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    So seeing as this is the thread for Roleplaying Pen and Paper games for Fallout, I thought I'd add my two cents to it.

    I am sorry if I am re-treading old ground with Maximum Apocalypse, but its a system I recently found that is built for Post-Apocalypse games. An easy d100 system that was originally made for a board game and then adapted into a proper RPG.

    My hope here is to find others who know the system, or are just invested enough into Fallout aid in building a proper setting for it, as some aspects need to be tweaked to fit.

    For example, the game has "personal" apocalypses that characters use to help mold them at creation. This can be from oil collapse, food wars, alien invasions, and many others. Nuclear Apocalypse among them of course.

    These I feel can be worked to just incorporate aspects of fallout itself? Like Alien Invasion being super mutant invasion. Or Robot Uprising just being high powered military robots going haywire.

    Also, with attributes being set between 1 and at least 95, one could incorporate perks from fallout to the system.

    I'd love to discuss this with anyone willing to help me improve upon the design of Maximum Apocalypse.