Fallout et tu 1.7 released!

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    Lexx has released version 1.7 of Fallout et tu, the mod that let's you play Fallout 1 in Fallout 2's engine. For more info go to this thread.

    The update comes with a lengthy changelog. I particularly look forward to seeing the new optional visuals of the female Khan critters. But there's also some nice new additions that let's you tweak the gameplay.

    Here's what Lexx has to say about the update:

    • Added: A new mini-mod that replaces the default premade characters and changes their starting equipment accordingly.
    • Added: New "Tougher Humans" setting that will increase humanoid hitpoints to make the mid-game more challenging.
    • Added: New "alternative Khan armor styles" setting. This will fix (or restore, however one looks at it) the original visuals of the female Khan critters.
    • Added: New Shock Spear item (using Fallout Sonora graphics) and added it to the Gun Runners arsenal (currently only available if "weapon upgrades" have been enabled).
    • Added: Reverted trait text to the original Fo1 (US) version.
    • Added: Uncensored Addict, Chem Reliant, and Chem resistant skilldex images.
    • Fixed: "Steal the urn" PipBoy entry will be crossed out if the quest is active and Neal dies.
    • Fixed: Flying Saucer dome had the wrong description (Fo2 air vent text).
    • Fixed: Fo2Tweaks trunk size option might fuck with the motorcycle trunk visuals.
    • Fixed: It wasn't possible to bust Iguana Bob after taking down Decker, because the Sheriff's dialog would change to a floating text. Now it will turn into a regular dialog if the player knows about Bob.
    • Fixed: It wasn't possible to transfer items via the stealing skill for the Mr. Handy party member.
    • Fixed: Missing string in the Eyebot companion dialog.
    • Fixed: Original main menu panel only had 5 and not 6 slots.
    • Fixed: The Combat Shotgun (Ext. Mag) was set as 1-handed weapon.
    • Fixed: The optional Shady Sands merchant and his bodyguard had no armor values set.
    • Fixed: The student fight training at the Brotherhood would only ever play once on first map enter. Map change or loading a savegame would break it. Vanilla Fo1 bug.
    • Fixed: Wrong First Aid-skill formula in the skill description.
    • Tweaked: Added mother deathclaw quest fail-safe to cross out the PipBoy entry after completion.
    • Tweaked: Dealing with Billy in the Hub now gives a few experience points.
    • Tweaked: Metal Pole is a usable weapon now.
    • Tweaked: Streamlined PipBoy entry code for the Hub Merchant and Jain quests.
    • Tweaked: Strong dehydration effect now has a longer duration to wear off.
    • Tweaked: Super Cattle Prod price increased to 1.100 caps.
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    Thanks for sharing, I will try it as soon as possible!
    Many thanks to Lexx for undertaking this labor of love!
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    passed it in one shot. brilliant!
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