Getting 5 followers in the 360/PS3 versions

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    Apr 8, 2003
    This is for those of you stuck with the console versions, the PC already has mods that let you hire them all at, although you could also do this on the PC if you're bored enough.

    1. Not necessarily required, but it makes it easier if you keep your karma neutral throughout the game.
    2. Make sure you haven't hired anyone before, except Jericho, Charon or Star Paladin Cross. If you already hired Clover or SL-9 before, this won't work. Dogmeat doesn't count in the follower slots, so he's fine.

    *NOTE* - If you already have Jericho or Charon AND have good karma when you first talk to Star Paladin Cross, it is possible with the dialog option of "There's no stopping you, is there?" to also hire her for a two-follower party(+ Dogmeat). This only works before Raven Rock though, because after that she will no longer join you unless you already had her on your team before and have a free follower slot.

    3. Free Fawkes in Vault 87
    4. When escaping Raven Rock, do NOT talk to Fawkes.
    5. Escape the immediate area and fast travel to get your followers back. You can now only choose between Jericho in Megaton(if your karma is evil) and Charon in Underworld(karma doesn't matter). They will now occupy your single follower slot.
    6. Fast-travel back to Raven Rock. Fawkes should still be there in front and will approach and join you regardless of your karma, plus will no longer count in the follower slot, so NEVER fire Fawkes.
    7. Now make sure your karma is evil. Go to Paradise Falls, find Eulogy, then fire your current follower. Buy Clover from Eulogy, then hurry back to your follower and rehire him. DON'T talk to Clover yet, leave Paradise Falls right away.
    8. Go back to Megaton, donate enough caps to the Church or give purified water to the beggar until you get NEUTRAL karma only.
    9. Get 1000 caps, then head down south near Tenpenny Tower to the front of the Robco factory. Use the wait button for a few hours or so, and eventually a guy with a bunch of robots appears. Fire your current follower, talk to the robot guy and buy Sergeant SL-9 off him, but don't talk to the robot yet. Rush back to your follower to rehire him, then talk to SL-9. You now have three followers.
    10. Go back to Paradise Falls, and this time look for Clover, she will now join you, making your party 4.
    10. Finally, if you already had Dogmeat before, go back to the front of Vault 101, he's there. Or look for him in the Scrapyard if you haven't gotten him yet.

    *NOTE* If Dogmeat dies in battle, this frees up a new follower slot, so instead of Dogmeat you could have Charon, Jericho, or Star as a replacement.

    Now that you have your team, NEVER fire anyone, because you will be unable to hire them back unless you have no other followers and meet their karma checks. With luck, your team will look like this.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Thanks for the information. Might make the game worth playing again. I got pretty bored with it.
  3. Brother None

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Yeah, I've seen such tricks before. It's interesting, though I personally think not worth the effort, but cool enough to try for some people

    Thanks for putting it up here, hopefully some will try it.
  4. JJ86

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    Apr 2, 2003
    I didn't need a mod to get 5 followers with the PC version. I have Starr, Sticky, Red, Shorty, and Dogmeat in my squad right now.