geforce3 is here!!!!!!

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Oh well... seems nice... but my GeForce2 will do for now.
What I need is a new cpu though.
Well, I don't have UT but Tribes at 1600*1200 32 bit everything on my GeForce 2 GTS cranked up to full with an athlon 1gHz and 128 mb DDR SDRAM at 50-70 fps :)

Q3 also plays seemlessly, all I need to worry about is server lag

>ehm, $600 for a graphic card?
>think not... I find my Geforce
>2 MX and Duron 600
>more than enough for all
>tasks which I perform. And
>it includes UnrealT @ 800x600x32bit
>@1.5x1.5 antialias without any lag
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