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okay, apart from fallout 1/2 or tactics demo, which is your most favourite game and why?????

I've always like MechWarrior games. Also Diablo 2 is really fun on the realms.
Star Control II was a fantastic RPG with an epic story. I loved the fact that the enemy actually had a just cause, and you ended up feeling bad for them... like the way you'd feel bad for a bully at school with a childhood in which his parents beat him.

I also like FireArms for Half-Life! 1 12 12u132 47 ph1123412/V\5!!!! (I R RULEZ AT FIREARMS!!!!)

And Infantry... mainly because it's free (infantryonline.com)
[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Feb-11-01 AT 07:15AM (GMT)[p]I'd have to say Super Mario Brothers 3 and Wild Arms. Don't know why, 'cept SMB3 was the first video game I ever played, so that one can be attributed to raw senimentality.

Oh, almost forgot "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," for Commodore 64. Come to think of it, it was the first game I ever played.

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My acct is Bizcocho... MSG me and tell me how much F2 rocks!
I have to say Batrayel in Antara. Because for it's originality and good storyline i guess.


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Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, Revenant, and Need For Speed; High Stakes...


"'Kill!' shouted Ford. He shouted it at his towel. The towel lept up out of Harl's hands. This was not because it had any motive force of its own, but because Harl was so startled at the idea that it might."
Quake 3 Arena!

Because it requires such skill and practice to be good at, and the competitiveness. Most players on the net are quite serious about Q3, and it's no newbie game. Quite a high learning curve though.
uh oh, i smell trouble.

Half Life - Counterstrike Squad based first person shooter -snipers, rushers, heavy machine gun support, flashbangs, VIP's, Driveable vehicles, and oh yeah - combat knives. (did i mention it was on the new york times.)

is there anything that can even compare to it?
I really prefer 'Unreal Tournament' to 'Quake 3 Arena' because the overall 'Quake' thing just gets on my nerves a bit. Unreal Tournament is the better because it has 'Assualt' and 'Last man Standing' and 'Domination' aswell as 'CTF' and ' Deathmatchs'

>I really prefer 'Unreal Tournament' to
>'Quake 3 Arena' because the
>overall 'Quake' thing just gets
>on my nerves a bit.

What's the overall Quake thing?

>Unreal Tournament is the better
>because it has 'Assualt' and
>'Last man Standing' and 'Domination'
>aswell as 'CTF' and '

Upon closer examination, one would notice that Domination in UT is Q3 Team Deathmatch simplified for newbies. In Q3 TDM, the key to winning is to control main power-ups and weapons (weapons and ammot only spawn every 25 sec in team dm, so you keep running out of them). In UT Domination it's just been made more obvious so the retards would get the point.
Assault could be good, but it's not. Almost nobody plays it on the net. Why? You easily win by camping by the bases and there is no strategy involved although one might think so, partly because of the shitty map design.
Also, the physics and movement engine in UT feels very unnatural compared to the one in Q3 (this is maybe because I'm so used to strafejumping and rocketjumping in Q3).
Yeah, Half-Life rulez! The best game! Because of all the mods. Wasteland Halflife! And also the single player is good.
Forgot to add one thing about UT Last Man Standing and I couldn't edit the previous post because over 2 hours had passed.

Last Man Standing is just pathetic. The worst camper wins. If you rush, you lose. Camp around in a corner somewhere and then kill off the last guy and you win.
Quake 3 is a competitional game, most players are quite serious about it; it has a high learning curve. Therefore UT doesn't work as such a game because the skilled players can't be distinguished from the newbies as easily. Go figure why there are $100,000 Q3 tournaments, but none similar in UT.
>Forgot to add one thing about
>UT Last Man Standing and
>I couldn't edit the previous
>post because over 2 hours
>had passed.
>Last Man Standing is just pathetic.
>The worst camper wins. If
>you rush, you lose. Camp
>around in a corner somewhere
>and then kill off the
>last guy and you win.
>Quake 3 is a competitional game,
>most players are quite serious
>about it; it has a
>high learning curve. Therefore UT
>doesn't work as such a
>game because the skilled players
>can't be distinguished from the
>newbies as easily. Go figure
>why there are $100,000 Q3
>tournaments, but none similar in

I prefer UT because my net connection sucks and I get pings of about 900 on every server :( DM against bots is the most boring experience after a while and CTF just annoys me in Q3 the bots just run off and do what the hell they want to do.

I've got many favorite games:
-Civilization series
-System Shock 2
-Quake series
-Day of the Tentacle
and so on...and so on...

No Mutants Allowed - Fallout WebSite
civ series, that includes alpha centauri because it was made by sid meier.

Sim City series


microsoft fighter ace 2


heavy gear 2
Here are Mine:

Civilization 2
Alpha Centauri
Thief Series
Deus Ex

(sigh) such great games