[FO1] how do you reach morpheus

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    how do you reach morpheus

    how can I get to him without having to kill everything including him?
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    RE: how do you reach morpheus

    So...the non-violent type, eh?

    Four words to reach Morpheus without combat: "Solo and Purple Robe".

    Morpheus is on the third floor of the Cathedral, and the Nightkin will try to fry you if A) you head upstairs with anyone other than yourself (that includes Dogmeat), and B) you ain't all decked out in purple.

    BTW...if you don't already know, Laura (the spy from the Followers) can unlock the door that gives you access to the upper floors at the Cathedral, or you can talk to "Father" Lasher (he's in the sanctum), and he may give you a key that will unlock said door.

    Lotsa luck...
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    errrrr this is a problem i had when i was still playing fallout i got the purple robs, roobs roos errr puple clothing and i told everyone one to wait downstairs i STILL got shot (i got to the 3rd floor then morpheus attacked me) i was told by lasher that if i held this badge they wouldn't attack me so i went upstairs on my own in purple clothing hold ing the badge and NGHHHJBHBJHB they still FRIGGIN shot me aaaarrrrrrhgggg soooooo frustrating in the end i just went downstairs blow the door in the back off its hinges took a walk downstairs and slotted the master if anyone has any information regarding how to actually yalk to morpeus please post on this thread
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    RE: how do you reach morpheus

    Hmm.......I got fried once, but I DO remember talking to him for a while with one of my chars....maybe you gotta have the badge IN the inventory, or it just depends on your reputation....you need the robes, that's for sure. Don't know about the badge though. Try talking to all people on all floors, maybe that affects something. :-)