Fan Epilogues for FO2 Characters

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    We all know what happened to characters like Marcus and Myron but what about the others?
    This is what I got in the Fallout Bible. We already got some idea of what happen to Cassidy with FO:NV but what happens to everyone else is a mystery. This is my interpretation.

    John Cassidy
    After a while, he marries a woman from Arroyo possibly one of the Chosen One's cousins. He moved to the NCR and manages to get regular supply of Heart Pills. He started Cassidy Caravans after realizing that he could carve a niche by delivering medical supplies and his experience wandering the wasteland allowed him to be fairly successful.

    The Chosen One left the G.E.C.K. with him before going downstairs to meet the president in case if the Chosen One doesn't come back. The Chosen One came back with another G.E.C.K. and offered to let Suilk keep one of them. Not knowing the value of the G.E.C.K., he declined. He went East to find his sister but he mistakenly found evidence of her death. He returns home to find a minor conflict with his tribe and Arroyo for the second G.E.C.K. He resolves it using his influence as the Chosen One's friend to end the conflict. Sick of it all, he wander the wasteland stopping slavers and sharing his wisdom with others.

    Not wanting to go back to Klamath, he decided to mooch off the Chosen One and move to Arroyo. For his contributions to the Chosen One's quest and Arroyo always having some stuff to do, he done fairly well for himself. He visits his daughter every year until things got too busy for him bother. He learns that his daughter is pregnant. Initially happy, he learns that the child was conceived from sperm sample in the sperm bank. He panics and moves in with his daughter out of fear that the child would take after its father.

    After the Chosen One defeated the Enclave and after accepting that he might not contributed much to the Chosen One's quest, he return to his normal life as Gecko's doctor. However, people show a glimmer in their eyes when he tells his story. He eventually compiled a Biography of the Vault Dweller and Chosen One. After some rejections, he decided to leave out the part about talking Deathclaws.

    After avenging his family, he wanders the wasteland for a home and a purpose. Even with his cloak, he fails to avoid trouble. He collapse somewhere the wasteland only to be discovered by the Abbey where he lives the rest of his life as a scholar.

    After gathering sufficient data, Skynet settle down into mainframe and established a network connecting other A.I.s together. While imperfect needing radio and even human couriers to establish some connections, it developed into an information gathering system that a certain AI uses to report on the news.

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    Interesting ideas, I especially like how Goris is tied in with the Abbey, as it seems like the kind of place he would end up. Although I'd reccomend making the Chosen One's actions and the way they treated there companions a little bit more ambigous
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    I guess. It was based on my playthrough and on the assumption that there is no party limit. Goris deserves a happy ending. For why Goris wasn't killed on the spot, his albino skin made him an interesting specimen or maybe something about Wasteland Omelets.

    I wanted other people give their interpretation.
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    I thought she said something about it being a family business. His wife could have come from anywhere.
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    In-game she says that the caravan formed around her because she kept traveling and being paid to transport stuff.
    I like those epilogues though :ok:.
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    Those epilogues are pretty good :ok:
    That kinda reminds me of how the Divide (prior to it's destruction) was formed around the Courier as he/she
    traveled along that route and kept stopping over during those deliveries.
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    I also forgot to mention that in Fallout New Vegas, Cass also says her father wandered east and just never came back.
    I guess traveling people can shape the wastes, as seen in most Fallout games (I mean Fallout games, not games with fallout in the title... Yeah I am looking at you Bethesda :slap:)