Fallout Tactics utility Fallout Tactics Scripting Engine (0.52a)

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  1. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    I think the efforts needed are not so bad if you systematize your work a bit.

    1. You first need to add a series of default dialog entries in generic_mission.txt :
    Dialog_yess= {<Cg>"Yes"<C->}
    Dialog_no= {<Co>"No"<C->}
    Dialog_more= {<Cy>"Tell me more"<C->}
    Dialog_violent= {<Cr>"Go fuck yourself!"<C->}
    Add more options each time you need them.

    2. Then you add these 4 dialogues under the level tab in each and every mission map using mission editor, regardless of dialogues existing or not. You are preparing the groundwork for the creation of dialogues when you will need them.

    3. Then you create 4 impossible to kill entities with 10000 AC and a sprite that look like a dialog icon, cheking the always friendly checkbox. You then change the color of the entities team to make it more easy to spot, like red for some violent dialog, for example. Don't forget to add as the default click dialog one of those already saved in each mission map.

    4. Add the dialogs as character names in characters.txt between two "", making the dialog appear later when hovering the dialog icon with your mouse.

    5. You pre-add those entitites to each of your maps, assigning them a friendly player and hiding them outside the map in a hidden location.

    You are now ready to quickly create any given dialog with no time.

    1. As soon as the character you are speaking to finish his.her sentence, using the script "speech occured", you move the 4 options (or only the ones you need) to that character using the script "move to [entity name]". You also assign a variable, like : speech = "super quest asked"

    2. Once again, you use the script "speech occured" + variable speech = "super quest asked" to determine the outcome. As soon as "yess" speech occured, for example, you move all the dialog icons back to the hidden location (using a waypoint), and you apply the consequence. If the consequence is a response from the character you are speaking to, you use the "force speech" trigger, that could trigger a new set of choices.

    If you need the dialog icons for another character, you simply call them again, including some other, uniques ones you might need. You can do this as many times as you need.

    Of course, it is still a bunch of work, but you can achieve that quickly if you already have the dialog icons and their dialog nodes integrated to each map. And it has the advantage of using the same mechanic as clicking something to speak.
  2. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    0.52a works like a charm. I got my scripts work in no time and playing with the onEquipped and other hooks is a big big fun. Congrats for this amazing work! :D
  3. Sergeek

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    Jul 26, 2021
    Decided to install this utility since manual editing of GoG's BoS.exe breaks the game with Team Player/Loner fix. This one works without problems, but I don't understand two options:

    1. Old burst bug fix. Burst fire bug is notorious, then why this fix is unchdked by default? Should I switch it off?

    2. DoNightPerson fix. What does it do? Doest it fix the permanency bug of Night Person or does it enable it for NPCs?

    Edit: I also hex-checked the patched BOS.exe and not a single value from the "List of HEX-based fixes" was changed. From what I gather, this is intended - FTSE externalizes those hex fixes, right?
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    Mar 31, 2011
    Работает с NPC. Позволяет через скрипты определить переменную день/ночь. Простейший пример установить за пределами карты NPC с включенным DoNightPerson и осуществлять проверку.
    Ну как-то так. (Sorry ... Russian forum)
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  5. Sergeek

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    Jul 26, 2021
    Oh, that's cool! What about Old burst bug fix? Why is it unchecked by default? Is it unstable?
  6. Corpse

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    Apr 7, 2003
    This is awesome news. Will give it a try soon. Thank you very much for implementing this.
  7. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Hello! Haven't read the entire thread yet (I'm at page 5), but are dogs being considered in the burst patch?

    They can't really crouch or go prone, but their standing position has less height than a crouching character, so it should be done for allied dogs/wolves as well?

    I would presume having a dog/wolf in your party would be "normal" for a new campaign, given the past with F1 and F2. It's a "classic feature", one could say. :P
  8. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    I've read the entire thread (finally).

    I must say that the amount of work done and in working order is quite substantial! Great job!

    I'm not against Sniper being limited to "long-range" weapons instead of just ranged weapons, but maybe additional perks should be added for other kinds of combat to balance it out?

    Too bad that we cannot dual-wield pistols and SMGs, that would be a fun build!

    A "Gunslinger" perk for pistols and SMGs (wild west gunslinger picture), a "Killing Machine" perk for Big Guns and Energy Guns (Terminator-like stance with a rotary sci-fi looking minigun as the picture. Or just something that could be described as a plasma flak cannon :D ), as the replacements for Sniper not working on all ranged weapons. This would fix making M2 browning overpowered if the Sniper perk worked on it, as we could tweak the BG/EW perk instead.

    Until that, let's just use the fix that also makes Sniper work for all ranged weapons. Is that fix already a part of this as a variation on the Sniper perk fix? Because it should be. I mean having the code for it somewhere in the thread is nice and dandy (I saw it), but that really should be a part of this project. :P

    Again, excellent job, can't wait for people to make their own entire story campaigns with this!

    Here's a party set-up for my LP - the builds are based on HAVING FUN:

    EDIT: "Killing Machine" perk flavour text: "What's that flying over there? Is it a mutated bird? A plane? It's a... never mind, it's dead now. Even if it wasn't alive to begin with."
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  9. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    I realized that bonus triggers in LUA can't add or substract any armor threshold or resistance, and this is something that could be very useful to me. Is it planned to include them in the next version?

    Oh yes, another thing. I started using GetTag to trigger some behaviour following given tagnames, but I wonder if the reverse function SetTag exist too...
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