Fallout et tu 1.8 released!

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    Lexx has released version 1.8 of Fallout et tu, the mod that let's you play Fallout 1 in Fallout 2's engine. For more info go to this thread.

    The new update comes with a lengthy changelog. I particularly look forward to seeing the new optional visuals for the forcefields and the new interface effects. But there's also some nice new additions like expanded endings.

    Here's what Lexx has to say about the update:

    Sfall has been updated to version 4.3.6
    • Added: Expanded ending slides. Every major event in the game, as well as active party members will now be covered in the ending slides. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled at any point in the game.
    • Added: Created missing animations for Black Dude Purple Robe / Hero Appearance mod.
    • Added: New Tycho metal armor animation set.
    • Added: New Alternative Force Fields sub-mod with graphics made by .Pixote. Disabled by default, can be enabled in the ddraw.ini file.
    • Added: A new option to switch between Fo1-style "rest until 06:00" and Fo2-style "rest until 08:00" in the PipBoy.
    • Added: Clicking on the worldmap now produces the same sounds as in Fo1 (traveling and green triangles).
    • Added: "Vasquez, the mercenary" can now be hired in Junktown if the cut characters-option is enabled.
    • Added: "Mike, the Old Town guard" shows up in the Hub Old Town district if the cut characters-option is enabled.
    • Added: "Deadguy" will show up in Decker's hideout after the player cleared the place and cut characters are enabled.
    • Added: Restored a couple dialog lines for Nicole in the Boneyard. She will now also correctly react to the player stealing from her.
    • Added: Restored dialog for Phil and Lenore in Junktown when Dogmeat is killed instead of recruited.
    • Fixed: Aradesh in Shady Sands had a wrong reaction condition.
    • Fixed: Tine ("Taylor") in Adytum had a wrong reaction condition.
    • Fixed: The dialog option to ask Cabbot at the Brotherhood about joining would change to "I have changed my mind..." without the player ever asking him to join.
    • Fixed: Asking Ian for "Killian" via TMA would return a reply about Ian's name.
    • Fixed: Fire Gecko pelt inventory graphic was missing.
    • Fixed: Improved the way Sherry in Junktown stays/leaves town after dealing with the Skulz.
    • Fixed: Katja's "can you open that door"-dialog option would also show up if the object was already unlocked (barely used in the game, but whatever I guess).
    • Fixed: Purple floating text color now shows correctly (primarily used by Katja).
    • Fixed: Killing Gizmo without Killian would result in a teleport back to Lars.
    • Fixed: Klaxon lights in Mariposa would show the wrong description text when in alarm-mode.
    • Fixed: Laura in the Cathedral had a voiced line linked to a non-existing sound file.
    • Fixed: Leather Armor had 20% plasma resistance (old Fixt value). Reverted to 10% Fo1 vanilla value.
    • Fixed: Mariposa command terminal was printing a "This does nothing."-message after using a radio on it.
    • Fixed: "You gain You Gain.." in Thomas dialog at the Brotherhood.
    • Fixed: Mariposa force fields had some issues when triggering them on/off via radio. Rewrote the script to be more robust.
    • Fixed: Motorcycle key had a weight of 10 pounds. Changed to 0.
    • Fixed: It was possible to get two motorcycle keys from Griffith.
    • Fixed: Removed unnecessary "Special Death"-flag from Brotherhood Paladin proto files.
    • Fixed: Script issue when checking the childkiller reputation.
    • Fixed: The Hall of the Dead entrance guard will not attack the player anymore if he opened the door from inside to leave the building. Also he would attack instantly and not give a warning if the player would mess with it right after leaving the building.
    • Fixed: The Junktown Crash House raider would still drop armor, even if armor dropping was disabled.
    • Fixed: The backpack of the combat armor animations would clip through the rocket launcher.
    • Fixed: The elevator door to elevation 3 in the Master's Lair wanted normal lockpicks instead of electronic lockpicks.
    • Fixed: Typo in english Flambe 450 item description.
    • Fixed: Typos in Set's dialog.
    • Tweaked: Added more encounters to the "tougher humans" setting and slightly increased the chance of grease gun spawns.
    • Tweaked: Adjusted laser resistance of ant critters.
    • Tweaked: After taking down Gizmo / Killian, the lights inside their buildings will be turned off.
    • Tweaked: Complimenting the cook or helping Curtis in Shady Sands will now grant a few town reputation points.
    • Tweaked: Contents of crates in cavern encounters have more item variation now.
    • Tweaked: If Hub cops walked away from their default position (ex: player started a fight), they will now reset after a couple ingame days.
    • Tweaked: If Katja attempts to lockpick the Mariposa entrance door, or Doc Morbids locker, she now has a 100% chance to succeed (the same as if the player asks her via dialog).
    • Tweaked: Improved the TMA-system. If a keyword is not found in the character specific unique responses, the game will now try to find a keyword in the generic map-based responses instead.
    • Tweaked: Improved the way the Brotherhood sentry spawns into the map once the BoS has been invaded. Now he has his weapon drawn and won't play the wielding animation on map enter.
    • Tweaked: Junktown Scout "goodbye"-dialog felt weird after asking any question. Shows an alternative goodbye-string now.
    • Tweaked: Manually disabled force fields in Mariposa will now stay off for a little bit longer.
    • Tweaked: Masters Lair cut content supermutant exchanged with "supermutant medic" proto and tweaked his loadout.
    • Tweaked: Moved the Vault 13 water ration scene into a timer event, to improve performance.
    • Tweaked: Party member hitpoints reduced a bit per levelup (was +10, now +7). Also tweaked skill increases to make them less godly in higher levels.
    • Tweaked: Saul and Trish dialog checks are a bit more forgiving now.
    • Tweaked: Some endgame random encounter critters will now have a chance to spawn with AP instead of JHP ammo in their guns.
    • Tweaked: Southern / Boneyard encounters now have a chance to spawn with sharpened instead of normal spears.
    • Tweaked: The ENABLE_FO2_CRITTERS setting will now also affect critters spawned in caravan encounters.
    • Tweaked: The Fo2 party member combat control interface fits better to the rest of the Fo1 interface now.
    • Tweaked: The gecko hunters are not giving a random outdoorsman-skill reward anymore but a fixed 5% increase.
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    Jan 23, 2022
    In a way I had already signed up to your idea of Fallout 22 as I had been playing 1 and 2 plus conversions 1.5 resurrection, then had asked on here about installation of Nevada which you and other guys (pyran) had helped me with. NV would have been a chore as I had played on most difficult level. Tactics I only bought recently. Sooner or later I do want to install et tu.

    What I think would be a great help would be a guide or a pointer to already existing guides to mod up say Fallout 1 were the best method was explained.

    I have no interest with starting extras or over powered armour/weapons. Just ways not to mess up by installing mods that may clash.
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    Sure install this mod and you are done.
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