Fallout: Michigan Chronicles

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    It has been ten years since the "Presper Incident", and the NCR is riding high. The Brotherhood of Steel is but a memory, with her back broken on the West Coast and her personnel scattered into the Mojave Wastes, while Caesar's Legion has retreated into what was once New Mexico. The Republic stands alone as the sole superpower, however her citizens grow restless and NCR Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle call for a New Manifest Destiny, to push the Republic's borders all the way to the Atlantic.

    By 2268, the New California Republic has established a forward operating base in the ruins of Ypsilanti with the goal of colonizing the region by force.

    Significant Cities and Factions:

    Detroit Hellscape: The ruins of Detroit are a hostile cesspit and a scavenger's paradise. Many "prospectors" from the NCR have become highly successful looting the corpse of the Motor City, however for every success story, tales of horror and depravity are told around the campfire as hundreds of prospectors meet their fate at the hands of cannibals, raiders and ghouls.

    Ann Arbor (University of Michigan Reaver Compound): The Reavers having been pushed east by the aggressive and militant Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, have establish a technological compound in the ruins of University of Michigan.

    Flint: Formerly home of Chryslus Motors. Flint has been colonized by the Mormons, who have had less than cordial relations with the NCR, and have no intent on trading the pre-war manufacturing technology that litters the city.

    The Nasty: Post-war Saginaw has become a den of vice and violence, with slavery, debauchery and drug addiction being common place. This near lawless environment has been a cash-cow for the Van Graffs and other crime families of the Republic and through the help of mercenaries they intend to keep the chaotic status quo in force.

    Unorganized Territory: The lands north of I-75 and west of the ruins of Lansing are entirely are viewed as terra nullius and ripe for conquest and colonization, however their inhabitants are less than enthusiastic about joining the NCR.
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    Not a bad concept although I'm not sure how I feel about having the NCR all the way over here in michigan. I could see the Enclave being a side faction since it is known that there were enclave outposts in the midwest that could've set up camp in michigan, that'd be a cool faction to finally be able to join.