Fallout: Yesterday - Fourth release

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    11 months have passed since the last update but today @hexer released a new version of Fallout Yesterday. It's the fourth release of the total conversion mod which aims to bring Fallout Van Buren onto the Fallout 2 engine. And it appears to be a substantial update!


    - Added 13 new world map locations to the game.

    - Added High Resolution mod.

    - Added talking heads to some characters.

    - Updated sfall to the latest 4.2.9.

    - Upgraded Pip-Boy to Lil-Pip 3000 model.

    - Added 10 new loading screens.

    - Added inventory filter mod.

    - Removed light from Endless Walkers. Only Glowing Ones should emit light around them.

    - Improved party member control.

    - Fixed crashing after accessing XL70E3 schematic in Mr. Fixit!

    - Fixed crashing after using holodisks or Pancho Villa comic from inside the inventory.

    - Fixed giant wasp/cazador action frame issues.

    - Some smaller changes and fixes.


    - Added new music to the game.

    The project has it's home on Patreon and from what I gather the money collected will be used for cutscenes and such. They have already spent 150$ buying a nice ambulance model from Rena Fox.

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    Now that is progress.
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    Sorry, pal, it seems that the link is gone......

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