your spouse about this, sit down and fill out the registration form for the Vault. This is where you can put in your name, and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes. You then finish, and say that you are going to mail the letter to Vault-Tec later. The scene shifts to October 22nd, 2077 at night when your character is woken up by the sound of the telephone. It is Vault-111 calling with an Alpha Alert. They are saying to go to the Vault just in case of a nuclear event. You quickly pack clothes and belongings before grabbing your spouse, your child, and piling into your car. You drive down the rural road, which has considerable traffic for late at night, down to the vault, which is in the countryside far from Sanctuary and Concord. You park your car in the parking lot and run to the Vault. The entrance is located in the basement of a two story office building (which is the office for the vault). You are checked in by Vault-Tec security and enter the building, along with other frightened people. You hurry down the stairs, down a hallway (which has doors on the sides of it) through a large security door at the end of the hall (guarded by two guards) and are ushered onto the elevator. The elevator is in a large chamber which is recessed from the rest of the building, and has a short staircase from the sliding door to get on it. You get onto the elevator and it descends into the Vault. You exit the elevator and go through the same checkpoint in the normal game. You are assigned your room in the vault, and told to put your belongings down there and then wait for further instructions. After getting through the checkpoint, the player regains control. You walk with your spouse (who is holding Shaun) into your room, where you both set down your suitcases. Your spouse sits on the bed holding Shaun, while you are free to walk around. You can go into the common area and talk to other people, go into the diner and get a snack, or go into the recreation room (where there is a gym, a gaming terminal [Which you can use], a few games like pool and tables with checkerboards and cards set up on them). After exploring for a bit, you decide it is time to go to sleep and can either keep exploring or go to sleep. You walk back to your room and go to sleep (you and your spouse have separate beds). Going to sleep doesn’t make you go to sleep right away, but you open your suitcase to get pajamas and then it fades out. You wake up (and you can see the alarm clock) at 9:30 the next day. You wake up and tell your spouse, who is also up, that you are going to ask the staff if you can leave or not. You walk out of your room, and find one of the security officers, you ask them if you can leave or not. They tell you that you’ll be able to leave at 10:00 if everything goes fine. You walk back, relieved to here this, and tell your spouse this. You walk over to the diner to get breakfast. As your eating breakfast with your spouse and having some conversation, you hear a muffled explosion. Everyone in the diner gets up, surprised and worried. Soon after, alarms start blaring and a voice comes on the intercom. “Attention dwellers, there has been a confirmed nuclear detonation over Boston, this is not a drill. The vault has been sealed and we will remain down here until the radiation has subsided and it is safe to exit the vault. All dwellers report to the supply area for distribution of your needed equipment to permanently live here.” You and everybody else are incredibly scared, and you can talk to people as they walk to the “supply area” and they will tell you how they are scared and can’t believe this happened, etc. Everyone walks to the supply room, which is a large room. You walk in the room and it is kind of strange, because there is no one in the room, and nothing in it. As everybody walks in, the door seals and gas starts to pour out of vents in the room. You wake up inside of a cryopod opposite to your spouse, who has your baby. A speaker inside of the cyropod says robotically “Commencing subject preservation. Freezing” as the glass fogs up and it become colder. You look in shock to your spouse and they reciprocate the surprise, and then you fall asleep. The normal part of the intro continues here, with the raiders coming in and stealing Shaun and killing your spouse. You get out of the cyropod and walk around. This time, the cyropods are freestanding, and have many more rows of them in a line. There is a terminal for each column of cyropods which you can use. You walk out of the room and into the “storage room” where you make a comment about how Vault-Tec tricked you. You continue on, and the vault is barren. The normal way out is blocked, but you can access the living quarters. The only unlocked room is yours, and you can get some clothes and junk from your suitcase. The game works as it normally does, with you going into the overseer’s office, getting the gun on his desk, and then going out of the vault. You walk out of the basement and the building, (all the doors are locked until you go outside) and you see the world, devastated by nuclear war.

    Sorry for going into such depth, but I think this would be a better intro then the one in the game. I didn't like a lot of things, like barley escaping the nuclear blast wave, being able to run to the vault, signing up for the vault 30 minutes before the bombs dropped, etc.
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    It was more like 3 minutes