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    Jan 16, 2010
    Okay so the first 2 times I tried playing in a fallout game ran by my fiance it failed and not due to him... due to the players.
    The third time was a hitch finally.
    Characters in the game:
    Justin- a vault dweller whose vault got attacked by raiders. He's our computer wiz, tech wiz, scientist, doctor... yeah...
    Samuel- your average post-apocolyptic red-neck ranger. He's a great sniper but he might not be the brightest in the bunch. He might speak normally but something just isn't there...
    Brad- An old ice-cream truck drive that had the unfortunate chance of getting turned into a ghoul. He's not really a combative character. He's got a hell of a fist on him but he's more your mechanic and technician... He's also good at driving. A story he's told is about how he used to go to college but dropped out... Otherwise he'd be better with building things... He's getting better though... He's told us he's around 224 years old give or take a year.
    Seth- A 17 year old boy who is an ex-slave and the adoptive brother to Kimmy. he doesn't really speak much but it's suspected that he might have stronger feelings for Kimmy than he'll let on.
    Kimmy- A 17 year old girl who is the adoptive sister of Seth. She's the 'rogue' of our party, or as she likes to say 'I get people into places they aren't supposed to be and sometimes get them out' (in other words a cat-burgler) She could also be considered a slut. (The character I'm playing lol)

    So we start of in a town (can't remember what the GM named it) and it's got a water well, in fact that's one of the town's main exports. It's more like Kimmy and Brad start off in this town after having traveled with the caravans. Kimmy finds interest in Brad's stories, after-all being from pre-war times and everything it's a wonderful thing to listen to. Brad decides to stay outside while Kimmy wanders into the bar and spots Samuel. She doesn't really pay him any mind as she wanders over to the bar to buy a Nuka-cola.
    She then delivers it to Brad since he seems to really like them. They then spot a lanky man running towards the general store so they follow him in out of curiousity. When they hear about a chemical set at a high-school near here they head to the bar to follow the lanky man. The lanky man starts talking to Samuel (they have yet to know his name) and those two start heading in the wrong direction thus Kimmy and Brad head in the right direction out of town.
    Samuel and the lanky guy catch up to Brad and Kimmy. Introductions are made and the whole party knows each other.
    We have Kimmy, Samuel, Justin, & Brad.
    They all head off to the search for the chemical set that could be inside a high-school building. They arrive there after a couple of fights with some rats and some roaches and mantises.

    As soon as they enter the high-school they are greeted with the clattering of rad-scorpions and a clearing of the first floor ensues.
    Kimmy then finds her half brother in one of the rooms having passed out. She questions him and asks him why he's in a high-school building.
    'I got caught up by slavers' She then takes him to meet the rest of the party and another battle ensues with mole rats. Evenutally they clear out of the vermin and bugs out of the high-school. Not too long after the party hires some guards to keep watch of the high-school because a plan had popped in the heads of the party.
    'why don't we make this like a guard tower for the town. (Kimmy has a favorite guard and 'played' with that guard the whole time she was there)

    Eventually brad and justin put their heads together and fix up a mechanics shop that was in the school and find the chemical set.

    Then the brotherhood of steel notices this and comes to the high-school. The man questions all of the party members and asks them to join the brotherhood of steel. They accept and wait for their first mission.

    Really I can't tell you more but the GM of this story is awesome :D he gives all the players/characters equal oppurtinity... There isn't a main character other than the party.
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    Jan 16, 2010
    Well it turns out that the party didn't wait for the mission and went off to kill raiders who were raiding caravans. They end up killing off most of the raiders before hearing screams from the 'home' village of Karkeek. (The village we started off in and no, you wont' find it in fallout 1, 2, or 3)
    A car drives up to the raider encampment and we get to 'meet' the raider boss. We kill him and the last remaining raiders before Brad heads off with the working vehicle. Seth leaves the party telling us he doesn't want to be part of the brotherhood of steel.

    Justin, Kimmy, and Samuel head off for karkeek, the population of the village having been 200 had been reduced to 30. Justin doctors up the remaining villagers as Kimmy and Samuel find whoever else is possibly alive. We then head back to the high school along with the 30 survivors (those who can't walk were brought to the highschool via make-shift stretchers). Justin then goes back to work on making sure everyone survives while the rest of us wait for the Brotherhood of steel to show up.

    Kimmy, having not had the intention of actually going to the raider encampment in the first place had found herself some alcohol and drunk herself stupid through the guilt she felt for having pulled a stupid stunt like that.

    2 days later the brotherhood of steel members show up and the 4 of us get a nice chewing out. As straight as possible from the game=
    Paladin- (Hits the table in front of the 4 with an energy hammer and shatters it in front of them) What do you ladies have to say for yourselfs!?
    Brad says something that the paladin believes.
    Paladin- (looks to Kimmy who is holding a bottle of liquor in her hand as she takes a couple of gulps) And you, what do you have to say for youself?
    Kimmy- (drunken stupor) Look, it wasn't my intention to go there in the first place. I was gonna wait for you to return with our mission.
    The scene goes on. The paladin threatens us, lets it slide and kimmy is laughing at the threats. The paladin brings in some cold water to splash on her to try and sober her up and considering how much she had drank it doesn't work.
    She bursts into the famous fallout song. 'Maybe you'll think of me, when you are all alone' ......
    In the morning however she wakes up without a hang-over and BOS training starts which takes 3 months.
    After the first month of training Brad ends up dying... (NYUUU!! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!? (cries) )
    Brad's all time favorite song pre-war time was Maybe by the Ink Spots so that song was played at his funeral...

    Update probably when we get past another 'chapter' so to speak.
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    Ok, to elaborate a little more, as the Gm of the game itself;
    1) The party left two days before the BOS Paladin was supposed to give the order to. The raider leader, Garg, was in the village harassing the people with his lieutenants when they heard the attack on the encampment. They opened fire on the villagers and guards.

    2)The Paladin Stern (he he he) broke the table with his super sledge and called all of them "stupid sacks of brahmin sh**. Brad stated that it won't happen again (little did Brad know...) and Stern accepted his and Kimmy's apology. Brad (who had the "fear the reaper" Trait) died at one of the computers during Brotherhood Science Training (BST- Brotherhood Sourcebook)

    3) With the addition of another two players, there are now three new pc's, yet to be named. One is a female Ex-Raider that developed the beastmaster's ability to bond with animals (from Fallout:Tactics). Another is a fast-talking trader that dual-wields a pair of VERY custom Desert Eagle .44's. And the third is a Brotherhood wheelman with a scouter (a custom job, too). The character sheets have yet to be completed fully, but they will be Epic.

    4) The 'special' stuff in the plot (when completed, I will submit it [the entire plot] for use in pnp games) is as follows:

    Traits (one pc): John Woo Style: Dual-wield Pistols or SMG's
    Chemist: With the right materials, can make drugs and chems
    Beastmaster: Duh.
    Sneak attack: Sneak is not dropped after an attack with a successful sneak roll, a successful luck roll ignores DT and DR (cool!)
    Stunt driver: -30% "to-hit" to do gm-approved maneuvers and stunts in a vehicle.
    I still have yet to figure something out for the sniper...

    weapon modifications: Speed trigger- When installed on a semi-auto pistol or rifle, this mod reduces the ap to fire the weapon by one.
    Flashlight: this mod is installed on weapons for use as, well, a friggin' flashlight on your gun. reduces light table difficulty by 20%

    Items: Shake light- A flashlight you shake to charge.
    Commlink- An in- the- ear communication device: Range 1000 meters.

    Perks: Brotherhood Ranger Training
    Brotherhood Stealth Training
    Brotherhood Driver Training
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    Jan 23, 2010
    BTW, I came out with a tentative name for the plotline it's called 'Fallout: Shellshocked'
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    Jan 23, 2010
    Alrighty, Boys and Ghouls, now for our next episode of Fallout:Shellshocked

    As our heroes completed their training, they noticed a new recruit in their ranks: An ex- raider named Renee. Her "domesticated" wolf, named Dogmeat was right there training with her. It seemed as if Dogmeat was taking orders with no verbal commands...

    After the training, the group is introduced to two new members, Chad, a brotherhood member sporting a custom scouter with a rocket launcher and a machinegun on the hood, and Mason, a fast-talking trader from the wastes, who dual-wields two custom Desert Eagles.

    They embark on their only mission, to infiltrate the Enclave and report the location of their base beyond the Poseidon oil platform. after a few hours of travel, they arrive in a ghost town, and run down the radscorpion in the middle of the road. They get out and end up fighting for their lives against about twenty radscorpions. Mason ends up getting severely poisoned, and Samuel gets an arm and a leg broken. ~To be continued~
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    Jan 23, 2010
    As Samuel's assailants are quickly dispatched by Chad (after going Grand theft auto on some radscorps in a corner), Kimmy was sneak-attacking a group of them in a building. She comes up with a plan, dropping a grenade as it rolls under a small cluster of the arachnids.

    Once the combat was over, Kimmy locked the remaining 20 Radscorpions that were not attacking in their respective buildings.

    She then investigated the building she cleared, and quickly realized that they weren't the only humans in the town. A family of five were all huddled together, trying to help their daughter, who was stung several times and severely poisoned to survive. Our heroes administered all of the remaining poison antidote to her, curing her of all five levels of poison.

    Samuel's broken limbs were mended with the proper application of DOCTOR and stims, and after several freshly brewed antidotes, Mason began to feel a little better.

    As the day progressed, the squad systematically eliminated the remaining hostiles in the town, and proceeded to make contact with the rest of the people.

    As the team recieved their thanks, they were informed of the reason for the large concentration of radscorpions in the area. Then it came.

    It sounded like thunder as six legs shook the ground underneath on its charge into the town. The scouter got turned onto its side as it swept with its claws. The body of this friggin' humongous Radscorpion was the size of an SUV!

    Samuel advised that everyone take shelter inside the buildings and the group attack from the relative safety of the doorways. As all the characters whittled away at the monster, it attempted to attack at the one who did the most damage. Before it could land even one attack, Samuel landed a critical attack with a burst from his M-14. The first round fired cleaved its right legs off, the second cut off its left, the third and fourth took off its claws, and the last two split it nearly in half.

    Everyone began to rejoice and celebrate, roasting the Queen Scorpion on a giant spit. They also flipped over the scouter and helped repair it throughout the night. As the party raged on, the group began to bond, and their lives seemed more like it was before the Karkeek incident. The town of mission was free. It was also a reminder of freedom.
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    Jan 16, 2010
    lol I would've posted that but @__@ I just couldn't figure out a good way to post it. Thanks Overseer!
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    Jan 23, 2010
    I keep trying, but no tpk's!!!! anyways, you're welcome!
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    Jan 23, 2010
    And now... Back to the show.

    Our Story leaves off with the Squad waking up the next morning feeling refreshed and Samuel not being able to walk correctly after the mayor's Daughter got ahold of him. (With the mayor's blessing). Kimmy woke up next to Mason, and Justin (yes, even Justin) woke up next to the town's beautician.

    That day, after eating a nutritious breakfast, they began to prepare for the next town. The mayor approached the squad and informed them of a group of slavers harassing the nearby area and enslaving the local tribals. Our heroes come up with a plan: Dress the girls up as slaves and have Mason and Samuel "sell them" to the slavers. The beautician fixes them up, and hides bobby pins and a poisoned shiv in Kimmy's hair.

    They embark on their new mission, hoping their plan works. A couple hour's drive later, they arrive at the slaver's encampment. Mason talks his way into the compound, and Dogmeat (Renee's dog) digs his way under the fence. Chad lies in wait just outside the base with his scouter, anticipating the shit hitting the fan. Renee then talks the slaves in the pen into joining the fight, and only an obvious tribal warrior stands up. Kimmy assasinates the slaver's doctor and makes her way to the leader's base, after stamping her hand with the "approved" stamp. The leader pays the men for their "slaves" and takes Kimmy into his room...
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    Jan 23, 2010
    The slaver boss mounts Kimmy as she reaches behind her head, and in a swift move, she jabs the poisoned shiv into his head, killing him instantly. The two slaves in his room moved to the back as one began acting like a total bitch to Kimmy. Meanwhile, Mason and Sam opened fire on the guards a few seconds after they saw kimmy enter, they knew the boss was screwed. Sam gave the signal to Chad and they cut through the guards, crippling and killing them all except one. they handcuff him to a pipe after he surrenders and at that exact moment, the scouter's only rocket slams into the closed gate, blowing it wide open. The scouter enters the facility as Chad mows down the guards to the left and right of the gate, firing from the driver's seat...
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    Jan 16, 2010
    urk... how about Kimmy having gathered the information from the bartender about the slaver encampment? ._. she did that, the mayor didn't inform them of anything last I remember...
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    Jan 16, 2010
    We killed the still working mercenaries and then out of the mercenaries we met Jason. A gambler of sorts. He's a little hot headed. We then decided to start heading off. The night previous we had confirmed that the slaves and mercenaries who just didn't want to die would start a new village out of the encampment. We don't know what they decided to call this new village but we were on the go now.
    Recap on characters now:
    Kimmy: Assasin/cat burgler/ infiltrator
    Mason: Trader and our 2 handed gun weilder
    Jason: Gambler
    Justin: Nerd guy who has an affinity towards energy weapons
    Chad: Our new pilot
    Samuel: Sniper guy

    So we all head off, Chad and Renee in one car, Kimmy, mason, justin, Samuel and Jason in the other car.
    Anyways we're driving and then Chad our lovely driver ends up avoiding a sink hole while the driver of the other car (samuel) ends up going into this sink hole and hits a pillar. Kimmy and Samuel get knocked out while Jason, Justin and Mason are just fine. Chad notices this and goes in after them because, well the sink hole also had a nicer way down into it. We find outselves in some caverns and meet a guy named Tony.
    The guy then equips us all (with the exception of Jason) with some BAD-ASS WEAPONS.
    That is actually about where we left off.
    Sorry the last game started late because the overseer and I had some important stuff to deal with before starting game.
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    Jan 23, 2010
    In the cavern, the characters meet Capt. Tony Fassard of the E.U.S.A. (Enclave of the United States of America, or Enclave) who reveals that his Squad was deployed past the Northern Border to test some prototype tech.

    The legendary Proton Axe developed by the Guardians was recreated by the Enclave as a Wakizashi as an assasination tool.

    Stealth boy Tech was combined with Combat Armor tech to create Stealth Combat Armor. The pre-war chinese forces had been rumored to have built a better version, but these rumors have not yet been confirmed.

    These pieces of equipment were issued to Kimmy.

    All other characters were issued Combat Armor and Custom Weaponry.

    Mason: Dual Scorpios with laser sights
    Renee: Super Sledge
    Justin: YK32 Pulse Rifle
    Jason: M14 Assault Rifle (laser sight, night sight, bayonet)
    Samuel: FN-FAL with 20mm Grenade Lcr mount, night sight, laser sight, and bayonet. (Now considered a big gun. :twisted: )

    Replacement for Canyonero: Dragoon APC with Machine gun turret.

    Fassard reveals that his other six squadmates died, and that he is now considered MIA. He said he didn't intend on going back. The brotherhood welcomed him in and posted him there, and said that an infiltration party would arrive soon to pick up the remaining equipment and work their way into Hydropolis, the undersea Enclave garrison city. He gave the squad each a pip-boy 3000, standard issue for the Enclave Armed Forces, with instructions that they must memorize the procedures and logs stored in the device. A contact he had in Navarro would fabricate the files needed for the group to enter the Navarro base. He then gave Jason his Armor, after removing the patch stating his name and rank. He walked away, to the north, saying they need to get to Navarro.
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    Jan 16, 2010
    It's been a while since we've been on here let alone post... So we'll update you guys...
    Long story short:
    We had players who were being really rude...we won't name off names but we cut our party from a huge massive number down to 3 :D

    Mason, Kimmy, and we got a new member to the party named John.
    Player who played samuel who is also the overseer to this game is now playing John.

    The overseer decided to do a time skip to after we decided to blow Hydropolis out of the water, more like into the water never to be seen again.

    Now to the story... The prologue to the new chapter etc. etc.
    Chad, our awesome pilot had stolen himself a Vertibird and had returned all of the party members except Mason to the mainland. Kimmy though had wanted to go back to save Mason from death. No she doesn't have a hero complex.

    Mason had gotten stuck in a storage closet telling the rest of the party to leave him behind knowing that his death now was going to be inevidable. So he sat there and waited for death to come hoping it would be quick and painless.

    Kimmy upon rearriving to the base made her way quickly down the halls trying to find someway to release Mason from the locked down closet when she stumbled across a room with suspension tanks in it. She stopped to look at them noting that someone was in one of the tanks. (rolling 8 on the die when she needed to roll 6 or below) She then decided to press a nice red button before releasing the person that was left to die.
    The tank drained and release the man that was in it.... (inserts Final Fantasy 7 boss theme here)
    The man's eyes glowed red before he went to attack her. Luckily she had her awesome wakasashi and left the fight with one arm broken hand having broken something on the man's head that was controlling him.
    The man laying on the floor compalined about having a headache and was in obvious pain though he wasn't bleeding. (Hell if you were beaten to almost death I'm sure you'd be in pain yourself).

    Kimmy then talked to him about how the base was 30 minutes away from exploding and how they needed to get out of there along with saving her friend Mason. She informed mason over her headset that they were getting him out of there.

    Upon reaching the place where Mason was locked in John literally tore the door off and they ran to make their escape. When there were outside they were stopped by an enclave member.
    (Insert another boss theme here)
    They fought him, had to destroy his shields twice before finally Kimmy killed him. They then hopped onto the vertibird and flew off... Some debri from the place exploding hit chad and killed him causing them to go into a crash landing into the ocean before it took them a few hours to get to shore and meet up at the randevu spot.

    Renee who had an attachment to chad asked where he was to only find out he was dead. They then discussed what to do from here and Justin decided to tell the brotherhood of steel that they had destroyed the base.
    From there Renee, Justin, Jason, and Samuel departed from the group leaving Kimmy, Mason and John to head to San fransesco to spend a couple nights there to recooperate.

    Thus ending the prologue to the next chapter.
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    Jan 16, 2010