Fallout et tu mod is now out of Beta

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    I figure this is worth posting again now that it is out of beta. I'm simply posting what @Lexx has said before for those unfamiliar with the project. Ask him any questions you might have.


    Fallout et tu (also called Fallout 1@2, 1at2, or 1in2) is a Fallout to Fallout 2 engine conversion brought to you by Rotators (the people who made FOnline: 2238 and stuff). As the name suggests, the aim of this project is to bring the first Fallout game into the engine of the second while utilizing Fallout 2's features wherever we can (within reason).

    Generally we do not try to make a 1:1 copy of the first game. So, if you want to play the 100% real deal, the very pure experience so to speak, you should grab the original Fallout 1 instead of this mod.
    However, if you do not mind the one or the other change in mechanics (only improvements, in my humble opinion), then Fallout et tu can be your way to go!

    Not to forget: This project is a more accessible modding platform and allows the creation of more complex modifications than ever be possible in the engine of the first game. Just check out the features section down below for what this thing can do right now.

    Replicates Fallout 1 in 2 almost 1:1.
    Comes with the Hero Appearance mod integrated (Bald Dude, Long Hair Dude, Punk Girl).
    Selected Fallout 2 weapons have been added (sparingly!) to the game world in ways that don't break the game balance.
    Fallout 2 styled merchant inventory restocking (Optional).
    Party members and generic NPCs can be pushed out of the way.
    Party members level up and change their appearance based on worn armor.
    Party members can be controlled in combat (Optional).
    Automatic door opening and closing (Optional).
    Traverse the wastes on your very own motorcycle (Optional)!
    Continue playing after the main story has been completed (Optional).
    Lots of bugfixes, making the game run more stable than even the original with patches.

    Check out the thread below for the download link and additional information.

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    Pure gold for Fallout 1 fans...
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    Pfffft so now I can push Ian out of the way? Is this even Fallout?!
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    Later patches to Fallout 1 made the main quest deadlines last a ridiculous amount of days instead of being short and pressing the way the release version was. I much prefer the original, short, deadline for saving the vault and killing the master. How are these deadlines handled on this mod?
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    Same as in the original game. However, in the settings you can change the timers to whatever values you want.
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