Fallout: Lanius successfully raises $10K

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    Fallout: Lanius' indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has passed its initial goal of $10,000, meaning the fanmade film project can now go full steam ahead. That doesn't mean they couldn't use more cash to expand their budget, and they've announced some stretch goals to encourage you to chip in. Only $10 for a HD download of the final product.<blockquote>We are very happy to announce we have made our initial budget for Fallout: Lanius!

    We couldn’t be more appreciative of your amazing support!

    Now, let’s talk stretch goals – we still have 14 days left, so let’s make them count!

    If we make the following amounts, things change for us big time!

    $11000 – will ensure we can have more gore FX on set, and use less Post Visual FX! This also means we can include a Behind the Scenes Short on Gore for Fallout: Lanius.

    $12000 – will ensure we can hire more Grip Equipment (meaning we can do more camera moves like tracking shots and cool push in’s). It also means our film will have a more ‘Epic’ look!

    $13000 – means we can spend more time in Post Production on things that really matter like Sound Design and the Colour Grade. This includes us adding another Short to our Limited Edition DVD on Sound Design and Colour Timing!

    $14000 – helps cover any incidentals that will rise during our Production phase. (Important things like Safety Supplies, Extra Food for our wonderful crew). A well fed and safe crew always produce a better film!

    $15000 – Helps us in processing our High Res 5k Video Files with a Production Company that ensures we can get cutting (and get the film to you) soon!</blockquote>Congrats to Wade Savage and the rest of the crew from NMA!
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    5k video files?

    SD is .5k

    HD is 1k

    imax is 2k

    HD imax is 4k

    what is 5k from? or is that not pixel resolution?
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    Not that I'm an expert, but as far as I know movies get shot at a much higher res than the currently available displays.
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    Congrats on this. I can hardly believe I'm saying this but I'm actually looking forward to seeing it. Normally am very cautious about films being even remotely connected to video-games. But this looks like it could be good!
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    Hey Guys - thanks for the kind words! We're pretty happy we made out initial budget. But if you were able to further spread the word, that would be really appreciated.

    In regards to 5K files - we are shooting on the RED Epic X camera (used to shoot Prometheus, The Hobbit plus others). We chose this format so that we have a huge amount of room to move in post in regards to Colour Timing. That, and multiple frames rates for slow-mo.

    If you are at all interested, feel free to check out our Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/FalloutLanius

    Thanks for the story, BrotherNone!