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    Ok in the editor readme is says to set the command line -path Mypath (Where the my path is the name of your mod

    I made a shortcut with C:\Program Files\Fallout Tactics\FT Tools.exe -path test and windows doesn't like it. It tells me the name in the target box is invalid. Now, I do things like this all the time w/half-life, whats going on here. Am I not doing something right?

    Here it he readme snipit:

    ===============[Making a Campaign]===============
    To construct a campaign, it is recommended that you work within a different
    folder to core. Create a new directory in the same location as core. Then
    when you run your tools, use the -path command line option. Eg:

    FT Tools.exe -path MyPath

    You can then make your own version of campaigns\bos.cam
    You can also add / modify your own missions and entities and so on, and keep your new versions within your custom folder.