Fallout Atlanta Creatures + enmeys

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    Jul 14, 2016

    Just a quick topic to come up with ideas for creatures in fallout Atlanta. At the moment I'm currently making some custom texture for other things and final got a custom rad scorpion working. However I need some new idea for creatures that could apear in the fallout universe. I'm going to ask some mod creators if I can use some of there creatures they made in game. I am also have no experience with animation etc so brand new creature I can't create myself. However thing like mrelurks even though there not in FNV GECK. I might be able to do but I'll have do a completely new texture witch would probably take quite awhile.

    Bare in mind there will also be no lore breaking stuff such as super mutants or anything like that. I kinda wanna make some different verison to creatures already existing in the FNV game. Like bleached rad scropions or something but I don't know. All ideas will be helpful