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    Just thought I'd share a great old moment..

    In the beginning it always happened to me, when the Leader went Down, that Rose went Rogue and I was like "shit-shit-shit.." just counting seconds before I would bleed out and it would be Game Over, but it was actually quite inspiring and convenient too. Rogueness adds less micro-management and less control, more challenge, but also more frustration, because the Rogue AI has no team-spirit at all and never back down or run away - except, erm, away from you and that med-kit that you really need to apply to them, hehe.

    Clearly, the Rogue AI, it's either totally fearless or it has a huge Deathwish or it's just plain stupid or maybe it was just supposed to be a minor random distraction. Doesn't matter, it's pretty funny even when it's not.

    So.. What's not to like? Yep, NOTHING!!! Really makes me wonder why they didn't just add that as an option in the game.. Apart from the total lack of team-spirit.. That's probably it. Better to ignore that. Anyway, as it is, it's a bit geeky to enable, because you'll need a Hex Editor of some kind and you need to get dirty with bits and bytes. Unless someone made an editor between my first mention of this and this post.

    In the WL2:DC It's all stored away in the \Build\WL2_Data\sharedassets2.assets file.

    I would suggest you make a backup of the assets file before you edit.

    Most Hex Editors have two window representations of the data in the file. A window with Hexadecimal numbers and one with the ASCII characters.

    Open the assets file and scroll down to offset 536917616 (0x2000B670) to avoid a long search for the first match.

    General approach like:

    Switch to ASCII window
    Search for "<@>Chisel"
    Search for "Trait_WayOfTheSqueezins"
    Search for "AIBehaviour_NPCCombat"
    Switch to Hexadecimal window
    Search for the number of the Rogue chance of the character (in this case the hexadecimal number: 32)

    As I recall (last time I played, ages ago).. The Rogue chances of companions are something along the lines of:

    (Hexadecimal value in paranthesis).

    Angela Deth: 20 (14)
    Brother Thomas: 30 (1E)
    Chisel: 50 (32)
    Ertan: 70 (46)
    Pizepi: 30 (1E)
    Ralphy: 18 (12)
    Scotchmo: 30 (1E)
    Takayuki: 30 (1E)
    Vultures Cry: 30 (1E)

    Have fun!!

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