Brother None
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Jun 20, 2019
Apr 3, 2003
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Leiden, the Netherlands
inXile AssProd

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Brother None

This ghoul has seen it all
, from Leiden, the Netherlands

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Jun 20, 2019
    1. BoS paladin
      BoS paladin
      I think Brother None has a life outside of the forums
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      2. Morgan_
        Did he happen to make a threatening tranny manifesto on why he left?
        Oct 1, 2020
      3. TorontoReign
        He got a job at Fargo's Toyhouse which is what he always wanted. Once you get into game development there is no reason to theorize on a fan forum about it.
        Oct 1, 2020
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      4. Morgan_
        Damn, that's awesome. Really wish he would pop in again though.
        Oct 2, 2020
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    2. ResetRPG
      We miss you :-(
    3. nadeauhugo
      Hi. I would like to be an administrator to NMA "Fallout Tactics modding" forum. Can I? I would like to put some order into it. There are just TOO MANY pinned posts there. I think I'm one of the most active members of this forum now. I should be admin. Please consider it, thanks!
      1. TorontoReign
        Brother None is Ded.
        Apr 11, 2020
      2. SquidVan
        Apr 11, 2020
      3. BoS paladin
        BoS paladin
        Rest In Peace, Soldier
        Oct 1, 2020
    4. VaultDweller 13
    5. Romanophile
      >Last activity: eight months ago.

      Mm, mm, mm. Typical.
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      2. TorontoReign
        Left as in he no longer posts due to being busy.
        Nov 23, 2017
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      3. Romanophile
        I guess that it’s only you and Hassknecht now, trying to babysit somebody else’s little nonuplets.
        Nov 23, 2017
      4. TorontoReign
        SuaSide, Planhex, and Dutch Ghost help out too among others.
        Nov 23, 2017
    6. my NMA account
      my NMA account
      sorry about that i didnt know i was spamming i will read the rules next time to make sure i do not make the same mistake i have made a new account to so you can delete the old one thank you for your time
    7. oddsocksv13
      HI i just wanted to say that i got one of my threads moved to the vats can you tell me why so i do not make that mistake in the future thanks also is that your dog in the profile pic
      1. zegh8578
        1. This isn't PM. Anyone - like myself - can read and reply.
        2. Brother None didn't vat your posts, he is rarely around.
        3. You prooobably should read all forum and subforum rules (in bold orange script), I suspect your post got vatted cus you refered to Reddit, which would be cross site posting. The other one was probably a bit too spammy
        Feb 26, 2017
      2. PlanHex
        I'm still not sure if you're actually a troll or just a genuinely dumb 13 year old, so you get the benefit of the doubt for now. Stop spamming, start writing properly. Read the rules. Think before you post.
        Feb 26, 2017
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    8. (._.)
      14 years, good job! :)
    9. Buxbaum666
      1. eissa likes this.
      2. alec
        I can see him as well. Damn. Must be a virus or something.
        Jan 16, 2017
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    10. a721402
    11. Erich van Loon
    12. Deathink
      I'm known as Deathink, here is a link to my work
      I'm making a FO comic based on 1 and 2. Looking for a consultant, just to look at some drafts and give an opinion/ let me know if something is glaringly wrong. I offer credits, early access and a hard copy once finished. I can't get too much into thing because of the 420 character limit so please excuse my apparent lack of detail.
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    Leiden, the Netherlands
    inXile AssProd
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