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    It's the not-too-distant future, in a parallel world where Todd Howard is far too busy with Starfield and TES VI, and so in his holy blessing, passes the creation of a Fallout game (A spin-off ala New Vegas) to a magic studio we're all familiar with, why yes, it's Really Good Game Developers™.

    Isometric or 3D, what features would you like to see? With 3D we will cut to the chase and assume we're building off the basis of Fallout NV rather than wasting time saying "Restore X and Y feature from NV". We'll also assume they're making it on a third party, actually decent engine.

    For me:

    RPG Mechanics
    • Lower initial skill values and slower level progression, Perks every 3 levels once again.
    • Base skill levels are more dependent on SPECIAL stats, i.e Speech = 2 x CHR
    • Base stats are far more varied based on SPECIAL, low END characters will get blown over and low AGL will have a reduced run speed, low STR characters won't be able to carry much of anything at all and of course low INT characters will be 'Dumb' and have nary a crumb of skill points
    • Skill rolls are % based but with some sort of timestamp memory system to prevent save-scumming in event of failure. Similarly, indicated difficulty modifiers are applied based on certain context to make it so that even with 100% skill, talking down someone like Legate Lanius is not a sure feat
    • SPECIAL roll under checks with difficulty modifiers in certain situations going up to -4 on your roll
    • Number of companions based on Charisma ala Fallout 2 but more restrictive, low enough Charisma and you can't take any at all barring non-human robots/animals
    • Companions can provide Skill advantages either through flat bonuses or 'roll with advantage' on checks, thus making non-combative skillful companions actually have unique value. Similar thing for SPECIAL checks, a Super Mutant companion might be able to help you pass that STR -4 Check
    • Critical Failures have returned. Weapons can jam, explode, eject their magazine or drop straight from your hands.
    • Ghouls are playable, providing extremely high Rad and Poison Resistance as well as reduced Survival needs, but in penance you recieve Perks every 4th level and will recieve roleplay reprecussions in the world
    • Medicine skill is directly proportional to the effectiveness of chems
    • Lower weapon skill incurs more penalties, your aim is more unsteady/sways more, your spread is way, way higher, you experience recoil a lot worse, your damage is lessened, your reload speed is slower and your chance to jam/misfire is also higher. A low Guns skill character will miss many shots, fumble with the weapon to reload and might even drop the magazine. Meanwhile a high skill Guns character has an intensely accurate spread, will control for recoil, will deal max damage and will reload like John Wick
    • Low Melee skill primarily affects damage, but would also affect swing speed and your ability to parry/block. Certain "moves" like shoving or dodging would be locked behind skill 'gates'.
    • Addiction can't be bucked by Fixer or a Doctor, it is instead bucked by going "Cold Turkey" for a number of days entirely based on your END. Each day, you automatically make an END check (roll under) and if it fails, you don't tick off a day from your 'Cold Turkey' tally. You can use drugs like Fixer or your own/companion Medical skill each day to help you automatically pass one of those checks.
    • "Flaws" system ala the Outer Worlds, wherein you exchange Trait like debuffs/negatives in exchange for a free Perk

    Combat/Core Mechanics
    • Combat is baseline much more difficult but not hyper lethal, closer to a more brutal version of NV's JSawyer mod in that the RPG mechanics are still maintained and levelled enemies feel different
    • VATS is slow-mo ala Fallout 4 but takes more cues from Targeted Shots. Additional % damage and higher critical chance depending on the limb, and also much more dependent on your AP. A high AP character will be able to pop off an insane amount of VATs rounds
    • Sprint is entirely reliant on AP, and moreso
    • Enemy AI is similar to that of RAGE. They run for cover, react to limb damage and if things are going shitty, they'll run for the hills.
    • Companion damage in combat is halved, both dealt and recieved
    • Power Armor is a marriage of the NV and 4 methods. It's still something you "enter" like 4, but there are no frames. Just model-based suits. They're slightly slimmer than their 4 counterparts but not by much. They don't require Fusion Cores, but at the cost that PA training has made its return. They of course provide insane damage resistance and SPECIAL bonuses, however. So once you get one, you aren't likely to leave it.
    Survival/Hardcore Mechanics
    • Saving is limited to reaching a Campfire or a Bed (You don't have to sleep though)
    • (Potentially an X-COM Ironman style single-save system?)
    • Your survival needs are based on your Endurance and Survival skill combined. A character with high on both of those can go for longer without food, water or rest before experiencing penalties, and they need less of it
    • Gas Masks and replaceable filters required for high-radiation or toxic areas ala Metro 2033
    • Companion deaths are permanent
    • Fast-Travel is restricted to in-lore justifications such as paying to be a passenger to a caravan or taking some kind of train/vehicle
    • All of the above is configurable in the menu, but challenges and achievements related to Hardcore mode are disabled when any of the default features are disabled
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    One thing you might have overlooked from NV is "themed special" like how NV had "Cowboy and Western styled" Special. I'd love to see a character creation with something similar

    More powerful weapons at the cost of less ammo loot, I mean wouldn't you like to see if you can take down a raiders hideout with only 3 shells of shotty ammo, 2 clips of pistol ammo and a few well placed grenades?

    A catered build list option or a starting custom build. Want to start as an ex-janitor who starts with a lot more crafting options? (basically crafting his weapons opposed to finding them?) No? How about an ex-merc who starts with a powerfull service rifle and high END? No? How about a Gentlemen build where you start of with 5% more dam to both genders, have more dailogue choice and have luck of the irish? No.......welp I guess thats just me then!

    Def ghoulification possibility and super mutant. or in the players case maybe, shrimp mutant.
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    I mostly agree with your points, however I don't think there should be mechanics against savescumming as everybody should be free to play the game as they wish. Also survival needs should probably be part of the base game (drinking, eating, sleeping) as it would add a layer of depth to the game and make otherwise useless perks more relevant.

    That said I would like a few things:

    - Interstate map. Since Fallout 3 the games have been centered around a main city + it's surroundings. I want a map as big as Fallout 2, encompassing territories from multiple States. General structure should also follow a similar logic with high density content areas (settlements, cities or locations) and then a big Wasteland, with random encounters and some filler (gas stations, dilapidated buildings etc) where you can rest
    - Vehicles. Fast travel should also work like in the original, but you should be able to drive around. Mountes combat could be interesting
    - variety in landscape. I'd like forests for a change.
    - more interaction with the enviroment. Switching lights on and off, releasing gas or flooding an area, mounting traps, taking control of turrets and more creative applications of Repair/science skills
    - akimbo weapons
    - more variety within melee category. Spears, axes, swords, knives. Shields?
    - New Vegas had a lot of weapons and an interesting economic system. Improve from there.
    - Power armor mods. I Wish they had taken power armor up a notch in Fallout 4 in this department. Power armor mounted weapons would be cool as high end tier gear
    - ...and maybe something different from Power armor. Focused on stealth, agility and with cool abilities
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