Fallout Nevada bugs and errors report

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  1. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Strange, I have no idea what is wrong... I run older xp system, it makes my work with Fallout easier, but can it be different OS problem? We will look into it later, for now our team must concentrate on all text issues, unfortunately we can't deal with this at the moment, especially when our versions of the game run the resolution setting properly.
  2. Bloodlust

    Bloodlust Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 19, 2005
    you press the options button and the game preferences and resollution options appear. If not , you did something wrong during installation.

    Have the game installed on win10 and linux and it works just fine.

    Now the yellow croshair missing must be fixed asap.It's gamestopping bug
  3. killgor

    killgor First time out of the vault

    May 17, 2009
    I edited my post but I'll say it again. The problem was that I always started the game with the FoN_1.00.exe. Now I started the game with the NevadaHD.exe and everything works, I can now change the resolution ingame. But one more question: There are no english subtitles in the intro movie, just unreadable stuff?
  4. alumoi

    alumoi First time out of the vault

    Aug 11, 2015
    I've done the speedtun with your 1.02HD version.
    I had a hunch there are some problems with whatever sfall/hi-res/inventory/crafty YOU are using and what WE are using, so I went for the source (http://fallout-nevada.ucoz.ru/). I've added sfall 3.8.4 (latest version I know without any problems).
    So far:
    - when using skills the yellow cursor is there, so I'd guess the problem is with hi-res/inventory/crafty
    - I've done Vault city, Poseidon oil, Gerlach, Black Rock, Lovelock and found no problems (yes, I've done all possible quests for the good guy). There are some misspelled words (Lovelock with lowwer initial case comes to mind) but nothing that would spoil the game.
  5. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Yes all those crafty/and new sfall we tried to apply have created more issues, we will remove them in the next patch leaving only the panels for the UI And City names, and all the text of course. Everything else will be thrown away for now.
  6. alumoi

    alumoi First time out of the vault

    Aug 11, 2015
    OK, almost done New Reno and here are the bugs:
    - Essie Gate instead of Gates. Her husband is supposed to be named Gates, right?
    - Right instead of Wright in a couple of dialogs (yeah, I know how the Russians would spell it :D )
    - seel instead of sell in the dialogue with the barman buying gecko eggs
    - mrs Clover and Mrs. Clover in dialogues. I'd say go for Mrs. Clover
    - a lot of lower case capitalisation for the first words in many dialogues
    - stagecoach advertising not translated
    - note about Big Louis not translated
  7. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    And don't pay attention to Pip Boy files that aren't translated (those would be tapes and some info from computers) I know they are untranslated and I will do them in time, just because they are super boring and complicated to do.
  8. Cooltist

    Cooltist First time out of the vault

    Aug 10, 2017
    I played the mod until half of Reno, then replayed it, then stopped to wait for next translation release. Here are some bugs I've found so far. Some are obscure and primarily gameplay-related and some of them are even suggestions:

    1. You can talk to caravan drivers in Reno about Harold even though you haven't spoken to him.
    2. There is no hint that you need 10 CH to become Bertolini's consortiere. He tells you to "put yourself in order", which I believe is a translation artifact. The whole dialogue branch also feels weird. Who starts flirting with a crime boss during their first conversation?
    3. I found the stagecoach (a quite unusual word if you ask me - maybe just call it simply a wagon) ticket system explanation confusing.
    4. There are two Eli's keys. What's the purpose of the one at the surface? Again, it's just confusing. And where's the other 8? Also, one key is labeled "El's" and second - "Ely's"
    5. More Eli. You need a whooping 9 IN to notice that dates are wrong - highest in the whole mod. 6 or 6 PE would be sufficient. When you do that he starts raving and that's it. Maybe he should kill himself after you change maps? This would be an alternative, non-combat way of taking his shotgun.
    6. Those two citizens you have to spy on are doing it right in the city, even though they are supposed to be outside for many hours. Maybe move them where the radscorpions are - in the walled area in the middle.
    7. The mod is very immersive - dart girl will warn you if you stand in the way (awesome), yet guards standing next to the area transitions won't tell you a thing about where you are going.
    8. The tribal boy operation is very random. It appears that even if I have a "kitchen" (standard 1-7) knife, the game will sometimes not register it's presence. It will see it as a biker knife. I also can't tell if I'm passing the doctor checks during the surgery or not.
    9. The guy who guards you in Lovelock stops following after you fix the boy, get the tribal from slavers free and kill the plants. Is he supposed to do that? He doesn't acknowledge this change in his behavior.
    10. You can learn gecko skinning in Lovelock. This is redundant as the trapper from Gerlach isn't going anywhere. Maybe that tribal should raise your Outdoorsman instead? Seems more reasonable.
    11. The brother from Gerlach sometimes doesn't want to fix the torn leather armor from cave.
    12. When disabling slave collars at the ranch, you can play with a electric switchbox, hover using it will trigger a "doorway is blocked" message. I think all instances of it do that.
    13. Guard at Luciano's room sometimes triggers that error message someone posted a screenshot of earlier when he initializes the conversation. This is serious.
    14. The hints perk seems to require 5 EN (?). It should have no requirements.
    15. The karma display perk is useless - you can achieve same thing with Sfall - nobody who knows that will ever take it.
    I think that's all so far. Other bugs I've seen were reported by others. Good luck.
  9. alumoi

    alumoi First time out of the vault

    Aug 11, 2015
    @Cooltist: most of these bugs do not belong to the translation project. Yeah, I know, the title of this thread is confusing.
    @Dionis: I'm done for today and here are the results:
    - matal detector instead of metal detector
    - Uranium city, Hawthorne army base and Winds of War seem to be OK, I didn't notice anything (too) wrong :D
    - hi-res patch does not screw up the skills cursor. Mind you, I used HRPatch_v4.1.8 sfall3.6_for FoN v1.0_by Drobovik
    - idea: stop fooling around with installers and just ship an archive of your installed FoN game (minus savegame, inventory mod and crafty) with the current translation as a starting point. Then just upload archived translation patches we could apply to it.
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  10. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Ok I started reading and my head now hurts.
    1. Thats not that bad, I think there is a fix in the more recent version of the game, we just do translation.
    2. His file is being edited as far as our translation quality goes, and there are never any hints you have to be a certain level of a special to achieve anything, flirting is fine, no matter who you are.
    4.Why is there have to be #8, but yes we know there is a mistake in his name, and its being edited.
    5. We don't change the mod around, if you wish to do that contact the development team.
    6. Again not important.
    7. If its not enough immersive then don't play, guards wont let you nowhere if you don't have the pass.
    8. Its supposed to be random.
    12. Now that is definitely a bug.
    13. Yes it is. And we are aware of that.
    14. Why should it not have any requirements?
    15, We aren't Bethesda we add perks if we can not removing them.
    I just skipped number 9, 10, 11.
    So 12,13 it is.
  11. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    I'm done for today too, and I'm tired like hell, see you tomorrow guys.
  12. Cooltist

    Cooltist First time out of the vault

    Aug 10, 2017
    OK, so the title of this thread is misleading. This info will pass to dev team eventually - you'll pick what you think is important to you right now.
    You can quit the defensive mode and relax. I'm posting this criticism to be helpful, not screw with you.
    I'm talking about the HINTS perk and lack of [Charisma: 10] message it should provide, but it doesn't.
    Doctor checks yes, but if the script fails to correctly detect equipment then it is a bug.
    The mod is challenging, which makes it great. Anyone should see that they can help themselves without translating the FAQ from Russian. The cost is high - one perk. But if you insist it must have some requirement, then at least change Endurance to Intelligence. This perk is also a show-off for the dev team. Concealing it is just counter-productive.

    One last thing. Again, not a real bug. It think that fighting in Reno should lower your karma. After all you fight slaves. PC also seems very eager for some blood (karma-invariant) and can't have seconds thoughts about the whole stuff. Of course, even good PCs are going to fight, but there should be some trade-off for a +1 to Endurance. Cheers.
  13. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Thank you Cooltist, you were really helpful today.
    I've took notice of your report. And will fix everything we work on.
    And about my defense mode, then sorry it's not my mod to be defensive, I criticize it as much as any fan would if there is a good reason. I just told you what anyone could say in this occasion, if the game is not immersive or you believe it's not immersive then you shouldn't play it, simple as that no hard feelings. Plus I explained to you that you can't go past the guards without a pass from the head of security. So even if you meant that particular part not the whole game then you just didn't paid any attention to it.
    But please if you find any more critical issues with our translated text let me know.
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  14. Cooltist

    Cooltist First time out of the vault

    Aug 10, 2017
    Weren't you supposed to be resting now? If you overwork yourself then the mod may never get translated.

    Yeah I know they won't let you pass until you talk with the security guy. What I meant was that after all the tease with darts, I was slightly disappointed I couldn't simply ask guards what's in the areas beyond them (they just have barks). For example, one group would tell something about the ruins with Eli, the other about old railroad that used to go there, etc. Now I understand this doesn't concern the translation project.

    About telling me to shove it, well you can use that tactic before someone plays the game while making some popamole-level comments, like about it "being too old" or "ugly". Then it's obviously not their type of entertainment. But if I play and write few walls of text at you, then it means I enjoy it.

    I'm done searching for bugs. But to show some good faith, if you haven't done that already, I suggest simply concatenating all *.msg files into one and running it though a spellcheck. This should at least get rid of all grammar and punctuation errors at once.
  15. Luka12345678

    Luka12345678 MyNameJeff

    Sep 17, 2016
    Dionis, there is a problem. I downloaded the Fallout:Nevada yip file from your official website, and i placed it in a folder and extracted it, and then copied and pasted it on my F Disk, and then installed the translation patch (it's in gibberish so i don't understand jack shit) And i then get the error can't load text fonts. Help?

    BTW greetings form Serbia.
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  16. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Greetings from Russia my friend. Listen there is a problem we are facing right now involving some possible copyright issues. So there is no way you can download the game or the patch, for now. Also we don't have an official website, it's the development team site you probably mentioned, we work on another older version of the mod that is incompatible with the new one they have on their website. But there were no problems installing our version, everything ran smoothly. Sorry to disappoint, but everyone that didn't downloaded the game previously from our source will have to wait. Not too long though, I hope.
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  17. testa

    testa First time out of the vault

    Aug 4, 2017
    Oh, what? I thought that there is no copyright issues in Russia.
    Who cares about it? Are you seriuous? Its just a mod... I mean, its just a translation for a Russian Mod, a great Mod.

    Those who treat Dionis and others who doing/fix translation to stop doing what is wright should burn in Hell.

    C'mon guys, Why you hate so much Fallout of Nevada? I know why... cuz its soo awsome...
    Just let the good people have fun and play it like a boss, or gtfo.

    Please send any next updates/fixes you menage to do/ share it on other site if its now allowed here.

  18. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Oh we're not going anywhere brother, we stay here and continue working like usual, that's not the first time the project meets major issues, and we still pushed through.
    I just got spooked by that copyright stuff and I took down the link, so I will make sure we have everything as we should so we don't harm the site and most importantly our members and then I will post the mod and the translation in one form or another.
    All the bug hunting fixes still will be presented here, and tomorrow I will finish Larry Geller file in Vegas and start working on Pip Boy files that are untranslated.
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  19. Cooltist

    Cooltist First time out of the vault

    Aug 10, 2017
    All right, I ran the dialogue files from translation 0.12 though a en_US spellcheck. You will find the results attached to this message.

    File format: <filename.msg>\t\t# <word> <column>\t\t<original line for reference>

    I advice you to load it into (Libre)Office and then use "ignore all" feature to quickly skip all non-errors.

    1. This was done on the 0.12 translation. You probably fixed some of the errors already, but it doesn't hurt to check twice.
    2. The spellchecker has no Fallout dictionary, so words like "brahmin" are considered errors.
    3. Sounds (Ufff, geggghhh, etc) are also treated as such.
    4. Most common grammar errors are typos, such as "descision", "techonology" or "restoraunt".
    5. Wrong case uses, such as "Ok" or "ok" instead of "OK" are also included.
    6. Some files were not translated or partially only, like BCPhill.msg. Automatic encoding conversion turned Russian characters into garbage. Thankfully, this makes them easy to spot.
    7. Files have different encodings. Some are ISO-8859, some are ASCII, some even UTF-16. To avoid errors, you should use a text editor that can either read all of these correctly or convert them to UTF-8/ASCII.
    8. Because of above, small errors were uncovered in some files during encoding conversion (example - NCMormon). These are all apostrophes, which I turned into "|FIXME|" tags. These should be fixed by you.
    This should considerably speed up the error-checking phase.

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  20. Dionis

    Dionis Nuclear Russia Modder

    Aug 26, 2016
    Ok guys I've finished translating Larry Geller in Vegas, I'll fix what
    alumoi reported and move on to Pip Boy file.