Forgotten Gems: King's Field (US)

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    From Software, known for creating games such as Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls Trilogy, and the instant PS4 classic Bloodborne, is one of gaming's greatest developers of the 2010's that their games became such masterpieces due to the heart and soul they put into developing these games. Do you know what inspired Hidetaka Miyazaki into creating these classics? The answer, my friends, is King's Field.

    Before Miyazaki made a name for himself at From Software, there was a man named Naotoshi Zin, who was the mentor of Miyazaki and the president of From Software until 2014, the same year Miyazaki became president and also the release of Dark Souls II. Zin is the man who created King's Field starting way back in Japan 1994 with the release of the PlayStation, receiving critical acclaim only in Japan. The ones who played the game outside of Japan reacted harshly for its slow-moving character and of course, the difficulty. One year later, a sequel to King's Field was released not just in Japan, but world-wide. King's Field II, also known as King's Field in the US, received mostly positive reception due to having all the aspects of a true RPG, fully 3D graphics, and the freedom of exploration. It was also criticized for its slow-moving character as well, but nonetheless, it's superior to the first King's Field (JP) and had carved a path for Zin and the company to a bright future for them.

    Now I've finished King's Field (US) recently and it was no easy task, that's why I used a guide from this site [] in order to finish the game without having any unnecessary setbacks while playing it. The game is fantastic, even though the graphics were uncanny but still better looking than other first-person games at the time. I love the atmosphere that captures along with the ambient score as well, the freedom of exploration in which hidden doors are essential to your progression up until the final boss, the interconnection between areas, and of course, my personal favorite, the progression system.

    The Progression system is where it shines for me when playing through the game. While you're finding better equipment, you can attack enemies with melee weapons to increase your strength while using your spells against them to increase your power on magic. I was level 41 when I'd finished the game and my final battle against Guyra, the main antagonist of the game, is quite difficult, but I pulled through with enough items to heal my health and magic points by spamming the most powerful water spell "Seath", named after the god of light Seath, and using the Dark Slayer, crafted by Seath, against Guyra. Interesting enough, Guyra created the Moonlight Sword to kill off Seath, who created the Dark Slayer to eliminate Guyra, the dragon god. Boy, that's a mouthful of information right there.
    King's Field is such a great game, despite being slow in between areas and the clunky controls, and I can recommend any of you, who loved Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, to at least try this out. You can buy the game from Amazon, but be wary of the prices, these games are rare to find anywhere else.
    I wish the series would make a comeback, but then without Zin, King's field wouldn't be the same... someday he'll return if he chose to, someday... and now off to the Ancient City I go.

    "Thanks for reading my review, let me know about your thoughts by hitting the reply button below, and please be respectfully polite when sharing replies on this thread, thank you."
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    Nice review. You can tell you had a lot of fun for you to give it the proper treatment like that. From my memory I do think the 2nd one holds up better. One of them might not have made it over but my net keeps going out so I can't look.

    Well done guy. Stick around. RPG Codex might offer a little more feedback if this place does not give you enough. If any of them give you shit just rate them retarded and ignore it.
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    Thank You! By the way, you mean report them? I mean how do you rate them? (besides giving them rad)
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    I think I remember seeing a bunch of Codex folk talking about King's Field and its successor Shadow Tower before.
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    Also remember otogi being a great answer to devil may cry from from software
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    There are ratings on Codex. Look: Untitled.png
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    How can I use the Codex? Maybe I'm not seeing the bigger picture here, because I've been a member since two months ago and I'm not sure how this whole Codex work. I need some information to move on from here, Rayne.
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    Surely you know how to use a forum? Now I feel like you are having a go at me.

    Unless English isn't your first language, or you don't have any clue what the hell I am talking about, in which case there ya go. RPG central right there if you want more feedback on your review.
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    I'm a member of the codex for almost 1 year and I still can't do post ratings. :cry:
    *Waits patiently*
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    Thanks! It made sense now. Sorry, the whole forums thing are sort of multilayered than I imagined... or something... I don't know. At least I'm learning how forums work, am I right?
    So do I just contact them or is there some sort of catch?
    (By the way, I thought the Codex was part of this site... now I know. Thanks for clearing that up!)
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    You sign up for the site and post your review in the proper board? I have no interest in the site, but it works just like every other forum on the internet.