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    if they made a game into a movie (apart from fallout 1&2) which game would it be????? and why????? mine would either be 'deus ex' or 'red alert 1' because they have great story lines
    what are your opinions.............

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    I have one thing to say "Strip Poker III"...
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    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Or American McGee's ALICE

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I guess wasteland is also excluded ¿

    -Lode Runner ... oh wait it's been done... it's called Indianna Jones.

    -Pit Fall ... Indianna Jones again.

    Redneck Rampage ... Yea that`d be cool.

    Leather godesses of phobos .. :)

    Car wars ... Mad max

    Questron II ... take your pick.

    so i would say Redneck Rampage. But Pamela lee would have to bve one of the female aliens shooting laser from their bras.

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    God, I've always wanted to see a rated R Mortal Kombat. They would have no reason to hold back on the brutal fatalities. The first one had a pathetic neck-breaking leg graple, but I want to see a head being pulled from out of the body with a spinal cord hanging down!

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    Hell yeah! MK2 was the best one in my opinion (game, not movie). I also enjoyed the fatality where Jax pulls both arms off his opponent, and blood squirts out of the sockets. }>