Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic Novel

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    :D Man I can't way till this is finished. If you do get a good publisher it'd also be a good idea to release some hard copies too. I honestly think the hard copies would last longer than a digital copy. Also, if Fallout: A post-nucleat Apocalyptic novel is successful. Will you write Fallout 2? And would go under a different name like "Rise of the Enclave"?
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    Man, I would absolutely LOVE to release hard-copies of this game. I, myself, hate reading digital copies of books. I also hate playing digital copies of games. I don't know why, I just like it better when I know it exists materially in my hands, and I can pick it up at any time and carry on without having to worry whether my internet's downloading speeds will be enough to DL it without having to leave my computer on for five years, you know?

    But the thing is, no publishing company will give me the funding to print hard copies of this book because they won't make their money back if it's free and Bethesda would sue the living hell out of that company, and myself. But let's say Bethesda came to me and wanted to publish my book. They still would not give me any funding because this book is meant to be absolutely free, and I'm sure that goes against Bethesda's number one rule lol. Even if I did want to sell this book, I can't because Bethesda wouldn't let me and, even if Bethesda did wan't to sell hard copies of my book, they couldn't because it's my work and I wouldn't give them permission unless they gave it out for free. So it's kind of like a conundrum.

    I would be willing to let them print it out if say, you got the book for free when you bought a copy of a Bethesda game or something though. Because I know I'd have to find middle ground with them to gain their support.

    Also, Fallout 2 is a possibility, but I don't think it's going to be my next project. After I'm done with this one, I am going to start working on a book that is 100% of my own creation, my own storyline. I don't want to give much information out right now, but I'm already working (with some of my friends who are helping me out on Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic Novel) on my next project, and have created concept writings (and even concept art of the novel cover) for my next novel. I don't want to give away to much information, but it will either be [EDIT: decided to delete this piece guys, sorry. I want to keep it under wraps for now].

    Also, my next novel will be sold, but it will be at like .25 cents (US currency, which means for people using Euros it will be like, .08 cents USD) a copy, therefore everybody can afford it. Also, thanks for your support, man. I always enjoy seeing the fact that I'm getting new fans.
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    Nice job man!
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    @BigBoss There's self-publish and small-run publishing companies out there. But if you're wanting to sell for almost-free, that won't be cost effective if you are spending 5 or 10 or 25 to print each book.

    Regardless, you should really release it digital. You'd be surprised how successful digital books can be -- even financially -- at a modest or free rate.
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    Thanks. I've had two huge set backs:

    1) I can no longer access my BigBoss account, which will make updating the front page hard if not impossible
    2) I lost my copy of the forth chapter when someone stole my laptop (I had to dip into my savings to buy a new one).

    But the novel is​ still alive.
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    Oh thank god it is.
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    So.... what the flying fuck happened to this project? I'm guessing we're never going to see a Chapter 4, let alone a finished version, are we?

    You don't end chapters on cliffhangers and then refuse to finish the project, motherfucker.
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    Jul 4, 2016
    is the project dead or can i still have hope???
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    Sooooo, project is kill? Last account activity pretty much 2 years ago.
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    May 11, 2016
    Why can there never be an awesome fallout fanfiction that actually gets completed?
  13. Matt Drax

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    Sep 4, 2010
    There are some, but granted most are short or crossovers where at least 50% of the people tend to cringe (NOT counting slashfics)^^
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    The rise and fall of great fan-fiction. Shame.
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    Linkplz for the non-slash ones that don't suck.
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    Uff, that was more of a global statement, but let me list some fanfics I personally enjoyed in the past and can recommend (not that there should be any surprises here, most are on fanfiction.net)

    Fallout: A Novellization ~315k words, complete, a few twist from a standard novellization here
    Travels of the Chosen One ~450k words, complete, quite indepth and world expanding
    New California Dreaming ~123k words, hiatus, very good written imho, sadly not complete :\
    Two in the Head - A Courier Six Novel ~220k words, complete, a bit rushed of an ending, but good
    Fallout: Equestria ~620k words, complete, Warning: Ponies, but it's good written and quite dark

    Edit: Also, if you wanna read slashfics, Archive of our own has a nice indepth filtering system
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    Yeah.... I sincerely hope you're trolling because that wasn't even my account. Not only that but I don't even type/talk (whichever you prefer) like that...

    I haven't done much online, at least publicly, in a good long while because my brother was out here and I was making a go of it doing something else, something new. That failed miserably.

    Now that I read over this novel again though, I feel like it wasn't even that good. I mean some of you may argue but compared to some of the things I've written lately it just feels really cheesy to me... which makes me feel terrible in turn because I (sorry about Italics overuse) wrote it.

    If I were to take this back up as a project I'd probably want to re write the first three chapters all over again.
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  18. TheWastelander121

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    May 11, 2016
    Do it, Do it, Do it, ...

    Yeah, you should take this back up again and go all the way through with writing it instead of leaving a couple of chapters and doing nothing with the story for a couple of years.
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    Jun 27, 2015
    Any luck with that second project you were talking about at one point?
  20. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Actually, yeah. It's a series of short stories entirely of my own creation titled "TALES FROM THE WASTELAND".

    I'm currently writing the first two now, the first one, which will be titled "The Road", will be about a group of survivors who meet up along the way through the different journey's that fate takes them, and ultimately after hearing a rumor about the "town that survived the apocalypse" in Maine, they decide to embark on an (almost) nationwide journey across the mainland United States from Arizona to Maine. Rumors have spread everywhere of the almost mythological town that is supposedly able to grow crops with little to no extra effort than what was required before the war, has a seemingly unending supply of fresh water, and supposedly it's inhabitants are carrying on (as close as possible) as if the war never even happened, isolated from the rest of the world. The story will undertake multiple issues, possibly between five to ten, with each issue covering a leg of their journey across the United States in their search for post-apocalyptic America's own Pillars of Iram/Ubar, the Atlantis of the Wasteland. I've come close to completing the first issue, "Long Road Ahead".

    Second story will be only a single issue short story, entitled "What Remains", and will feature the journey of a emotionally-broken man (partially inspired by the Survivalist of F:NV) and a young girl whom he "adopted" upon finding her approximately eight years after the war, and took under his wing for safety. She is a sixteen year old girl who represents naivety and innocence, while he is a 30-something year old man who represents cynicism, nihilism, and is all together the pinnacle representation of a man who's soul and will have been broken down entirely. I'll show you guys a part I wrote for "What Remains".

    As smoke billows up through the broken rooftop of a dilapidated building, two figures in worn and rugged clothing huddle around the small fire fueled by burning books. A young girl sits to the left of the hastily made campfire inside the destroyed building, pale white, yet dirty skin, her raven black hair scattered and unmade. Though she by her appearance she couldn't be older than seventeen, she holds the experience of a hard wrought life in her jaded green eyes. She stares deeply into the crackling fire, wearing a saddened, yet optimistic look on her face. Perhaps even the harsh realities of this world aren't enough to shatter the innocent naivety of a young girl who refuses to let go of hope.

    Horizontally across from her on the opposite site of the withering flames sits a man in his late thirties, with a scruffy yet somewhat groomed beard showing the occasional white whisker among the field of small dark brown hairs. He slowly takes small sips out of an old, slightly rusted liquor canteen. Perhaps the polar opposite of his young companion, there is no hope or joy behind this mans eyes, but rather pain and sorrow. If any hope is to be found in this mans heart, it is of a forlorn nature, and not something of which he puts much, if any, stock into. The only solace to be found for this man lies at the bottom of his flask. He sits by the fire in his worn and old black light trenchcoat duster, his eyes staring off into the distance through the broken walls of the building as if he can see something far off that nobody else could. With each sip of his flask brings to him a new memory, and with each memory, bottled regret.

    As he tosses a fresh book into the fire, she lifts her eyes from the consuming flames to focus on him. To her, he is many things. Protector, guardian, friend.... father-figure. She knows he carries with him much emotional pain, a weight so great she often contemplates how he is even still alive with such a great burden weighing down upon his shoulders. Though he protects her in the unforgiving wasteland, she likes to think she looks after him in her own way. And perhaps she is right. But even still he remains an enigma to her.

    His eyes move from the far distance to scan over her light skinned face. Looking back at him, she offers him a light hearted smile, and upon showing slightly weathered, but still whitened teeth in her grin, his eyes dart away back to whatever memory he had originally lost himself in. He sat, in an almost self-induced catatonic state as his mind explored past days of another time. A better time. Before he had lost everything he loved. It is the only thing that brings peace to his scarred soul, but such a thing is not without drawbacks. For him, revisiting old memories is akin to taking in the sweet draft of a distant wild rose upon cool rushing winds, however the thorn is the pain of the memory. Thus is his dilemma, is it worth it to see those you love once more knowing that in doing so you would also have to see those you love die all over again? This is the payment that is exacted upon those who indulge in the intoxicating warmth of reliving memories, for joy and sorrow walk hand in hand with the past.

    I would like to point out that the universe within the TALES FROM THE WASTELAND short is entirely different from that of Fallout and Wasteland, and is in no way connected to those games, lore wise, fan fiction wise, or canon wise (though subtle references may be dropped).