For all those upset about LGS and Romero:

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    Apr 3, 2003
    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jun-01-00 AT 01:03AM (GMT)[p]Now, it's not really a suprise, considering the freaks they have working there at Eidos. This is kind of a spoof, and has probably been done to death, but what the fuck, gotta rant about it.

    Apparently, due to the incredible reviews and fan-base of Daikatana, Eidos has decided to can the lesser-quality Looking-Glass Studios, producer of such titles as Thief, Thief II, and System Shock 2. (</SARCASM>)

    The new division of Eidos will be headed by the former Ion Storm exec, Romero, in an attempt to bring a "retro" feel to shooter games. Most notably bringing back the qualities shooters had before Wolfenstein 3D, if that's possible. Rumors abound as to the new name of this division, but the most prevalent one is "Sucking Ass Studios".

    Considering the focus of Eidos, and their many hit series, I wonder if they will follow the paths of Origin and others. After the hordes of teenagers with too much acne and pocket-money finally got a clue about the opposite sex, Tomb Raider went slowly downhill. Honestly, polygons don't do much for Willy after you've had the real thing. But all those hordes of budding teens liked having a woman jump for them, crawl around, etc.

    News Flash:
    For the price of the game, you could have gotten a hooker and a box of condoms, and have gotten a greater bargain. For the price of buying the whole series, you could probably have a steady g/f.

    But let's not forget the creator of the series, so hard-up on his luck he has to ask a cop to aid him in being a pedophile.

    Yes, these are the kinds of people that get the focus, when great games like Thief are ignored. System Shock 3? Looks like it's no longer a possibility, when it was once a strong rumor. $26 Million to a game that has people openly thrashing the hell out of it on their OWN forums (I think I only saw about three PRO opinions, but they were obviously Eidos employees), and sucks by every definition of a game sucking, and the company that has been releasing wonderful hit games gets canned.

    But they have to appease Romero and his team, who brought us all those fantastic games in the past. Unfortunately, we have seen the limit, and the regression, of his talents.

    IF I was the pres of Eidos....

    "HAHAHAHAHA....Nice game, Daikatana....seriously, you're fired."

    Well, Eidos screwed the pooch. And keeps screwing. And considering the people who currently work for Eidos, and those that they have thrown away, that dog has a pretty sore ass.

    New marketing slogan suggested to Eidos:

    "We add the 's' to 'hit games'."
  2. A moment of silence for Looking Glass....

    I too am a big fan of LGS. Thief and SS2 are excellent games any half-baked idiot could tell that a lot of time and effort went into the making of them. Now, I didn't know that Romero had anything to do with LGS' demise. Care to elucidate ???

    I guess it's too late to tell people to buy up all the copies of Thief 1 and 2 and System Shock 2 in order to save a game company that made solid games rather than spewing out one shooter after another...
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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: A moment of silence for Looking Glass....

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jun-01-00 AT 02:44AM (GMT)[p]>I too am a big fan
    >of LGS. Thief and SS2
    >are excellent games any half-baked
    >idiot could tell that a
    >lot of time and effort
    >went into the making of
    >them. Now, I didn't know
    >that Romero had anything to
    >do with LGS' demise. Care
    >to elucidate ???

    Romero sucked up over $26 MILLION to make Daikatana. More than 10 times the cost that LGS needed to make any of it's games.

    (Edit Note):This money was from the parent company, Eidos. Apparently, Eidos wants a division that sucks ass rather than one that makes good games (hence the mocking proposed name for Romero and his team, "Sucking Ass Studios", as the words 'suck' and 'ass' have never before complimented each other to that magnitude they have reached when Dick-A-Tonna was released).

    >I guess it's too late to
    >tell people to buy up
    >all the copies of Thief
    >1 and 2 and System
    >Shock 2 in order to
    >save a game company that
    >made solid games rather than
    >spewing out one shooter after

    It's truly a shame.
    I hope they make their own company. Unfortunately, they won't have the rights to the names of the games they used to make. Just like Wasteland and Fallout, I hope they go ahead and make more games of the same good quality, despite the name change.
  4. RE: A moment of silence for Looking Glass....

    Goddamnit...You mean thats how that little bastard prima-donna, who shall from this moment be a target for HHG, KILLED LGS???? WTF?!?!?! How the hell???? Let me was the too-much-acne-deep-pockets kids that convinced Eidos that mindless shooters are the wave of the future...

    I only hope that this kind of shite never happens to BIS ... then that would be the 7th sign of Apocalypse..and thats when I rob banks for thrills before the world goes POOF!...
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    Now what's really ironic..

    >Romero sucked up over $26 MILLION
    >to make Daikatana. More
    >than 10 times the cost
    >that LGS needed to make
    >any of it's games.
    >(Edit Note):This money was from the
    >parent company, Eidos. Apparently,
    >Eidos wants a division that
    >sucks ass rather than one
    >that makes good games (hence
    >the mocking proposed name for
    >Romero and his team, "Sucking
    >Ass Studios", as the words
    >'suck' and 'ass' have never
    >before complimented each other to
    >that magnitude they have reached
    >when Dick-A-Tonna was released).

    What's ironic is that Romero left idSoftware because they wished to concentrate on cutting-edge graphics technology and not cutting edge-game design which Romero wanted. Cutting edge game design... huh... more like refurbished Quake II... hell it uses the same engine. I've seen more game-play depth from Q2 MODS (if you want a good one, check out Weapons Factory), not some dumbass daikatana that "learns" magical spells (c'mon, "cutting-edge game design?").


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    Apr 3, 2003
    My review of it at PC Game Review:

    Please note that I borrowed the game from a friend, who later told me to throw the game away after I was done because he didn't care for it.

    Sarenthalanos from LHC on 6/2/00 3:26:15 AM
    Others rated this review: 4
    Number of Ratings: 1

    Overall: 1
    Gameplay: 1
    Graphics: 1
    Sound: 1


    CPU: Athlon 800
    RAM: 768
    Video: Voodoo3 3000/ TNT2



    No more hurts.
    Never before have the words 'suck' and 'ass' ever complimented each other than when Daikatana is the topic of discussion.

    This is by far the worst game I have ever had the displeasure of playing. Romero is whining about how all the media and reviewers bashed it. I didn't take those into account, but made my own opinion upon playing it, THEN reading the reviews. *sigh* -$30 and a useless CD, plus the urge to hit my head against the wall for the sake of doing so.

    Got news for you, John, if the game sucks, don't whine when people tell you so. Truth hurts, right? Nevermind the long-ass sob story at GameSpot (, fact is the game is so outdated it would be considered old before it was even started.

    4 years and $30 MILLION dollars....

    I know games that have gotten rave reviews and are FUN to play at a TENTH of the production cost of this waste of money. It goes so far as to degrade the value of the blank cd to burn this shoody excuse of programmig into it.

    Award won in this category: Biggest dissapointment and largest amount of money wasted in the game industry.


    Aside from the initial problems of getting the damn thing to finally work...

    The load times are atrocious, even with MY powerhouse of a system.

    Guess what?

    Plan on reloading a lot, since the "sidekick" (read: Person you want to just shoot and put out of your misery), is dumb as bricks. I thought the AI on Natalia (sp?) in Goldeneye for the N64 was bad, DAMN....this takes the cake.....

    It has been....HOW MANY years since Doom?
    And the sorry excuse for "Gameplay" for this game is the same pretense of Doom, kill this, fetch that, exit level - OOPS! Hey, suprise monster behind the door or hidden wall.

    Oh, so adding LOADS of equally-useless weapons are supposed to be fun. Hell, most of the time I was wishing just once to have the Biosludge gun from Unreal.

    As per gameplay, if you like playing game-concepts and design/play that is up-to-date and innovative, you will have more fun passing broken glass through your bowels than paying $30 for this PoS when Doom is in the bargain bin for $4.

    There was a term used, called "Reinventing the wheel."
    Romero took it to a new level, in "Reinventing the cliche."

    Award won in this category: Those yearning for the same-quality level design and enemies found in Doom, or for that matter, Wolfenstein3D, would LOVE this game.


    Whoa? Is there something wrong with my Voodoo3/TNT2?

    Nope. That's how it's supposed to look.


    Award won in this category: May I gouge out my eyeballs yet?


    Simple remedy for this problem-

    Turn off your Sound System, and crank up something far more pleasurable to listen to.

    I put on KMFDM to alleviate the pain, but I think I would listen to the Spice Girls before listening to the...'sound'....

    Award won in this category: Even Hanson would be a relief.
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    Apr 3, 2003
    Anti-Daikatana VS Pro-Daikatana

    I've been on MANY message boards, review sites, and I can safely compile a good profiling of the people who make comments for/against Daikatana.

    Typical Anti-Daikatana Posters:

    >>>>>The hardened gamer who had played Wolfenstein3D and every shooter since:

    This game might have been considered *average* when the project was first announced.
    (Then they go and list every single fault of the game, and some good points, if any.)

    >>>>>One of 90% of the populace who was fed up with all of the bugs/also included those that were tired of Romero's ego spewing forth crap:

    4 years?! Where the fuck does 'quality control' fit in? With that much money, and that much time, they had better have VR capabilities in that bitch. Instead we get some re-hashed over Quake II. I know people who could have modded Quake II itself and gotten BETTER RESULTS. The sidekicks and bosses are nothing but SCRIPTED bots. Comparing the "AI" of the Daikatana bots to that of the Beta Unreal bots, would be like comparing a brain-dead infant to Thresh.

    'I am Romero's bitch?' Certainly, if the schmuck could rip off Eidos and all the consumers for four years. I think Eidos had lit a match under his ass at milking them for all the money to build his company, promising them the "Next (De)Generation of FPS".

    I wait for Deus Ex to blow away Romero, and watch as the other team makes Romero and his bullshit look like LineBASIC in comparasin.

    Typical Pro-Daikatana Posters:

    >>>>>New gamer or gamer who really hasn't bought ANYTHING in the last 4 years because they were waiting for Daikatana:

    Being new to gaming, I find no fault with this game. In fact, it's the best FPS I have played.

    >>>>>Person who rabidly defends Romero and Stevie, in hopes of getting more nude pics of Stevie (and obviously trying to simultaneously have their head up TWO asses at once):

    You all are faggots for hating this game. Sure, it might have taken a bit longer than expected, but I like it!
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    RE: Anti-Daikatana VS Pro-Daikatana

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jun-03-00 AT 09:11AM (GMT)[p]roshambo - i see your point but go easy,

    daikatana - too much hype, romero gave up - deus ex will be the hit this should have been
  9. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: Anti-Daikatana VS Pro-Daikatana

    >roshambo - i see your point
    >but go easy,
    >daikatana - too much hype, romero
    >gave up - deus
    >ex will be the hit
    >this should have been

    Romero isn't even touching Deus Ex. If he does, I'll see him in the parking lot with a 50 cal pointed at his head.

    If that is the kind of publicity he's going to do, then screw him.
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    Well that's just it...

    >Got news for you, John, if
    >the game sucks, don't whine
    >when people tell you so.
    >Truth hurts, right? Nevermind the
    >long-ass sob story at GameSpot
    >(, fact is the game
    >is so outdated it would
    >be considered old before it
    >was even started.
    >4 years and $30 MILLION dollars....

    That's just it, reading that sob story Daikatana was heralded the next step up from Quake and that's exactly what it is. But guess what? Quake is over four years old. idSoftware have already moved onto Quake THREE.

    I'm sure Romero is ruing the day he parted with idSoftware on grounds of "killer gameplay." With that phrase shot to pieces with Daikatana where does he sit now? He's out $30 million, he's got a game of inferior quality to anything out now, even Quake II itself or its MODs and now he's responsible for the deaths of two game serieses that HAD A CHANCE.

    >Award won in this category: Those
    >yearning for the same-quality level
    >design and enemies found in
    >Doom, or for that matter,
    >Wolfenstein3D, would LOVE this game.

    Actually I find DOOM entertaining even now. Romero was a winner with DOOM, but after that.. well.. nope.

    >Turn off your Sound System, and
    >crank up something far more
    >pleasurable to listen to.

    Quake I won "best game music award." You'd think Romero could match that.


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  11. Shadowman

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    Apr 24, 2003
    RE: Well that's just it...

    >Quake I won "best game music
    >award." You'd think Romero
    >could match that.

    He might have if he'd hired Nine Inch Nails to do the music too :-)
  12. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: Well that's just it...

    >>Quake I won "best game music
    >>award." You'd think Romero
    >>could match that.
    >He might have if he'd hired
    >Nine Inch Nails to do
    >the music too :-)

    But instead he got a kid playing in a toilet bowl to make the sound effects for the water, a chimp that ate too many baked beans for other sound effects, and many other things that were sub-par...
  13. RE: Well that's just it...

    I think everyone should go easyon the poor guy, after all that's happened to him he must be the most depressed "game designer" in the industry. But he does deserve all the flak he gets for that god damned crap advert and trademarking "suck it down"?!? What's that guy on?
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    RE: Well that's just it...

    >I think everyone should go easyon
    >the poor guy, after all
    >that's happened to him he
    >must be the most depressed
    >"game designer" in the industry.
    > But he does deserve
    >all the flak he gets
    >for that god damned crap
    >advert and trademarking "suck it
    >down"?!? What's that guy on?

    What? Romero is a dumbass. He creates a company based on some dream idea that games should be made in extravagent offices with a huge staff with unrealistic deadlines, wastes tons of funds on the look of his company rather than the products, can't get a game out when the original engine he was planning to use was outdated by two generations, wastes nearly $30 million to create his flop game, and expects us to have simpathy for him? Man, why does he just get realistic? You'd think that working with the likes of the rest of idSoftware would have given him a clue as to how the industry actually works.


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    While reading all this, I was listening to "History Repeating" by the propellerheads... Coincidence ?