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    I was almost scared to buy this game because of the last 2 playstation RPG's I bought that basically sucked. Final Fantasy 8 was mildly ok, but no where as good as Final Fantasy 7..... 7 Just had awesome lovable characters that you really got into and 8 It was just "eh...". For example, And I know I'm going to get made fun of.. But when Aeris died in 7 I almost cried! It was like reading a book and your favorite character dying, or a movie..or something, but regardless it was like losing someone I knew, which is just awesome that an RPG can do that.
    The other was Chrono Cross.. Oh god, You don't even want to get me started on this game. I couldn't play it for more than a few hours before throwing my controller down and deciding never to touch it again. Aside from having virtually no plot til like the last hour of the game (which I don't see how anyone would want to work to..But my friend did.) The characters were retarded, You didn't get to know them.. I mean, Damn.. There was like 40 something playable characters, There is no way to get into all of them... They were just there for mass and a variety of choices which totally fucked over the SL. I was really looking forward to this game too, Because I was such a Chrono Trigger freak (am still am) and consider it one of the best classic RPG's ever. It was such a major dissapointment when the sequel sucked.
    But anyways, So I got ff9.. *terrified* that it was going to suck too, even though my friend said it was awesome.. and It turned out to be good! They reached their goal of combining the classic elements of old ff's with the new and I like the combat system a lot. I'm only a little bit into it and there hasn't been much character backgrounding or whatever you want to call it but my friend (who I seem to be mentioning a lot in this post) said that's taken care of soon. The movie scenes are a lot longer then FF8's which is cool, And the characters are sweet too, even though I don't know that much about them at this point. So all is well on the Final Fantasy Front.
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    > when Aeris died in 7 I
    >almost cried!

    Heh heh heh, you wimp. :)

    Now you have whetted my appetite for FF9, and therefore you must buy me a copy. And make a written apology. heh heh heh

    Ever played either Suikoden game? 100+ playable characters!!

    The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.
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    Just a couple of other problems with FF9... The battles are waaaaay too easy x_x I'm on level 13-ish and taking out enemies that I practically could take out on level 5. Plus the "synth" shop allows you to get weapons that are wayway advanced for the main character.. Hmm, At least it's fun, If not much of a challenge so far. I like the learn skills from items method somewhat, I'm not sure.. It's cool and all but I dn't like having "What I'm susposed to have" at any given point in an RPG. I do a lot of fighting and where characters would have like fire 1 mine would be throwin' out flares and whatnot. Stealing rocks in the game though, I hated before where each enemy had one item you could steal and blahblah, it got old.. In this one enemies can have up to 4 items, one harder to steal than the next. And yes! The old moogles from ff3 play a major part in the game, They're the guys who do the saving/tenting for you and you can also deliver letters between different moogles.

    Aaah, I need to shut up before I ramble forever. I'm such an RPG freak it's rediculous. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, Yes, I do have a girlfriend. ;-)
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    The glass is always half empty....and cracked..
    And I just cut my lip on it... and chipped a tooth.."
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Dec-19-00 AT 04:02PM (GMT)[p]>Yes, I do have a
    >girlfriend. ;-)

    Well, there's the difference between you and me. Heh, and my cousin calls his computer Shiela. Me, I'm stuck in to Suikoden 2 right what was that, Luca Blight? 'Pig', is it!? You and all the rest of Highland will pay for betraying me and burning everywhere I take up residence! Taste the power of my ultimate holy Bright Shield Rune! ATTACK, KOBOLD ARMY!

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    (Hands straitjacket to the next guy that posts and quotes line from Braveheart)"Here,you can do it ,I'll hold him down!":)
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    Apr 3, 2003
    For a JRPG that is close to an actual CRPG:

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Dec-19-00 AT 10:21PM (GMT)[p]Try StarOcean or StarOcean 2.

    I'll be honest...after you've played that series, you'll refuse to play the FF series unless you prefer to moo over graphics instead of having a VAST capability of gameplay.

    The combat is involving, rather than having people stand there with their head up their asses playing Indian-boxing. Though, for the most part it does rely on the player's abilities rather than the character's.

    There is an item creation system that is extremely well done. MANY skills, MANY techniques. All of which you can choose to progress in how you want. If you get enough skill point allocation, you CAN eventually master everything, but it takes forever.

    You actually play a role in the game. You don't see cut-scenes that the character doesn't see, you see what the character sees. As there is two characters you can play, it gives a good sense of story and filling in of details when you play one, then the other. If you think you've played the game with one story, then the second one will even deepen the story once you play it.

    Characters have actual character to them, and they have personalities of their own. The interaction between them through private actions and other events, even fighting a long time with them, can affect the relationship between them. Even same-sex characters.

    There is a linear-developing storyline, but for the most part it's nonlinear as far as character development.

    There's loads of secrets and features in this game, it will take more than five times without a strategy guide to find 80% of them. It's my 6th time playing it, at about 80+ hours each time (two stories, Claude and Rena), and I haven't found everything yet. It's a fun game, and nothing in the main FF series compares unless you count FF5 or 6.

    This redefines sucking ass...​
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    RE: For a JRPG that is close to an actual CRPG:

    Ah, we all like what we like, so back to showing that childhood friend/traitor who's boss. Sounds promising but. I'll give it a go. And since when did anyone quote Braveheart?

    2 games I have locked myself in a room and played for about 8 hours straight, serious, I never once budged: Operation Winback and Hybrid Heaven for N64, about the only decent games on the thing. Man, they are the business. Damn hard, really good atmosphere, wicked sound, try 'em out if you own a N64, or if you are lucky enough to have a computer powerful enough to run an emulator. However, only do this if you have the original game! ;-)


    Jean-Luc (player) walks into room, sees ally Mike. Mike greets Jean-Luc, but then admits that unfortunately he couldn't find other teammate something-or-other. Mike's radio beeps, he picks it up. It's Something-or-other!

    S-O-O: We're in trouble! They've surrounded us (bang) ugh...

    Mike: Damn, they're under attack!

    Mike is then promptly riddled with bullets. Enter Banderas, toting two machineguns.

    Banderas: Hoo hoo hoo ha ha!

    (20 shotgun blasts later)

    Banderas: Ugh, damn, I'm dead! This sucks, this really sucks!

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    Chrono Cross isn't that bad.

    I agree that Final Fantasy 9 is a wonderful game. No argument there. I can see why you didn't like 8 so much. I thought it was okay but I see it's faults. But I have to disagree with Chrono Cross being a bad game. There is no plot in the beginning but when you get about halfway through disk 1 the plot becomes amazing.

    Characters- I agree that they are the weakest point in the game as you cant really get to know them all. But considering the number of characters I think they did a pretty good job. There are probably 4 important characters in the game and they handled them fairly well. Although it would have been better with less characters.

    Story- The main story is amazing. I would like to know up to what part you have played. The story isn't as great as Chrono Triggers but is still great nonetheless. I would like to hear your explanation on why it has no storyline.

    Graphics- Adequate, Nothing to crow about

    Music- I just had to mention this. Chrono Cross has the best music ever created for a game period! I have all the MP3's and I listen to them very often. Just incredible music.

    Battle System- The battle system is great. You have 7 stamina. 1 weak attack lessens your stamina by 1 but adds one to your power level which you can use to cast spells. You can also try different combinations. It never gets boring.
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    Hell yeah

    >EVERY game should have a frog
    >that talks in Ye Olde
    >English. (Frog's story is quite
    >sad when you get into
    >it...) But I just can't
    >beat that Zeal bitch!

    Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs on the SNES. A true classic. Great storyline, lovable characters, great music, many endings, many different places, and five different times/worlds. If you haven't played it, get the ZSNES emulator ( and download the ROM somewhere.


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    RE: Hell yeah

    >Chrono Trigger is one of the
    >best RPGs on the SNES.
    > A true classic.
    >Great storyline, lovable characters, great
    >music, many endings, many different
    >places, and five different times/worlds.
    > If you haven't played
    >it, get the ZSNES emulator
    >( and download the ROM

    Xotor gets cooler by each post I read. ;-)
    Did I mention I love Chrono Trigger?
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    The glass is always half empty....and cracked..
    And I just cut my lip on it... and chipped a tooth.."
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    RE: Hell yeah

    >Xotor gets cooler by each post
    >I read. ;-)

    Really! I can't believe we actually agree on something!

    >Did I mention I love Chrono

    Yes, I believe so. :) And for the record, I finally whooped Zeal's huge weird hands and eyes form, and am now being thoroughly caned by Lavos. He is a BASTARD! I don't like that fiery move, or that Heaven's Tears or something.

    God, I need to get laid. :)

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