Fallout Nevada - Help on 2 quests about Bertolini

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    Feb 8, 2019
    So 2 questions for 2 quests.

    1. The distraction part of the quest on El Dorado casino. Awhile ago I did the 5 poison beers planting them on the customer. And earlier today finally figured out how to get the tommy gun and shoot a civilian. Okay great.

    However the quest is still in my pip boy, even though I did both things. And just to double check, I went to see if it was possible for me to still buy poison, and then answer none of the drug dealers sell it anymore, so im positive i used them all.

    2nd question for another Bertolini quest. Which is opening up the strongbox in his room. Im not sure if Im misremembering, but I could've sworn when I originally got this quest, there was something about exploding the strongbox with some sort've silent explosion, but I cant remember if that was an item I was already given, or if thats something I have to make, but asking the dude down at the Railway station.